Giganews Adds New Mimo Browser + Golden Frog Search

// 7th Nov '10 Giganews Adds New Mimo Browser + Golden Frog Search

A Boy Can Dream

Broken Promises?

I would really like to jump past any claims that I suckle at the teat of Giganews. This is an investigative piece, because I want real functionality. My heart has been hardened by the years of broken promises and much lauded, yet undelivered Vaporware. I mean where is Duke Nukem Forever, seriously. So I see this announcement from Giganews proclaiming the ultimate convergence of all I desire ...well for those with a Giganews Diamond Account. A "browser" (newsreader?) called Mimo, with built-in search "indexing" (NZB?) tool. I know there are other offerings, even from Giganews, to integrate searching of indexed NXBs and the actual downloading, par, un-rar, blah blah, but... This could qualify as a true integration because it would all be on one bill. I gotta check this out.

First I have to say Giganews has gone bold advancing their very much top-tier Diamond account, bundling in everything necessary to deliver fast/secure Usenet browsing, including VyprVPN (look for my VyprVPN performance review coming soon!) Now they are offering a brand new integrated newsreader and indexed searcher dedicated to Giganews' complete retention. While promising to be somewhat proprietary (by their own definition only works on Giganews), uh what more could a boy dream about? My cynicism bone is tingling, so let's take a serious look.

First, you must be have a Giganews Diamond Account. While spending 30$(US)/month may seem a serious stretch budget-wise just for Usenet access, this latest offering promises to make it a no-brainer for anyone serious about their Usenet ...if it can deliver. Currently NZB indexing reigns as the accepted standard file format that can turn browser-based search results into newsreader action. Has Giganews broken free of the mold, or does their new offering of Golden Frog "Search" (the developers of VyprVPN) use some integrated seamless approach, combining search and download? ...only one way to find out.

Browser? Newsreader?

So I contemplate downloading the Mimo "browser", questioning the business decision to not call it a "newsreader". Plus I LOVE my Newsbin. Don't make me download some alternate newsreader~! Engk, a "browser"? OK, I can bend the rules and give an alternate "browser" a shot. This is where I stop putting quotes around browser, as I am annoying myself. They are labeling it a browser and I have no idea lets download and take a look at this new Mimo alleged Usenet "thingy". Hey, if they had called it a newsreader, I may have not given this a second look. I'm feeling so Socially Engineered right now... I mean Giganews also offered a "Giganews Newsbin", and while I'm a registered Newsbin Supporter, and have a GN Diamond account, I never downloaded the Giganews Newsbin version or even gave it a look. No particular good reason, but why mess with something that already gets the job done well? Weird how we make these subliminal decisions ...even weirder how they changed my mind.

Installation complete. Very simple, I would recommend for any Usenet beginner. Browser? Newsreader? Well I discovered that it is indeed a Java-based browser, and supports multiple tabbed SSL browsing/searching ...all very good features. While I suppose it could be used as a "reader", why waste the time testing something no one wants , this is a Usenet browser with an obvious purpose. It also looks like it can be used to upload, but I am not going to test Mimo's ability to post binaries. It opens and operates simply, I mean it comes with a manual, but I tend to not read those. Hey, for me, if it's not intuitive, then it's no good ...but this is very intuitive.

When you open Mimo is states "Welcome to the Beta". This is a slick little application, and while there is clearly opportunity for improvement, there were no bugs that caused it to fail installing or opening and connecting to my Giganews account. I do have to mention my Anti-Virus popped up a "PDM.RootShell" warning, but this is not uncommon and is advised from my AV Vendor to ignore/allow if seen during a trusted install. It is described as a "Behavioral Detection" and a common popup seen with Java-based apps.

Was It Good for you?

I had some errors and hiccups, but they were all easily skipped without restarting the application. Remember, I didn't read the instructions, that said, Mimo ran pre-configured out-of-the-box with only some minor complaints. After installation, within seconds, I immediately was able to search and download a .FLAC copy of a CD that Ms.Dark purchased last night. Normally I would do that search on a tool like Binsearch or Newzbin2. One thing Mimo did not provide was what I like about Binsearch results, the "Collection" feature. On Binsearch you can check one box and grab all the pars and rars and nfos and whatev related to that post(er) and "create NZB" which fires off your NZB associated newsreader ...grabbing the fully conglomerated post in a couple clicks.

In Mimo the search function returned a list of all items meeting the criteria and filtering those results was up to me ...not a big deal as the columns were easily clicked upon to sort by poster, group, post age, etc ...actually, offering that flexibility could be a good thing. The cool part was there was no visible NZB creation! During installation Mimo did display the option to associate with NZBs. It is indeed seamless, you click the obvious download button on the left and down it comes. So while it may be using NZBs it creates itself, you never see that step. The next obvious question to me was "so if it took over the job of NZB association, if I go back to Binsearch and hit "create NZB" on a query result, will it download in Mimo and not my Newsbin?" Quick test... hold please, while we access your account. Oh yes it did!

