UseNeXT: a scam? A review into the provider often labelled as a complete fraud.

// 6th Aug '09 UseNeXT: a scam? A review into the provider often labelled as a complete fraud.

UseNeXT, a relatively new company on the Usenet scene (compared to the likes of Easynews) has been under fire recently for acting much like a scam site. UseNeXT is different from other providers in that it supplies it's very own client designed to make downloading from Usenet easier to the average user. However, complaints vary from free trials not being canceled to random invoicing of users 2 years after they last used the site. We look further in to what seems like a growing problem.

Next-generation downloading is the motto for UseNeXT, an unfiltered gateway to the world of Usenet. PC Advisor

With glowing reviews from such established sites as PC Advisor, you would be forgiven for thinking that UseNeXT acts as a moral company. And indeed, if you are willing to take the risk with your credit card - the amount of complaints about the actual service/connection and the client itself are relatively low. What has got the usenet industy in uproar however are UseNeXT's business practices and in particular, how they go about handling monetary related issues.

On the grapevine..

Complaints against UseNeXT from around the web

Our research has shown a staggering amount of outstanding complaints against UseNext around the web; some people have clearly been so angry with their treatment that they have posted on multiple sites warning people of the dangers. Here, we showcase just a few of the unique ones:

I just signed up for the 14 day free trial, with the site claiming they WOULD NOT charge my card UNTIL AFTER the 14 day trial period and of course there's a bloody charge for 82 euro the next day!! I sent a support request and it came back saying there are 328 tickets and they'll get back to me in 32 hours. Yeah, right. I called my bank and I will dispute the charge but that probably won't work. But I'm so not going to pay it, don't care what the bank says. I know, I know my own bloody fault for not researching but damn, I'm so irritated!!! ARRGGHHHH!!

It looks like they are going to charge me 95.20 Euros and I cancelled before the trial was over - reading all the other messages on here everyone seems to say they have had a bad experience but I havent seen anyone that has cancelled before the trial ended and still looks like being charged. I hope someone can help and tell me what happened to them or tell me how I can stop them from charging me. both from slyck

IF you read all the fine print and unclick the default boxes with which they screw you for payment for downloading it is free - but in a rather malicious and money grubbing fashion you get charged when the system reverts to the default pay setting. from CNET

A nice big bill for something I've never used. Save yourself grief and stay the hell away from these cowboys. If you want newsgroup access sign up for giganews.

Usenext is a scam. My credit card got charged twice upon signing up for the free trial, even though it shouldn't have been charged at all. As if that were not bad enough, I never even received an e-mail with my account information. I am paying for an account that was supposed to be free, and I cannot even access it. Thank God I can charge back through my bank, because UseNeXT is a joke. both from FileForum

And they go on and on; you know the situation is bad when a google search for UseNeXT returns "usenext scam" as a similar search term at the bottom of the first page. (Or type usenext then space on the front page to see what results Google suggests to you...)

So what seems to be the problem?

Put simply, UseNeXT need to sort out their business practices

We've put together a list of points we want UseNeXT to implement before we can even think about recommending their services; with the old adage "you don't get what you don't ask for" goes:

  • If you're going to offer a free trial, let people cancel it within the time specified. People may indeed come back to your service if they enjoyed it and simply don't have money now - they won't if you charge 12 months of service upfront to their card.

  • Make it clear during sign up that failure to cancel will lead to a full years subscription being charged. Check it out yourself, nowhere through the whole process does it mention exactly how much will be charged or even for what plan (if you don't cancel).

  • A faster responding and polite payments team, cancellations in the free trial period should not take longer than 24 hours. The time at which the cancel notice was created should be the time taken for cancellation, not when you get around to dealing with it (and hence they get charged automatically). There is nothing stopping you from doing this solely on-line with no human interaction.

  • Stop with the shill reviews, it makes the company look unprofessional. For those not in the know, shill reviews are reviews left on sites by a company for themselves and by themselves. Check out a disgraceful example on the slyck forums.

  • Stop claiming "big sites" like the ex-mininova supported you. They were affiliates (i.e. they got commission for each sale) and hence an advertising deal - you can't honestly expect consumers to believe an advertising deal counts as full support for your service. Do Marks & Spencers support the Daily Mail because they advertise in it? No.

And to conclude..

