Newzbin2 Leaves American Internet

Formerly Synonymous With Free Speech

Recent Corporate-friendly governmental policy changes and militant border-crossing legislative actions from the United States have begun the emigration of entities like Newzbin2 to more free domains this case .ES. Spain's internet is at this time unrestricted, and while sporting an .ES sub-domain was a great way to more directly address the Spanish-speaking marketplace, it looks like it's now a safer haven for Newzbin2. In a News item posted to the new NEWZBIN2.ES MrWhite can be quoted...

Newzbin is leaving the American Internet. In a couple of weeks we will cease to use the domain and move to

We regret the need to do this but, thanks to the retards in the US Government and the MPA, a '.com' address is no longer viable. Really, any domain controlled by the US government proxy Verisign isn't viable.

For the next couple of weeks we are undertaking preparations for the move. We will switch shortly after that. For legal reasons the defunct '' page will not do any redirects or give links to the new sites. If you wish you can start using the .es domain straight away.

As you may know we rent the domain name rather than own it. What the owners will do with it when we are gone is out of our control, but we will pay the rent for a few more months. MrWhite 25-01-2012 18:39 GMT

Any Advice Bo?

Yeah. My mind immediately jumps to the paranoid thought of who registers (or seizes!) newzbin.COM after the two month period. Probably not someone you want to visit come Spring. So if you have the address cached in your browser's history (just type an "N" in your location box) you may want to delete that so you don't visit unintentionally down the road. So click up in the URL box at the top of your browser(s) and type an N. If newzbin.COM shows up in the list, use your down cursor arrow to highlight it and press the delete key. The same would go for any favorites/bookmarks you may have stored. Meanwhile, per MrWhite, they are retaining the old .com domain for 2 months, so if you do type the .com address you will be redirected to the new site during that time. Typing it in manually one time now ( will re-enable that former convenience of just typing N, and you can re-favorite.

This is a good time to show some Love, as the fight for Newzbin2 continues, I am $ure they would be grateful if you top off that account. If you've never been to Newzbin2 ...seriously? Figure it out, prove you are worthy. Meanwhile NewBz, you can catch up on the legacy Newzbin drama and BoDark with my introduction to the SHACK. Oh, and kudos to Spain for having more love for (Internet) Freedom than los Estados Unidos! It's gonna be great for business. One last thing, follow the usenetSHACK on Twitter as I am on the cusp of delivering some fresh totally subjective News, uh I mean Commentary.

Tipping one back for Team RDogs!


BoDark posted by BoDark
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  1. Mr White
    Posted Feb 6th, 2012 at 14:02 p.m.

    Thanks for the love, backatcha ;)

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  2. Are yew stoopid
    Posted Feb 13th, 2012 at 00:02 a.m.

    The funny thing is, the us govt is gonna push all the domain name holders to use other countrys domains and in doing so prevent them from being sued/have their domain sued. Good going.

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