So, Mimo is still a new toy for me, but I'm somewhat excited by the possibility to remove several steps in my Usenet browsing. Plus I have that manual to read ;-) You know how I love a Part 2. I'll come back and report any improvements or discoveries as they present themselves, while I anticipate a more efficient Usenet experience. This is not a "Holy Grail" type Killer App discovery, but this will be my new primary tool for Usenet searching. Not only does Giganews' integration of search and download work within Mimo, it also has automated downloading of my other NZB-based queries on other sites like Binsearch, via simple file ".nzb" file association. It's not a full replacement of my total process, as some of the major features of those other web-tools do not exist in Mimo. On Newzbin2 you can read Community Comments for reports of viruses or password protected files, and on other NZB index sites, like Binsearch, where getting all the parts of a post are eased by the availability of one-click "collections". Of course I could be wrong ...Mr.Never-Reads-Instructions.

Promises of a Part 2

So come back for part 2 where I get corrected and attempt to recant all this ill-informed testimony ;-) Well this is Beta release of Mimo , so consider this a Beta review. If you have read some of my Commentary you may wonder if Giganews can legally get away with indexing Usenet, and making integrated downloading ease out of the legal quagmire we call alt.binaries. Others recently have faced similar legal challenges with negative results. Meanwhile, if your are a Diamond Giganews Subscriber, get Mimo! If you were on the fence and the bundling of VyprVPN wasn't enough for you to justify the monthly recurring expense, Mimo might be just enough to tip the scales. While I do have upcoming results of my VyprVPN testing I can say here, it is another solid addition to this now serious Usenet toolkit, otherwise known as the Giganews Diamond Account. Kudos to Golden Frog for bringing some important new toys to the Scene, both VyprVPN and Mimo

Giganews? 2 years of retention, secure VyprVPN, and 256 bit-SSL encrypted multiple tabbed Mimo browsing with indexing of everything on their servers? Giganews and Golden Frog have scored a Ménage à trois of Usenet joy. Me thinketh the competition just shat kittens. What? a free 14 Day Trial of Giganews Diamond? All reasons everyone should be checking this out. Now, I gotta go check out that latest rumored release of Duke Nukem Forever...



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  1. Anonymous
    Posted Nov 9th, 2010 at 07:11 a.m.

    Thanks for the read 'dark :)

    I hope you read the manual for part 2, so you can verify how intuitive everything really is. How easy is selecting stuff? Without grouping, you really don't want to be manually checkboxing 21 - 34 - 55 .. - 144 rars forever.

    I've been considering diamond lately, since my free Astraweb with my ISP may come to an end soon. VyprVPN sounds like value to me, so I'm keen to hear your thoughts on it.

    Also, re: feeling "socially engineered, you might want to read up on 'framing' or 'psychological framing'. Interesting stuff for anytime, but it'll hit harder after a recent advertising experience :)

    Ged dey sair

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  2. Posted Nov 16th, 2010 at 16:11 p.m.

    Obviously an 'interesting' development for us. As you say they don't have the user community of comments and further information on the file: a Creative Commons movie or Linux distro that is rubbish wont be discover except the hard way. That said, it may be enough for many. Competition is good for users and we'll may just need to to up our game.

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  3. Posted Nov 22nd, 2010 at 17:11 p.m.

    I am completing Part 2, and my results have proven you correct Mr. White. Perhaps Newzbin2 can partner with Mimo or even one of their competitors in the same way as NZBIndex (which displays as an alternate search engine in the Mimo search dropdown). I have no idea if they have just found a way to link Mimo to another company's search feature, but I would guess it was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    During Mimo testing I suffered from exactly what you describe, and what I predicted. Newzbin2 offers a human element in it's filtered data for which there may be no substitute ...other than a great deal of wasted time and bandwidth. The simple fact that indexing of 2+ years of Usenet, while very cool, is not enough, is exactly what drove my own personal discovery of Newzbin many years ago.

    For all the kudos I am about to lay at the feet of the developers of Mimo, I must say that some full integration with a human-filtered Community-based Index site like Newzbin2 is all that remains to create a truly Epic Usenet "Killer App". Sadly, such a "Perfect Storm" of pr0n, W4rez, and instant human-pre-disastered access to the Information would be predictable to generate a TurdTyphoon from Big Bro'seph.

    I think the reason Newzbin2's competition avoids legal attack is that they simply don't work as well. I don't know how you can incur "guilt" by simply integrating a process that clearly already exists? Hang tough Mr. White and crew. The convergence of Usenet, and the tools used by consumers, is happening.

    Look at all the people paying $50 - $100 USD monthly for unlimited Internet cellular phone service. For the folks who make decisions based on "free" (no $$), Giganews' Diamond Account proves that if you offer a true time saving process with total delivery, people will gladly pay. While Mimo delivers NZB indexing, it's just not the same, in the same way Binsearch is not Newzbin.