We won't be recommending you to sign up for UseNeXT's service

Due to these findings, UsenetShack will not be promoting UseNeXT until they can prove to us that these problems have been remedied; we cannot tell you not to sign up - however we can recommend you not to and that is our current stance. We would like to see other review sites do the same, especially PC Advisor who should not be above promoting services just because they get paid a large commission on sign ups.

If you were about to sign up to UseNeXT, why not try some better alternatives*? Sure you won't get the "free" client to download with but there much better usenet clients out there anyway.

  • Giganews - Who offer a 14-day trial you can actually cancel! Standard of support is unmatched.

  • Binverse - A similar service to UseNeXT with an easy-to-use free client.

  • Newshosting - Another great service provider we love, and they're offering a 14-day trial period.

If UseNeXT wish to comment on this article they are more than welcome to post a comment below or use the contact form to get in touch directly.

*Help us out by signing up via those links, we do get commission on them but unlike other sites we don't promote services we wouldn't use ourselves.

Have your own UseNeXT experience? Post a comment below - it's free (unlike a UseNeXT free trial account).

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  1. John Tillingham
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    This scam is now rife. Two com­pan­ies CCI Legal and Pro Fak­tura are chas­ing former accounts going back in some cases 3/4 years!!!

    They are send­ing demands with men­ace and char­ging so called admin fees. This whole thing is not just a scam but a ser­i­ous fraud. Aviteo turnover last year 38,000,000 Euros be warned.

    The whole legal point of the claims is that Aviteo/Usenext never renew down­load lim­its unless you pay first . It is there­fore not a con­tract but PAYG.Therefore people are only pay­ing for what they use. By not renew­ing the down­load Lim­its Aviteo/Usenext are walk­ing away from their own con­tracts and mak­ing them void.

    Usenext busi­ness prac­tice is fraud­u­lent and the activ­it­ies of both CCI Legal and Pro fak­tura are being repor­ted as well as Aviteo to both the Brit­ish and Ger­man police.

    Do not pay these com­pan­ies any­thing at all if you are chased. REFUTE the claims on the above legal argu­ment. We have and won every time on this argu­ment and the DCs for Aviteo/Usenext have backed down and closed the files.

    You have been warned.

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  2. Posted Aug 14th, 2009 at 09:08 a.m.

    Thanks very much for the rein­for­cing com­ment John. It’s a ser­i­ously wor­ry­ing situ­ation and some­thing that we will be keep­ing our eye on.

    For those that have received let­ters from UseNeXT, CCI Legal or Pro Fak­tura demand­ing mon­ies: please check this forum thread at the Con­sumer Action Groups web­site. It details many people in the same situ­ation and how they went about their replies, includ­ing tem­plate “prove it” let­ters ready for you to send.

    Please get in touch if you’re going through the pro­cess of bat­tling UseNeXT, we’d love to hear about it as I'm sure they will too.

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  3. Herbert Maddox
    Posted Aug 7th, 2010 at 09:08 a.m.

    I signed up for this service (I know stupid of me!) and the username and password doesn't work! You can't get to their support because it request your username and password to do that. I have attempted to call them on the German number. On the first day all I get is put on hold then a recording tells me all the oprators are busy and try again later. This is after being on hold long enough to rack up long distance charges. In order to cancel the charges, you need to download forms to fill out. But because you can't get to support, you can download the forms you need to do this. I had to cancel my credit card! Now when I call the German number, I get no answer!

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  4. Aviteo Ltd.
    Posted Aug 10th, 2010 at 19:08 p.m.

    Dear Herbert,

    First of all, we are sorry to hear that you had troubles using our service.

    We constantly try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to cancel the free trial period or contracts. If you cannot log into our member area the easiest way is to simply write a message to our Support Service using the contact form. You can find the details on our website.

    We would also like to point out that you can contact our Support Service anytime, even if you are not a member or if you have problems with your login details. Also it is not obligatory to download a form using your login details in order to cancel (as already mentioned a message or any other kind of written cancellation is sufficient).

    Therefore we kindly ask you to get in touch with our Support Service via the contact form (as we understand that phone calls from abroad might become quite expensive).

    Best regards, Your Usenext Team.

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  5. Zork
    Posted Aug 13th, 2010 at 09:08 a.m.

    This is what you call a asshole reaction. Aviteo shows that they didn't even bother to read Herbert's post!! Anyhow, there is no sincere reaction to his complaint. Scandalous!

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  6. DuelAgent
    Posted Apr 11th, 2012 at 09:04 a.m.

