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// 13th May '11 Before It Becomes Law

The IP Protect Act

Here we go. The time is now to exercise your voice for a Free Internet. columnist David Kravets delivers it all in his recent article "Senate Bill Gives Feds Power to Order Blacklisting of Piracy Sites." The new IP Protect Act, if passed, will give sweeping Guilty-Before-Proven-Innocent powers to the US government to filter Internet content world-wide. If you've lived long enough you know these foolish attempts are always easily defeated, but then the tools used to route around the stupidity become also illegal. Then anyone, such as yourself, behaving freely, as you do today, become criminals. We are watching the Criminalization of the Internet. What next? A government sponsored movie about how P2P makes you accidentally shoot your college roommate and jump out the window ..."Torrent Madness"?

Those guys over at Wired are so polished and professional. What a great article! I however am not so restrained, and can call it as I see it ...well at least for now, and I'm calling "bullshit!" Can you read between the lines and insert my predictions about the "spirit of the law" and the "letter of the law" and see that this type legislation could be used to take my commentary offline? This proposed IP Protect Act will only protect an aging Industry business model at the expense of technological progress and personal freedom. It's a chocolatey snowball on top of a mountain of manure. With all it's shiney promises to protect Artist's right to get paid for their work, this global power grab must be exposed for what it is.

If it was only used to stop counterfeiting bluray box sets, I am sure many of you would say "well I can see that...", but once made into Law there will be no stopping some megalomaniac from using the Letter of this Law for his own personal Laser-Beam-of-Justice against all the people who stand against him ...or not for him. Winning! No matter how great an idea you may feel is behind this legislation it's too much power for one person to wield, or even one branch of Governement. This is just a BAD IDEA, and a clear foot in the door for world-wide information domination.

I am somehow sure we will see this time and time again, and the citizenry must be alert to attempts to slide it under the doors of closed chambers. For now it is attempting to pass in the light of day and we need to take a stand. Attempt to bring these freedom-crushing bills to the Hill need to be the rallying points of politicians becoming unelected. My snowball reference is real, because if this is allowed to start, stopping it will become increasingly impossible. The first thing to go will be voices against, not pirated movies. People worry about gun control, I say in this modern world, Internet Control is the bigger issue. Your gun won't save you from this one. My biggest wish is that I am a rambling paranoid idiot that does not have a clue, whose predictions are way off-base, otherwise I am just Sisyphus rolling a boulder of poop daily up the side of Mount Manure... Comments below

Here's how to find out who is your State representative

And you can write your Representative here

Since this is fresh and hot watch your data feed for more from all sources, and a good place to start would be the bottom of the above linked article.

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  1. Posted Jun 8th, 2011 at 20:06 p.m.

    I don't think that it will be easy for them to censor the internet or stop torrent trackers or other sharing systems. They're trying to close demonoid for many years now, but they haven't succed, and I hope they WON'T , but who knows, nothing can surprise now :)

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