Newzbin source code leak confirmed - it's out in the wild somewhere..

// 20th May '10 Newzbin source code leak confirmed - it's out in the wild somewhere..

The news we've all been waiting for? Not quite: the source code hasn't made in into the open yet but deepsharer has been doing some cracking detective work to try and find out more behind the rumour that was posted on Tuesday.

From his site:

Had interesting side channel discussions on irc with Mr Code Thief. Initially, yesterday, he approached me and said he had the site code and databases. I thought he was probably a clown. Today he PM’d me with several lines of code. Caesium has just confirmed that these lines of code ARE from the site source code.

via deepsharer

(Caesium being one of the Newzbin admins, along with Freaky)

We had already received confirmation from the Newzbin admins that a server break-in had occurred, see the statement we got out of them below (from Tuesday). This, along with the new information from deepsharer and "Mr Code Thief" (great name) go a long way to suggest that the rumour can perhaps no longer be called a rumour..

I saw the rumour on the blogpost. The first bit of the post is largely right. But we have definite proof it did happen. TBH it's a bit [of an] academic since we are dead.

via Anon at Newzbin

Newzbin have not gone out of their way to ask the thief not to use their code; so we can only assume that it's use to create clone sites would be go unopposed. We're waiting on tenterhooks for some news of a public release of the code, we'll keep you updated on the matter if and when it actually happens. Added bonus points to Mr Code Theif if it gets released on Usenet.

Got any inside tips or rumours? Post a comment below or use the contact form to get in touch privately.


21st May 3PM GMT Someone leaves us a message

You'll be getting good news about a Newbin [Newzbin] clone soon. Mr White, Team R Dogs

Very interesting indeed..

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  1. Phoneboy
    Posted May 22nd, 2010 at 01:05 a.m.

    Open Source it! I'd love to be able to replace ikbin for a workgroup/internal-only nzb indexer.

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