    Abusive in more ways than one. They charge you for features that their cult like moderators and users won't allow you to use unless you sacrifice your own opinions and lie about quality of posts. I had an account for a 9 month fee paid up front. I was honest about file quality of a certain poster that the chat cult will not allow you to be honest about so they banned me from chat and comments for the term of 9 months. Money out the window when you pay more for features other clients don't offer then lose them for being honest. Go with a program like NewsHosting it's unlimited your speed of download is down to what your isp provider allows. Worth every dime you pay instead of over paying for resources they take from you at a place like usenext. I'll never go back. They're thieves with servers clogged with passworded files and poor quality files that are scored high so you spend you balance on junk.

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  7. Gary Sellars
    Posted Mar 7th, 2011 at 05:03 a.m.

    Thank you, John, for taking the time and effort to inform people with this information. Though I've never used them and was never inclined to because their ways seemed less than honorable, I always appreciate people taking their time to help others avoid problems.

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  8. Fazal
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Usenext is really a scam, please dont even bother.

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  9. Mark Burrows
    Posted Jun 6th, 2011 at 01:06 a.m.

    Don't we all just love character's like Fazal? Throws in a one liner without explanation or provocation why Fazal feels a victim of such a scam. Experience is one thing and hearsay is another, and as my experience as a professional psychologist (PhyD) (retired) Fazal is going on hearsay.

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  10. Emma
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    I signed up for usenext and let me just say I was lucky. I found out it was a scam the day after I signed up, and can­celled my card straight away. The Abbey fraud team were really help­ful and said that because I can­celled so quickly, that usenext would not be able to take any money what­so­ever from my account. Please don’t be fooled by this, it will leave you with rest­less nights when you have to be at work at 9.30 :(

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  11. Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Thanks Emma.

    Another tip in using ser­vices online is to always use a credit card not your debit card. Using your credit card gives you addi­tional pro­tec­tion against stuff like this and also if the com­pany goes bust or some­thing — the credit card card com­pany is liable to refund the money lost.

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  12. Michael
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    I signed up for the free trial period. Can­celled the same day as I did not like the product. Got a con­firm­a­tion of that. 2 years later I get a bill for sub­scrip­tion from them. I sent them a copy of their con­firm­a­tion of my can­cel­la­tion but they just for­war­ded their claim to a debt col­lector. Rather than pay I went to a law­yer who wrote the debt col­lector and then I heard noth­ing. My own guess is that they had hoped that after 2 years, I would not have my con­firm­a­tion saved. Most of the times I don’t keep mails that long but I had some strange feel­ing already then.

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  13. Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Thanks Michael. Did you end up pay­ing for the law­yer or was it a favour/free? If any­one else is wor­ry­ing that they’ll have to pay out for a law­yer, there are plenty of free altern­at­ives includ­ing send­ing them a well worded reply your­self ask­ing for evid­ence that you owe them mon­ies. Remem­ber, the onus is on them: in no case should you pay them just because you fear being charged more by a layer any­way — this is what they want and why they do it.

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  14. Michael
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Hi, I have an insur­ance for legal ser­vices so it cos­ted close to noth­ing. But even if I would not have had that I would have tried myself or even paid the full price. I rather put the money in the pocket of someone who does an hon­est job than enrich­ing people who act like this com­pany did. Though nat­ur­ally I have no proof of it, I have the feel­ing this was the plan from them all the time. Hop­ing that people would have erased the can­cel­la­tion con­firm­a­tions after two years and then slap them with a bill for that time of non usage.

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  15. Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Indeed, could well have been. I would like to say I’ve had a reply from them over this issue but get­ting hold of them is like try­ing to catch a slip­pery fish.

    Update: Usenext got in touch.

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  16. Michael
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    I had the same feel­ing. I wrote to them enclos­ing THEIR proof of can­cel­la­tion of my trial sub­scrip­tion but.…… They opted not to react to that. I guess try­ing to bully people into pay­ing is a bet­ter way. I had and have never ever used their product to down­load a single bit. Quite frankly, the soft­ware put me off even try­ing. Good luck and I hope you can clear your situ­ation with them. Don´t give up. Don´t let scam people steal your money.

