Unzbin author announces the development of a free NZB site script: PUnz

// 20th May '10 Unzbin author announces the development of a free NZB site script: PUnz

We only wrote about the lightweight NZB client, Unzbin, last week but it seems one of the authors, David, is well on the way to developing another piece of great software: a free script for people to use to make their own community-based NZB sites, something the scene needs now more than ever given the recent Newzbin disappearance.

This will not be a new NZB site, but rather a bunch of scripts so that you can get hosting and set up your very own one - the idea being that many sites will spawn from this software package, much like how many blogs spawned from the release of Wordpress, or forums from phpBB.


A user generated, free-to-use, NZB site script

The software, which will be named PUnz, is due to be released sometime next month in June and will be coded in PHP, using the popular MySQL database as a storage backend. This duo is a good choice for the web as 99% of hosting companies will offer PHP and MySQL as standard, allowing as many users who want to get up and running their own NZB communities as possible.

The system will not be like Newzbin however, in that it will not be an indexer that gathers and searches Usenet's raw headers. The announcement mentions it being a "user generated content system", at a guess it will end up working much like NZBMatrix or similar sites where users upload NZBs for the rest of the community to download.

The software will not be license-free, the forum post mentions the fact that it will come with a custom license that prevents commercial use of the software - users will not be able to run the software and charge for access at the same time. Whether this involves a ban on advertising of any kind is unclear at this stage, we'd hazard a guess that banner or text advertising will be allowed provided that a subscription based charge isn't levied on the user - without advertising, any site that gets popular running this script will find it very hard to survive - running sites does cost money after all.

If you'd like to read more, there's more information on the Unzbin forum. We'll keep you updated on the release.

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