The Usenetverse is Expanding

// 10th Apr '13 The Usenetverse is Expanding

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Usenet the Next Generation

We have seen techno-leaps many times before, and it's always exciting. Here at the SHACK it's about how those technological spurts effect Usenet, and up till now that has always been driven by Media. By "media", I mean the physical format, from 5 1/4" floppy to CD to DVD to Bluray. The leaps in Usenet distribution have always been the relationship of bytes of data on the originating disk, to the limits of storage on hard drives and the bandwidth in-between. We have watched each element take turns outstripping the limits of the other, until lately it seems we reached a reasonable balance ...if you overlook those godforsaken 49 gig Bluray rips. [smilie]

2013 heralded some major changes, as seen at the recent CES, including Ultra HD televisions (4K) and 1 gigabit fiber-based consumer Internet. Ultra HD is important because it will be the next leap in media, and combined with the advent of 1 Gig Internet, the need for disc-based media may go away. Of course you and I know it's all about how they can reign us in as customers, and surely folks on the Scene will immediately develop ways to set that data free. Making these predictably HUGE files portable on Usenet and as torrents will present it's own challenges, much like Bluray.

Giganews Breaks 1700 Days Retention

While the folks at Giganews proudly approach 5 years of retention, you have to wonder what will happen with all of our Usenet providers. Surely they must already be anticipating the projected additional petabytes of hard disk required to keep all this imminent 4K mess "retained". I was wagging my finger at folks posting 49 Gb files, will we soon see 200 Gb 4K uploads? Like those huge shopping carts at the American Big-Box store ...the bigger the basket, the more challenge to fill ...even if there is no real need ...or budget. Hey! It's a big empty basket! It's what we do.

With this order-of-magnitude data volume increase, that shiny new 3 Terabyte home hard drive will be full ...and obsolete, very quickly. With projects like Google Fiber driving competition with all other ISPs, it will likely be only a few years before all this is old news. Meanwhile, read this article about 4K (Ultra HD), and you will discover this new standard is still being determined. Of course Sony will try to sell us all some proprietary format, but most importantly, with 4K, it looks like the big-box product they are selling no longer fits into any existing "cart"! Will Usenet survive? As our uploading funnel increases by a factor of 100X+, can Usenet providers maintain years of retention and deploy a large enough storage solution, while staying competitive $$-wise? [mind blown] fascination at the SHACK


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