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  17. Tom
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    I have Usenext exper­i­ences for the last 1 1/2 years. Regard­ing to the pay­ments I never had this prob­lems as described here. But I didn’t pay by credit card — I payed by Paypal. But for this I had dif­fer­ent prob­lems with them and finally I can­celled my account yesterday:

    As I’m search­ing since yes­ter­day for a new pro­vider, I have real­ized, Usenext (which is in fact a Ger­man Usenet pro­vider) is like all Ger­man Usenet cli­ents more expens­ive. But even this was not my problem:

    I live in Asia and I have a 3mb line. I never had prob­lems with my down­load speed. But since 4 month my down­load speed went down. And always the same: a few kB (2, 3,), than up to 300 for a few seconds, than com­plete dis­con­nec­tion and so on. I also found out, files stop with down­load speed, when the files end or when the files begin to down­load. Usenext always told me, this are for sure my router set­tings or my ISP blocks or lim­ites the ports. The first time I really believed that I’m to stu­pid to setup my router and com­puter. But, when you’re down­load­ing a few GB and all — really all — down­loaded files are incom­plete because of the dis­con­nec­tions, you come to the point to say — enough!

    But now — a few adsl optim­izers, dif­fer­ent com­puters, dif­fer­ent con­nec­tions later, sev­eral unin­stalling and re-installing dif­fer­ent cli­ent ver­sions and read­ing on their own forum, I have to say: many people are hav­ing the same prob­lems, sup­port is extremely bad (always stand­ard answer — must be cus­tom­ers con­nec­tion or set­tings) and the forum mods (the forum belongs to usenext, the mods just wrote :now we fixed OUR serv­ers”) always say, when people com­plain the bad sup­port in the forum: “We are only the mods here, this is no sup­port” and things like that.

    Addi­tion­ally, this month I down­loaded from my 50 GB 18 GB and had than less than 10 GB left. I tried again a down­load of 9 GB. I ended up with the need of another 3 GB, because of the 9 GB down­load, 6 GB down­loaded used the 10 GB. I’m sure every­body agrees, there’s some­thing wrong. Answer from Usenext: they don’t see any mis­takes on their side. Must be my problem…

    I can only say — stay far away from Usenext. Sup­port zero, many server prob­lems, bad down­load speeds etc. etc.

    Their forum is split­ted into 2 parts — Ger­man and Eng­lish (when you sign up with Usenext on the Ger­man site, you are only allowed to write in the Ger­man part, when you signup with the Eng­lish site, you’re only allowed to write in the Eng­lish part) and the Ger­man forum ist full of com­plaints espe­cially from the last few month. Reac­tions from the mods: for­get it.…

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  18. Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Hi Tom, thanks for that — UseNeXT have actu­ally writ­ten a reply to this art­icle and we’ll be post­ing it within the next few days. It’s an inter­est­ing read but they do deny a lot of it.

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  19. Colin
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    My God I’m glad I didn’t sign up to UseNeXT, I live in Ger­many and from my exper­i­ence Ger­man cus­tomer sup­port is rather poor at the very least.

    It will be inter­est­ing to see the response from UseNeXT,

    Judging what I read here and else where UseNeXT, is surly to be avoided at this time.

    I’ve noticed these so called ” news­group reviews ” gives little men­tion to pay­ment issues , cus­tomer ser­vice these issues seems to be side stepped.

    It’s about time some of the other review sites stopped think­ing the cash incent­ive to ” Review” cer­tain pro­viders and look at the cus­tomer ser­vice in full detail.

    What do you think?

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  20. Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Hi Colin — their com­ment will be get­ting pos­ted late tomorrow.

    I’m not sure if you’re talk­ing about a site in par­tic­u­lar but if so, we can’t com­ment as how any one site acts is com­pletely their busi­ness. You must also note that while we remain impar­tial, we do also take pay­ments [on a com­mis­sion basis, not Mafia style ;) ] to keep the site run­ning, you’ll just have to trust us on the impar­ti­al­ity front front! We do how­ever try and stay as trans­par­ent as possible..and yes, we agree with your last point fully — we would feel kind of dis­hon­est recom­mend­ing a ser­vice we hadn’t tried ourselves (and there­fore will say if we haven’t!)

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  21. Posted Jul 9th, 2010 at 18:07 p.m.

    I too found that today they took 95.35 Euros from my account I called them on the telephone 00491805 009602 and was told that a year's subscription was taken because my trial period was over. Further, they told me that it was my fault as I had not responded after the trial period and that it was clearly stated that that was what had to be done - it does not. I made her stay on the line whilst I went through the process of cancelling my existing contract, opening a new one, paying a month's fee in order for them to reund me. I too used PayPal which is now showing my refund so hope that's the end of it. It may have been worse had I not been able to phone them, or not wished to carry on with them on a monthly basis (as I do quite like it) or had I not used PayPal. But would advise people to stay away from their "Free Trial".

