Giganews: Hosting this year's North American Network Operators' Group in Austin, Texas

Why is this interesting? Well, it's probably not to a large percentage of you but if you're interested in how the web works or how companies plan for future bandwidth hikes and the like then read on.

NANOG (North American Network Operators' Group...mouthful) is a conference of major North American backbone internet providers and related companies. We've mentioned the conference in posts before, it's where the Giganews Usenet throughput graph originated.

This year [Giganews are hosting it] in Austin(, Texas (their home-town) along with Data Foundry; the event will take place at the Hilton between February 21st-24th. It sees many recognisable companies coming together to discuss network related issues such as broadband proliferation; the change to IPv6; increases in bandwidth and network usage; cooperation and routing policies between providers, etc. The full attendee list is available but to some up the organisations of interest (to us) that are going, we have: Supernews, Power Usenet, Easynews, Newshosting and UseNetServer. They will join other well known companies including: Cisco, AT&T, Nokia, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Level 3, Sprint.

Hopefully we'll receive similar reports out this time as we did last; the internet has been proclaiming Usenet is dead as a communication medium more than ever this year..but the traffic levels say otherwise. We'll be listening closely for any decent related information that comes out of the conference.

More info over at NGR-Blog.

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