British Telecom Censors UK Web

Today, 2nd Nov 2011 the Team R Dogs @ Newzbin2 announced

We've heard that the British Telecom censorship of the free web has begun. It's a sad day when a minor European nation decides to kow-tow to Hollywood and join China and Iran in blocking citizens from reading the views of others and accessing a search engine.

Naturally this won't have any impact: downloads of our BT Cleanfeed busting client (https:/// that will allow anyone to access our site despite the block have been stratospheric over the past couple of weeks: 93.5% of active UK users have downloaded it and we shall ensure that the remaining 6.5% will be able to get it. The MPA propagandists claim this censorship as a victory; it isn't, it isn't even a hollow victory: it's a replete failure.

Newzbin2 shall go on, it's users shall continue to access the site and its facilities and as the UK lackeys of the MPA roll over other NZB sites like nzbsrus and nzbmatrix they will realise that nothing has changed and they have no change after paying millions of dollars in legal fees.

Team R Dogs

Well done dinosaurs, have a fern leaf; TeamRDogs will have Pina Coladas.

~~~~~~~~~~end transmission~~~~~~~~~~

For almost a year and a half I have been narrow-casting my Chicken Little Dance. "The Usenet is falling, the Usenet is falling!" My motivation (and first post) began with the court case brought against the original Newzbin and the drama surrounding its (attempted!) shutdown, then rebirth as Newzbin2. Recently you may have noticed I have lost my funny. Some would argue it's existence, but it's becoming nearly impossible to deny the predictions of what I saw as obvious and impending. The growing trend to restrain our online freedoms, and mainly censoring Usenet as a foot-in-the-door tactic.

I expressed in the VyprVPN review my personal joy that some folks on the wrong side of the Fiber Curtain (® a registered BoDark sniglet) were able to use VPN technology to defeat Internet blocking and censorship in Third World dictatorships. I also warned it could happen to you. Well it's happening. No not so much that you are being blocked but that you now live in a Third World Dictatorship ...pronounced "Turd Whirled DickTaterShip" ...ok I didn't lose my funny, just any shot at journalistic professionalism. Apologies UK Peeps. Welcome to the SHACK!

For all my paranoid ramblings you may also notice I look for the silver lining. I find it fascinating that the heroes in this story, Team R Dogs, are the guys the government is trying to convince us are the bad guys. While the R Dogs actions clearly have a basis in self-interest (hell, survival!), standing up to the in-the-corporate-pocket Old Guard is proving the folly of wasting Millions of Tax-payer dollars enforcing corporate financial protections. For what ever personal reason the R Dogs are standing up, let it not go unnoticed they are standing up for us collectively, insuring our online freedom in the face of a grueling legal onslaught ...and rather stylishly I might add. [passing Pina Colada]

I hope the political opposition is listening, or better yet the younger generation learning the hard way can't leave this important cultural decision making up to the old people. Pops thinks an iPad is a medicated swab you rub on your hemorrhoids, but he believes deeply that the Law is to be Enforced ...and rarely revisited. They are coming. It is here. They are willing to sell your freedoms for a company's financial security and call it Law Enforcement. The sad fact is that is true. It is the Law. What are you gonna do about it?

We have seen much turmoil this year. The riots in London and the Occupy [insert your city here] movement in the US. The one thing it proves is people are getting to the boiling point. Parking your behind on the steps of City Hall is cool, but you need to get inside. Kids, put down the bong and focus, pay attention and participate. Look at Team R Dogs example and imagine a world where everyone doesn't just lay down and get "turd-whirled-ed" Keep coming back to the usenetSHACK, and sign up for our TWITTER to get the latest Newzbin alerts and unbiased reporting [cough!]

The Beastie Boys were absolutely right!

singing::" You've got to Fight ...for your right Paaaarty!"


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