Know a thing or two about Usenet? Want to write for us? Read on..

// 3rd Feb '10 Know a thing or two about Usenet? Want to write for us? Read on..
What we need

tl;dr: A person well-versed in writing in English about Usenet.

UsenetShack has expanded from nothing to be a fully fledged leading news source for the Usenet industry, and the time has come to increase the size of the writing team so that we can better serve the news and guides that are needed out there on a daily basis. Traffic has been growing steadily and we're starting to get noticed on the web which is a great thing - we're just looking to take that a lot further..

Why bother?

Many reasons..

  • You'll be supporting the Usenet industry going forward; whether this means writing scathing reviews; breaking news or simply writing guides. If one suites you better than the other then this is perfectly fine and we'd still love to hear from you.

  • Money. We're not expecting this for free; while this won't be a highly paid position there will definitely be a chance to discuss remuneration on a per article basis.

  • Experience. This is one of those words which is always chucked around as a benefit but the truth is it helps massively in any future jobs; especially if you're looking to go in to journalism. We're willing to act as a proper reference for future situations.

  • The emails. Since we started this project I have received numerous heart-felt thank you emails. Really helps to know that someone is actually reading what you write, and not only that but that it's so good they've taken the time out of their day to write to you. We've also helped our readers get money back from certain providers when otherwise they would have been all alone in doing so.

How to Apply

Let's keep application simple

We don't want to see CVs or anything along those lines; as far as we're concerned you can be whatever age/gender/nationality it takes to write decent, unbiased articles on Usenet - as long as you can do that, we want to here from you. To apply, all we're asking for is a 200-300 word article on something that has interested you recently within the Usenet industry; this doesn't have to be along the same lines as something we've already written, feel free to branch out. Entries should be emailed to mail @ this domain dot com and anything sent will not be used without your expressed prior permission. Best of luck!

Any questions?

Comment time!

We'll answer any questions you have relating to this either in private, by emailing the above address; or in public, just leave a comment below and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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