Catch Me If You Can't

// 10th May '11 Catch Me If You Can't

We Usenet folks sit on the sidelines and watch the Bittorrent IP subpoena game heat up. Now one side has gone all-in after recent semi-success threatening to subpoena/sue/settle with other Bittorrentors. This was my warning on the legal and financial precendents set with these IP gathering shenanigans. Like Gordon Gecko's recalled "Greed is good" quote from Wall Street 2 ...“Now it seems it’s legal.” I say we should not be solely focused on any possible illegality of bittorents, but be directly focused on the legality of this abuse of privacy and personal freedom. Otherwise this distasteful abuse of the law might become the next Legal Firm Gold Rush ...and that piling-on could be the death of bittorrents, along with our freedoms and privacy online, as collateral damage. Of course anyone wanting software to hide their IP could use Google to search, duh.

For one brief moment we glimpsed a brave warrior of Justice take a stand against the obvious ill-intentioned, yet legal, coercion being undertaken as a new business opportunity by Law firms. When a Law can so easily be twisted into something so rank as this, does it call that Law into question? In the link above I am refering to the recently popular ruling some hoped would set the legal precedent that an "IP address does not equal a person", which clearly would have put an end to this scandalous trend of IP address extortion. Turns out this claim was very much debatable as far as setting any hard precedent. At least the intention to call these fishing expeditions what they are ...a shakedown, was spoken by someone outside our Community. This is exactly the kind of News item to track, as surely there is more to come.

Luckily the Law works both ways and even other Lawyers have to offered some assistance to the "accused". Of course the lawyer who came up with a plan to challenge these mass subpoenas was promptly sued himself ...who would have guessed? We can only hope that other judges stand up to this abuse of power and frivolous demand on an over-taxed legal system. Pay attention people! There are equally creative ways to defend yourself from these attacks. I know they are going after bittorentors because typically they are the younger folks who can't afford Usenet accounts and luxuries like personal VPNs. Come on you college kids ;-) shave $10 a month off your vodka budget and get an unlimited Usenet Account ...or shave $35 a month off your weed budget and get a Giganews Diamond Account. Aww yeah, VyprVPN on your iPhone? ...Priorities!

[disclaimer:College kids? Just say "No thanks" to vodka and weed, and piracy. They are all BaD! ...oh and illegal. (Waving to bros at TorrentFreak) ...and there's nothing wrong with getting your latest Ubuntu distro via bittorrent!]

Stay (more) Sober, Stay Safe, Stay Legal, and Stay in School!


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  1. Ole B.
    Posted May 10th, 2011 at 20:05 p.m.

    I'm sorry if I'm wrong here, but this blog seems more and more like a shill setup for Giganews.

    If this, in fact, is a shill site, it's not the first time Giganews has been caught shilling. They've done it at Slyck too. Sad really.

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  2. Posted May 10th, 2011 at 22:05 p.m.

    Ole B. Thanks again for stopping by the SHACK! You do realize people get paid for referring browsers to affiliate sites. You really don't enjoy my comedic take on the news? That has no value for you? In my reviews I mentioned other products I use and like, and I did have criticisms for Giganews and their products ...buuut if I can make a dime by sending you over there from one of my links it makes this almost worth my time. Luckily I have a real job.

    Realize I don't work for anyone here but the owner of the usenetSHACK, and I don't make like a commission for increasing Giganews' Sales. My task is done just to get you to look. Don't get confused by me attempting to get you to click on my Giganews link, as I'm sincere in my appreciation for the real solutions I enjoy with my Diamond account VyprVPN.

    You read the news article right? People are getting sued because they are visible as IPs trading movies via bittorrent. Not me. No matter what I do I am way less visible online because of my personal adoption of VPN. Get VPN any way you want, but my inclusion of Giganews in this story is meaningful and appropriate. It's a real solution for this problem. I also suggested one could Google an IP cloaking solution, that doesn't mean I get ad clicks from Google ...but if I could, I would. [Google please contact me right away]

    Thanks for your opinion! It's crucial here. But I can honestly say that Giganews in no way influences content or even attempts to ...why? Getting you to walk in the store is not what a "shill" does. A shill is someone who bids like they are a customer to drive the price up, when in fact they are an employee. Not the case.

    I'm chuckling because there are some excellent sites that are very complete in their listing of every conceivable news service and software vendor and have like 100+ different sites they get affiliate clicks for, and if you are new to Usenet it feels like a service ...and it is, but if you click on a link to check out who's cheapest (or whatever), Dude earns a click. God I'm lazy... but actually that's not my job here.

    I hope you get a little something different at the SHACK! My competing fellow writers do a great job of getting news to you first and I respectfully try to get you to the upper most News post and not just someone re-posting that is a friend or affiliate. So shout outs to TorrentFreak and Wired and Slashdot (and others!), for doing the real journalism I link to. Realize I'm delivering something a little different, more casual, more opinionated, and hopefully more humorous.

    Meanwhile take a look at some of my referring news links and see if you can backtrace the story to an earlier online item. It's also why I avoid simply re-posting or re-tweeting a news item. I know all the hard work that goes into getting hot fresh News, so my goal, while somewhat twisted, is intended to have some integrity and show some respect to my colleagues. My little twist is also hard work, hopefully to keep you coming back and commenting as you wish.

    You think those guys don't get ad revenue or affiliate clicks on their sites? seriously? It's how it's done. I am unaware of any "Shill" conditions existing per se, where companies pay employees to act like independents. Hopefully I appear more creative than that. Obviously you have subscribed to our RSS feed or Twitter, so thanks again for coming by!

    Honestly? I work more for feedback from YOU. Be sure to keep an eye on that data feed because I am about to publish on of my most outrageous articles of all time. I'm off the chain! and that includes any leashes at Giganews.

    that's the RFD


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