    Any integration that would include what Newzbin offers, would clearly be on top of that genre. Exactly how to integrate all the coolness of Newzbin in a browser-based search and download tool like Mimo would require some brainwork. Unfortunately, certain unmentionable Nations are choosing to side with Corporations and other Governments that desire to retain full control of the information, while Citizens of that nation fight/desire to advance technologically is not rewarded ...but instead punished.

    Hey this is big enough to be a Part 2 [chuckle], but I'm going to keep my review on target and try and only talk about Mimo. For all of us who have watched Usenet blossom into something very powerful, we owe much to the people who have made it more accessible. Not to forget the decades and thousands of people who have made Usenet what it is today, here's some special thanks Mr. White and Team not only for the tools, but also being the Sacrificial Lambs in a legal sense. People can stand up and get behind your Purpose by voting with their $$. Keep Technology Free. Hmm indexed Usenet downloads to my cloud backup from my phone? The possibilities are exciting. Mimo + Newzbin2? bOiNk!


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  4. MimoUser
    Posted Dec 21st, 2010 at 23:12 p.m.

    To B.O. Dork...

    Big words from such a small mind!!!!

    I was able to figure out what the main problem was - it was the Mimo database being corrupted or otherwise all screwed up. I was able to figure out where Mimo kept the database files and I deleted them. When I did then Mimo functioned as normal as it did before - which is that it functions poorly but at least it's "normal" again.

    Pretty good for a NEWB - eh?

    So then I log on here and read these posts and guess what? It turns out Alec was right in his response - and you were way off base largely because you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

    Speaking of NEWBs - you seem to be a big NEWB yourself. I guess no one ever taught you NOT to jump to conclusions or to make so many assumptions. In your case, making so many assumptions just made an a$$ out of you and no one else - and for everyone to see. LOL.

    So my question to you - being such a NEWB: Has your mommy let you out of diapers yet? Are you making plans to quit sucking your thumb - or other body parts?

    Let's get a few facts out on the table - just one NEWB to another....

    I've been working on the Internet and Usenet probably longer than you've been alive, considering you appear to be about 12 or 13 years old. I've got more degrees in Computer Science than you could count, considering you probably can count only to about 3 or 4. So I'll challenge you on ANYTHING you claim to know about the Internet, Usenet, or computers, although that's probably an unfair challenge - kind of like if I were to arm-wrestle a 12 year old.

    And what about the laptop, Dork? Well, it looks like another poster already put you in your place about that, and he was totally correct. I may not have Admin rights to the laptop, but apparently I don't need that for Mimo which, if your had read carefully, you would have understood from the initial post. Notice that I had installed and was running Mimo, albeit poorly, before I went out of town. If Admin rights were the problem, then I would not have been able to install at all. I knew that already because I had tried to install my other newsreader on the laptop and guess what - it told me I needed Admin rights to install it! When I installed Mimo I did not get that message and Mimo installed and ran just fine. You remember I said I was excited that Mimo installed on the laptop don't you? Oh yeah - I forgot ... small mind - probably short attention span, poor comprehension, lack of initiative, poor hygiene, etc., etc.

    So the laptop's not the problem, B.O. Dork. The corrupt database was the problem. You do know what a database is, don't you? It's a set of files ... oh never mind, I forgot again - small mind...

    And what about being online, Dork? You seem to think everyone is as stupid as you by going online at work. Why would anyone with half a brain think they could get to Usenet AT ALL through a company VPN? Well, let me explain to someone who has less than half a brain - Most company networks, infrastructure, firewalls, and connection policies restrict and prevent anyone getting to Usenet groups with ANY newsreader, including one like Mimo. Anyone other than a NEWB knows that! So posting a comment about trying to do it just PROVES you're a NEWB! LOL.

    No, Dork - I use my company laptop at home through my own ISP. You do know, don't you, that you can use a company laptop at your own home and you DON'T have to connect to the company VPN in order to use it on the Internet? Well, I suppose you DON'T know that otherwise you wouldn't have embarassed yourself by posting such a stupid comment! LOL.

    Oh, BTW:

    I noticed you haven't posted anything since those other posters put you in your place and embarrassed you for the NEWB that you are. (You're probably cowering in a corner sucking your thumb again.) And I know - you'll probably post a response now just to try to "save face" but go ahead. Everyone already knows you for the micorcephalic that you are.


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  5. Posted Dec 29th, 2010 at 18:12 p.m.

    Although I am impressed at your ability to cut/paste, I cannot continue delivering your narcissistic supply.



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  6. Posted May 9th, 2011 at 20:05 p.m.

    In for a penny, in for a pound.

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  7. Posted May 16th, 2011 at 05:05 a.m.

    The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

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