Back with a refreshed look and a lot lot more to come..

// 5th Nov '09 Back with a refreshed look and a lot lot more to come..

With our aim to be the first and only place you should ever need to visit to get your Usenet fix, we've been doing some hardcore development on our back-end system. In the policy of release early, release often - we have! What you see is our new system running on the django web framework and is infinitely superior to our previous install of Wordpress as it has been tailored to our exact needs making it a lot easier to write posts like this quickly and without the bloat the comes with Wordpress!

Of course, in doing this we haven't had as much time available to actually spend writing new articles and that is why we're keeping you updated with this post. We are in fact looking for writers who know their stuff about Usenet, so if you fit in to that possibly small category, then please do get in touch and we can talk things through (there is possibility of remuneration dependent on experience).

So: what will be arriving in the coming weeks?

  • More posts and a lot more smaller announcements from various providers that will appear on the frontpage "usenet stream". Before it felt silly writing an entire post to say that Giganews has increased retention or similar, the way we handle announcements now has fixed that. We want this stream to round up all the goings on in the industry that is usenet in one place.

  • Provider profiles - these will detail provider reviews (from the likes of you!), stats, plans available, special exclusive discount codes and the like. More info soon..

  • A better threaded comment system, you will eventually be able to comment on whatever you like. And we plan to move the 'reply' button in to a more sensible place below the comments in question so that a conversation doesn't get broken up. The option to subscribe to a post to receive all updates and comments straight to your email will be added, allowing you to keep track and come back and reply to your replies!

  • Client profiles - these will detail various usenet client reviews and stats and will eventually allow you to pick through the many differing specs out there these days. Looking for a Mac Usenet reader? or one that has a web accessible interface? Should be sorted soon..

Once again, thanks for reading and we'll keep you up to date on our progress; we also have a lot of interesting articles lined up. If you know anyone who might be interested in writing for us, don't hesitate to show them this link!

Cheers, from all at UsenetShack.

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