Giganews Reaches 1,500 Days Retention

// 13th Sep '12 Giganews Reaches 1,500 Days Retention

It's Good To Be The King

I'm not sure how Giganews managed to top everyone else's Usenet retention some cases by only a couple days. One thing for sure, even though others may be close behind, it's good to be the reigning retention Champ. I fret here on the SHACK that Usenet might someday go under. Legal struggles rain down like cannon fire, attempting to sink this mighty ship. Many folks have never heard of Usenet, but even if it's well past the glory days, to me, Usenet will always be King. For a company like Giganews to stand up to the Man, and put their financial efforts towards making MY Usenet an ever-improving and more secure resource, that earns my respect and my business. That's just voting with your $$.

Now some of you know I'm a Giganews fanboy. I am unsure if my enthusiastic reviews have caused some to accuse me of being a "shill" (I don't think that's the intended term). Jeeez if I worked for Giganews, I would fire my lazy, trash-mouthed self. Honestly, with GN I simply get quick and easy results, cloud convenience, and a feeling of protection using the tools that constitute their Diamond Account. With VyprVPN keeping my ISP's nose outta my traffic, DumpTruck online storage, and Mimo's integrated search of all that retention, Usenet is Back!

OK Maybe It's Not Back

Perhaps other Usenet Providers have more sense or less balls than Giganews. Those other guys are either keeping a minimum safe distance from the legal risk, or spending as little as possible to stay in the shrinking Usenet biz. Some might say Giganew's totally opposite approach to Usenet Providing is CrAzY!? Well, I don't just like Usenet, I rely on it. For me, Giganews delivers more than just 1,500 days of retention. The well-rounded functionality you get when you take full advantage of the Diamond Account transforms that old-fashioned manual browsing of Usenet text headers to a whole new level.

So why such a fan, you ask? It's all about the usability folks. Your new smartphone is better than your last. Giganews is the company that is new-and-improving Usenet in a similar sense. Mimo and VyprVPN and DumpTruck are like free apps from the App Store. What was formerly a overly complex struggle (especially for Newbs) is now one-two clicks. Novice and Veteran alike can appreciate those features, and once you have a more complete understanding of VPN, you will wonder why you ever wirelessly connected in a coffeeshop without it!

The Bollocks!

I also appreciate the Usenet groups-based support. There's nothing hidden from consumers thinking about switching or signing up for the first time. You can read what's going wrong with Mimo and Vypr etc on their Usenet groups giganews.mimo or giganews.vyprvpn. That transparency is one thing, but what you will actually discover is expert problem-solving and timely handling of bug reports. That makes for some great Support. For the folks at Giganews to be investing $$ in the face of the legal risk that is Usenet delivery, and having such transparent public support forums defines my fandom. Giganews ...I have two words, balls.

And for the Haters who are sure I work for/at Giganews ...HAH! I'm pretty sure they have an HR Dept. there, and a Marketing Dept. and a pointy-haired boss that have rules against this kind of Customer Appreciation, but Hey! that's why this is published under "Commentary". I'm 100% positive you won't be reading any of this copy quoted on their site, but I have mad love for my Giganews Diamond account, and the freedom of speech to share my thoughts here on the SHACK ...and for any who get a chuckle reading this crack. Haters, comments below, bitches.

Giganews If You Only Had A Va-Jay

...I would marry you seriously, so don't be upset if I was less than tender in my forwarding your announcement of 1,500 days retention. Giganews is however clearly a dude, with all those Dump Trucks and Vyprs and "two words", so I'm not even gonna propose [insert handshake and gender appropriate shoulder bump here], nor apologize. I am however gonna propose you readers take a second to pop over there and take advantage of the current special of half-price Diamond Account for your first 3 months. If you were even on the fence and maybe tired of that bare-bones Usenet Account, this is a great time to give it a try. You can also find out what's new, like VPN apps for your smartphone ...What!? You don't have VPN on your smartphone/tablet?


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