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  22. Dane
    Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    I had my first let­ter from Pro­fak­tura about 1 month ago ask­ing for 89 euros for unpaid access to usenext from 2005 like many oth­ers, and like many oth­ers after see­ing the CCI site ignored it. I then received another let­ter from Pro­fak­tura 2 days ago say­ing the following —

    “Dear Mr x

    Ref­fer­er­ing to the a.m file ourcli­ent is pre­pared to bring this mat­ter to an amic­able end. The Total amount of claim today reads 89.74 euros. Without admit­ting any legal respons­ib­il­ity and only if y our pay­ment will be effected by not later than 09.09.09 to our account we accept com­pens­a­tion of 29.95 euros as full and final set­tle­ment. Pay­ment for full sat­is­fac­tion of your debt shall be effected to us. We draw your atten­tion to the fact that the ori­ginal claim will be due imme­di­ately again if we do not receive your pay­ment within the a.m deadline.

    Your Sin­cerely


    This is word for word, and again, I shall ignore it until the amount keeps drop­ping and let­ter even­tu­ally says, we will pay you for the hassle here’s 89 euros for you!!

    Any­one else received one of these?

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  23. Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    Hi Dane,

    Thanks for the inter­est­ing let­ter. Before I start, this is merely an opin­ion as we’re not qual­i­fied to talk about legal/monetary mat­ters. We’re not sug­gest­ing that you were going to pay it, but if paid that 29 euro you may be admit­ting guilt even if they say you are not depend­ing on local laws.

    For every­one else a tad con­fused: debt col­lect­ors usu­ally “buy” debts from other com­pan­ies. This may sound ridicu­lous but the seller of the debts gets money for some­thing they would oth­er­wise have not and the buyer of the debts gets the right to chase that money: which is prob­ably more than they bought it for. Even if they reduce the pay­ment they still might be turn­ing a profit, which could indeed be what is hap­pen­ing here. Again, we can’t com­ment offi­cially on monetary/legal mat­ters as we are neither law­yers or FSA registered and there­fore these are merely our opinions.

    Good luck with any future pro­ceed­ings and keep us noti­fied. Cheers.

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  24. Posted Oct 22nd, 2009 at 23:10 p.m.

    UseNext have replied and we have pos­ted our thoughts on the art­icle here: UseNext replies to UsenetShack

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  25. matthijs van kooten
    Posted Oct 29th, 2009 at 13:10 p.m.

    The fuck­ers charged me with 95 euro’s, i don’t have that amount of money. i’m only 17 years old!

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  26. Menneke
    Posted Oct 30th, 2009 at 12:10 p.m.

    @ Mat­thijs van Kooten,

    I assume you are a Dutch boy. I am a Dutch girl. In Hol­land there is a web­site, that is ded­ic­ated (of course in Dutch) to the prac­tices of UseNeXT. this website you can find posts in Dutch is as fol­lows:

    I will post this site on the above men­tioned web­site. In Hol­land nowadays we have a Con­sumer Author­ity to which you can aaply for com­plaints as pub­lished here. I have already writ­ten to them, but I will also draw their atten­tion to this website.

    Kind regards, Menneke

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  27. Michael
    Posted Oct 30th, 2009 at 08:10 a.m.

    I wish all coun­tries had author­it­ies like that. Cit­izens should be pro­tec­ted against sharks. If the sums involved were higher they would have been out by now. But, as the sums are rel­at­ively low, I am sure plenty of people just pay and shut up. That is no way to make an hon­est living.

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  28. matthijs van kooten
    Posted Oct 30th, 2009 at 11:10 a.m.

    @ menneke

    The site is not available :(

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  29. Menneke
    Posted Oct 30th, 2009 at 19:10 p.m.

    @ matthijs

    When I click on the hyperlink the site comes up!

    But it has been very busy so give it a try!

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  30. Binverse Victim
    Posted Oct 31st, 2009 at 20:10 p.m.

