NZ Illegal Downloading Crackdown

Before the Tsunami

Just before the giant wave comes crashing in, the ocean recedes like a super low tide exposing all the bottom feeders. As of Sept 1, 2011, New Zealand has passed a law which empowers the government to go after online copyright infringers with a $15,000 penalty including the loss of Internet access. Here is our early warning, as governments pretend to make it their job to get serious about enforcing online copyright laws. This is simply another money making scheme, and what country is next? A nation like Greece could use this strategy to get out of their financial woes, just go after those evil criminals that are not paying their 99 cents per song and fine them $15,000 a pop. I know, how about a fine of .99 cents per violation? What do you mean it's not government's job to clean up private businesses financial losses?

How long before we have two classes of people, one with Internet access and another banned from the Information Superhighway? Like Felons no longer being able to own a gun or vote, the easily predictable result of downloading a TV episode you missed on the cable you paid for can result in poverty and a perma-ban of web access. The $15,000 times however many violations will insure you are always subjugated by your government, and without Internet access you are silenced. What's next? Oh you downloaded something to your Kindle and didn't pay? No more books for you!

The iHaves and the iHave Nots

Welcome to your new Caste System where the "Haves and Have Nots" refer to electronic access. Does this mean no iPhones or iPads? Think of all the money you are going to save not owning an i-anything! Better run off to the store and buy yourself a phone with a copper wire hanging out the back. If you read the link above completely you also learn it does not matter if it's little Billy pirating your wireless signal from next door. All responsibility falls to the owner, the person who's name is on the bill. I think my dog is about to sign up for Internet access.

Wake up Kiwis, we thought you were badasses! This can and will go quickly and horribly wrong, so don't wait until it's too late. Oh wait, It is too late! The rest of you pay attention, these ripples do cross the pond. As New Zealand is about to learn, when that tide returns it will be unstoppable. The powerful will look down from their high perches as that tsunami rolls through, watching your pirating evil asses being washed away and righteously proclaim ..."Look at all the Real estate that just became available!" They don't really care about ending piracy, they just want what's yours ...and you handed it to them on a silver platter.

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Bo "stirrin' the shiite" Dark

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