Remember Remember the 5th of November

Guy Fawkes Yourself

Big party night in Great Britain. As if Brits need another reason to tip back a pint o' bitter. So as you celebrate the day the Government didn't blow up, please take this opportunity to examine what was so proudly protected 4 centuries back. I am not anti-government because I idealize that the Government would be representing my interests. If I find this is not the case, then the weight is upon me to take part in the required change. Perhaps they just need to hear what "my interests" entail. A duty we can all shoulder (responsibly!)

Bringing the Government to awareness of our interests should never be viewed as subversion. It's a right and a duty. However, most would agree Guy Fawkes was that Subversive, while others might say that responsible options dwindle when one's Government turns a decidedly deaf ear to the people it was elected to represent. Certainly Guy should have asked himself if he had exhausted all other avenues of dissent before rolling a train load of black powder up under the House of Lords ...but such is this History's lesson.

The SHACK is not about all the Social issues in the UK that have come to fall under Gunpowder Treason Day over the last 400 years. I'm trying to be brief here. It's almost 2014 and a wave of change in your Electronic Life is about to eclipse all else. Spend a few moments on this day discovering what you can do, by looking at some examples of what others are doing year round.

Here's a great article I found that includes remembering Guy Fawkes in a special way, and talks about our right to be able to tinker with our own property/hardware. Corporations have found a legal way to block full ownership of our phones and tablets, and Operating Systems. Intellectual Property and Fair Use are topics here at the SHACK, and definitely items on that list of interests we should all share with our Government(s). Fair use of the things we buy seems a no-brainer, but call it "leasing" and demand you to "click OK" before you can use that thing you purchased somehow makes it legal to reduce your access to your property.

Plus on IFIXIT they sell a magnetic mat for tearing down all your possessions held together with tiny screws and you can write on it with a dry wipe marker ...must have. I bet Guy Fawkes wished he had a dry wipe board for writing his plan on ...jokes!

Ok, I'm keeping it short today. To all my readers in the UK, stay safe, stay free (includes jail), and stay out of the A&E tonight Mates (emergency room).


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