Unzbin: as uTorrent is to Torrents, Unzbin is to NZBs - Lightweight, Simplistic and Easy to Use

// 8th May '10 Unzbin: as uTorrent is to Torrents, Unzbin is to NZBs - Lightweight, Simplistic and Easy to Use

Unzbin is a very new client in the Usenet scene; with it's first public release in March of this year, it is only a few months off the starting block but has already made quite the impression among those looking for a simple, small, no-bullshit application which simply gets the job done with minimal effort. Some may call it the application for newbies but to be honest from our initial use it would suite those who just want an easy to deal with NZB-only, portable program. And the best bit? It's completely free.

Due to its dependency on Microsoft's .NET 2.0 Framework, the application is only currently available on Windows (it may work on Linux with Wine and mono but we have not tested this); the application weighs in at a minute 395KB at this current moment in time (version 2.5.3), which when you look at other Windows applications on the market such as Newsleecher (5704KB) and Grabit (2150KB) - gives a good idea as to the feat this is (bearing in mind the other applications do offer more functionality). Why is this tiny size beneficial to you? Because the application runs with an extremely low memory and CPU footprint and simply gets the job done without the bloat and extra features that sometimes gets in the way of an easy user experience.

As with most Usenet programs, on running Unzbin for the first time you will need to enter your server credentials and tell it where you want it to save your downloads by checking out the settings button. After this, little further attention is needed with the settings and Unzbin pretty much gets along with its job: handling the download, repairing and extraction of NZB based filesets from Usenet. And it does this very well with the minimum of fuss, the UI is very much like that of the famous uTorrent (Bittorrent's most popular client) so if you're a fan of minimal interfaces, you will love this program.

One of the lightweight features we liked to most was the ability to subscribe to an NZB RSS feed (like one from NZBs.org or Newzbin and automatically download all NZBs (and therefore filesets) which get posted to that feed - it just takes away the "effort" involved with actually finding the NZB in the first place, especially if you're searching for the same thing every week.

Overall, we were very happy with the application - it does exactly what it says on the tin. For a full feature list, see below, or check out some screenshots of Unzbin in action.

Feature List

Unzbin feature list as of v 2.5.3

  • Multi server support
  • Enable/Disable individual servers
  • Full SSL support
  • Multiple downloads
  • Prioritize your downloads
  • Smart downloading (pause Par files until needed)
  • Pause/Resume/Remove individual parts
  • Pause/Resume all downloads
  • Sort individual parts
  • Automatic validation/repair
  • Automatic unpacking of archives to any folder you choose
  • Powerful download schedule
  • Automated import folder
  • RSS/ATOM support + regular expressions + automatic download
  • Full Yenc support
  • UUencode support
  • Base64 Support

You will of course need a Usenet provider to use Unzbin

Here's a handy list of providers that offer various features:

  • Giganews - The best support you'll see throughout the industry.
  • Newshosting - A quality budget provider.
  • Newsdemon - Good solid service at a cheaper price.
  • EasyNews - Long time favourite with a loyal fanbase.
  • Supernews - Another quality provider, piggybacking off Giganews's servers for a cheaper price.
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