For those that didn't know: Newzbin is now free and sign-up is currently open and non-invite.

The news has been around for a while now but due to the fact UsenetShack HQ has been in the process of moving 120 miles east: we never got a chance to fully report on it. Even in the past week we've still had emails and tweets asking for Newzbin invites and so we'd thought we'd write this post to spread the word: Newzbin has opened its door again and is currently free.


Newzbin lost the court case so why are they opening their site up again?

Because it doesn't go against the ruling laid down by the court and Newzbin felt it was unfair to charge for their service given the rules laid down by said ruling. All movie and TV posts are currently on a manual approval process meaning that there are far fewer NZBs around for things you might want to download; hence why the feel charging for a less than perfect service is unfair. Newzbin are currently going through an appeal process in the British courts to get the ruling overturned and until then the service will remain free and sign-up will remain open; all accounts that sign up during this period will still be able to gain access to the site after any ruling and therefore we recommend you do this just in case the ruling is actually overturned.

Newzbin is dead no?

Newzbin has had its heart ripped out but the raw search remains...

The ruling and entire court case surrounded the "posts" part of Newzbin: the part where editors would group usenet headers into nicely formatted, searchable posts to make the life of the average Usenet downloader that bit easier. What the case and ruling did not cover was Newzbin's original raw header search and as such, this lives on in all it's format glory. This feature is worth the 2 minutes it takes to sign up alone and as the raw search was not the subject of the court case, it has an indefinite life (and still has the ability to create NZBs!).


Straight from the horses mouth

The actual press release as posted on Newzbin's site (you need to login to read this so we'll put it here for ease):

The next hearing in court is mid April. Until then we are required to implement a default policy of blocking movies and TV reports. These will need to be manually authorised by us before they are published. This is cumbersome and, we appreciate, deeply unwelcome. Rest easy that it is temporary and will only last until we can get into court or until we implement a less onerous automatic filter.

As of now registrations have been enabled - You will no longer need an invite to signup for a new account. In view of the, temporary, greatly reduced functionality of the site for many users we are freezing the credits of premium users. Any credits you currently have will remain at the current amount until further notice. This will include any new premium members that signup.

Thank you for all of your support during this time!


To take advantage of Newzbin you will need a Usenet provider

Here's a handy list of providers that offer various features:

  • Giganews - The best support you'll see throughout the industry.
  • Newshosting - A quality budget provider.
  • Newsdemon - Good solid service at a cheaper price.
  • EasyNews - Long time favourite with a loyal fanbase.
  • Supernews - Another quality provider, piggybacking off Giganews's servers for a cheaper price.

We still wish the best of luck to Newzbin in the appeal process. But in the meantime, enjoy that raw search!

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  1. DC
    Posted May 18th, 2010 at 18:05 p.m.

    Nope, now it's dead dead for real. Check it out.

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  2. Posted May 9th, 2011 at 20:05 p.m.

    What must be, must be.

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