Ex-Newzbin director comments on official Newzbin's future and more details on the 'Team R Dogs' leak

// 26th May '10 Ex-Newzbin director comments on official Newzbin's future and more details on the 'Team R Dogs' leak

On talking to insider at Newzbin the other day, it was made clear that the new owners of Newzbin Ltd had registered the domain name with an offshore company in the Seychelles. You can see the details below or check them out yourself:

WCIS Limited
Victoria House
Victoria, Mahe 000 000

This naturally set our detective noses off and so we dug a bit deeper, getting in touch with an old contact we had which resulted in this comment from an ex-director at Newzbin (unfortunately we cannot name who). It details the future of the official Newzbin site and goes in to a bit more detail surrounding the Team R Dogs code theft.

The Statement

The Newzbin domain, Newzbin's future, Team R Dogs and more..

The future plans of Newzbin proper are unclear. It depends on the results of the liquidation. If the liquidators, Bennett Verby, can find a buyer for the assets, such as the servers and code, then possibly a nearly half a million successor could spring up. Of course since Newzbin got nailed for copyright infringement it's difficult to see who would want to do that, unless that have big clanging balls of steel or they want to transform Newzbin into a legal NZB service (which doesn't sound commercially viable).

As you know because of the litigation Newzbin ran into fairly severe money problems: our income began to shrivel as users started to leave because of fear over the outcome of the case, and also because we were having to filter results, so the site started to become useless. We therefore needed to obtain cash to fend off creditors and one of the assets we sold, on a leaseback basis, was the domain name. This however is all we sold. We didn't sell or licence the site software although we did explore this option with several parties.

The past directors of Newzbin are not interested in resurrecting the business and will not be seeking to buy the assets of the company off the liquidators. Caesium is starting on a new project, Kalante has a full time job and Freaky is mulling his plans.

Obviously we know the code to the site has been leaked or stolen. Usenetshack.com has speculated that because of the 'coincidental' timing this is a ruse of ours and that we will be the 'hidden hands' behind the Seychelles company. This is absolutely denied; as we said above we no longer have any interest in running Newzbin or any successor. Period. Yes we understand most people will be sceptical.

On the matter of the source code theft: it seems it was stolen a long time ago: Caesium has said that the code fragments revealed to him looked like old code versions. If so it seems that TeamRDogs stole the code some time ago and have been sitting on it, rather than it being an odd coincidence of timing. TeamRDogs may have decided to move in now Newzbin was out of the picture. I would also speculate that because a number of contractors outside Newzbin has the site code, TeamRDogs may really be one of them, and the 'smash and grab' server raid story may be a cover up attempt.

Since none of us has any remaining interest in Newzbin we don't now really care that someone is cloning the site. We wish them well and hope they have better success than we did. The site is truly great and it would be great to see someone keep running and meeting the needs of the community.

  • ex Newzbin Director

The more we dig around this story, the further we fall down the rabbit hole. If one of the contractors did steal the code-base, this would definitely account for the coincidence in timing which was what initially raised our eyebrows in the first place. Who knows, if this is the case, maybe it occurred because the contractors were annoyed over lack of payment: Newzbin allegedly owed various software houses nearly half a million UK Sterling.

The comment also explains that the actual Newzbin domain is not currently under the control of the liquidators or the ex-directors as it was leased to another company; it could be being held with the offshore company until the new owners decide to do something with it. I can't think of a reason as to why anyone would lease it unless they planned to make some form of money of it, maybe even just from parking it? Who knows, the future will tell.

Still no official news from Team R Dogs...the mystery goes on..

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  1. Drustan
    Posted May 26th, 2010 at 19:05 p.m.

    Ahh c'mon, i ask you this. How long has chris been involved in this. There is no way he is walking away from this. If that is the case, why now. If he doesn't care about newzbin which wouldn't happen overnight, he would have just closed up shop before the trial began. This is plan B. Newzbin is just on the move. Moving elsewhere where it will be difficult to prosecute. On the money front. How long would it take them to pay what they owe? Look how much turnover was in 09 alone, I guess it was more than what's released. And if they were losing members, didn't they say they had over 700,000 members last checked. So how many did they loose. TBH again i would say literally a hand full. If people were worried they just wouldn't be there in the first place. The annoying thing though in all this is that Usenet is out in the open so to speak. More and more people are asking what's usenet??? So I say to the new "Chris" hurry up, and the sooner this fiasco is behnd us the better. And just one more thing if Chris and ex stakeholders have no interest in newzbin as they are saying why not just release the code. C'mon we didn't come down in the last shower.

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  2. whatever123
    Posted May 31st, 2010 at 18:05 p.m.

    Insiders, Hackers, directors, etc.. this all sounds like a huge crock of shit. If someone STOLE the information and then tried to turn those people (in the DB) into customers they are stupid if they think people are going to be their customers.

    that's like if a bunch of terrorist hacked into visa and stole their Db and then mailed out a bunch of credit cards and said now please be our customers.. who in their right mind would do that?

    just start a new site with your own code, lots of other sites have. Newzbin is dead.. let it lie, stop with all this cloak and dagger shit

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  3. absent
    Posted Jun 2nd, 2010 at 15:06 p.m.

    Well, the domain now points to the new Newzbin2 site. So obviously Team R Dogs have control over it in some way.

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  4. Posted Mar 17th, 2011 at 21:03 p.m.

    Mr. Expert,

    Are you going to have a follow up post or article about this anytime soon? :)


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  5. Posted Mar 19th, 2011 at 13:03 p.m.

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