Newzbin vs 20th Century Fox et. al. (aka MPA): Case adjourned as Newzbin seek extra legal counsel

The following was released by Newzbin late yesterday:

[Brief update for obvious reasons. We feel it is important to keep users up to date with events in court even if the MPA do try to use the news & user comments against us.]

The MPA resisted Newzbin's application for an adjournment so we could hire extra lawyers. They failed: the case has been adjourned for a couple of weeks while we instruct fresh counsel. We expect closing submissions in very early March.

via 20th Century Fox and Others vs Newzbin Ltd - Day 5

As we reported 2 days ago, Newzbin publicly announced they were experiencing problems in court due to illness and a particularly strong prosecution that has accused them of breaking oath by lying among other things. We believe that instead of staying pessimistic about the trial, Newzbin have decided to ask Mr Justice Kitchin for an adjournment of the case so that they can gather further legal counsel.

These new lawyers will be in addition to those currently serving the case and therefore are most likely be highly specialised to defend Newzbin against the specific allegations from the prosecution. Naturally, the lawyers for 20th Century Fox et al. objected to the adjournment but Mr Justice Kitchin overruled; it was granted and the case will continue in early March, giving Newzbin a few weeks to prepare and instruct for Round 2.

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