    I had the same 12-month charge with the 2-week Bin­verse free trial. They sent me a reminder to can­cel, but stated in the email that I would be charged only for the sum equal to one month if I didn’t. In the end, I was charged for 12. Given the usual run­around when I pro­tested. They lied that they can’t do refunds, but I later saw them offer­ing refunds to over­charged cus­tom­ers on Com­plaints­Board. Bin­verse is just as dis­hon­est and scammy as UseNext. Beware!

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  31. Menneke
    Posted Oct 31st, 2009 at 22:10 p.m.

    I am sur­prised to read this about Bin­verse. I have used their pro­gramm for two or three times: after that I can­celled my account. Now I only get mails to come back and they offer me a cheaper amount. As I do not need Bin­verse any­more, I did not reply to these emails.

    Note: I had no 14 days trial, because I did not trust Bin­verse. Then I got an email to try again, but that failed from their side: I had to take an account and I choose for the monthly one. I am curi­ous if I will hear some­thing about them!

    Here in Hol­land we alwasys say: a warned man counts for two! So I do!

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  32. Posted Nov 3rd, 2009 at 18:11 p.m.


    We'd be interested to hear more about this as we haven't heard similar stories from other Binverse users. We have a close relationship with Binverse and should be able to get any issue you have sorted. Get in touch!

    (Unfortunately the user didn't leave a valid email address so unless they return we won't be able to follow this up, therefore take the comment with a pinch of salt)

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  33. Posted Nov 16th, 2009 at 17:11 p.m.

    If you want to hear more about this you can contact me. I know menneke from a Dutch internet forum, because he have the same problems with usenext like me. Maybe it s an idea to collect usenext casualties from different countries to stop this criminals.

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  34. Posted Nov 16th, 2009 at 19:11 p.m.

    Hi Mark,

    We actually wanted to hear more about the user who posted as "Binverse Victim". Menneke was surprised to read such claims about Binverse and so were we that's why we wanted to get back in touch (as the original poster didn't leave a real email or username).

    Cheers, djm

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  35. Andrew Coulthard
    Posted Nov 5th, 2009 at 12:11 p.m.

    I signed up for UseNeXT's trial thank god using there v5.02 trial client which lets you just enter your e-mail address and no credit card details needed and they send you a username and password.

    After reading this article i'm not surprised now that I never actually received the e-mail with the login details.

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  36. Posted Nov 13th, 2009 at 15:11 p.m.

    I have used "Usenext" for 4 years at a cost of 82 Euros for 15Gb a month downloads,The system is idiosyncratic but certainly not a scam. I decided not to renew as the last few months have been a problem downloading quality movies in English.For the Russians and Germans it is still value for money.I hope Demonoid returns soon.

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  37. Posted Nov 16th, 2009 at 17:11 p.m.

    Hey guys,

    I ve read this article and i can tell you that there are a lot of casualties in Holland to.

    Usenext is a big scammer. They are misleading people by surpise them with a free 14 day trial, but afther this, in the most cases a few years later, they try to get a lot of money.

    At the moment we make contact with a 2 weekly computer magazine and now they are making an article about internetfraud en cases like this usenext scam.

    I ve got 1 advice to everyone: Don't make deals with this criminals!

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  38. Posted Nov 16th, 2009 at 20:11 p.m.

    Thanks for the comment Mark, it's a shame we don't have anyone who can read Dutch to give that thread a proper read (everyone else: click Mark's name to read the thread yourself).

    If they can speak English we'll be more than happy to hear their stories, especially if they are more recent. We would have hoped Usenext would have sorted their billing issues by now but if they haven't, perhaps we should have another follow up post.

    Cheers, djm

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  39. Achelos
    Posted Nov 16th, 2009 at 20:11 p.m.

    I come from the same forum "belazerdophetnet", the amount of Dutch people having received a mail from a debt collecting agency seems to be tremendous.

    Even more hilarious is how Usenext is contacting it's customers. You take the free period, you do NOT get properly informed about the current situation and the future situation. In some cases, not even at all. Because you join on a whim, you completely forget (like most people WILL do) about Usenext and disappears into the back of your mind. Their method of informing you is extremely MARGINAL at it's best. The best example of course, is that I do remind (after having joined Q3 2007) this 1 mail, months ago that I have an "account" at Usenext. 9 out of 10 people will consider it spam and toss it in the mailing bin.

    A few months later: "hello Debt Collector Agency", etc. You respond immediately and suddenly you remember. Cancelling your account straight away for example and you get the most wonderful and strange bit of info on your screen (translated out of Dutch freely): " Your account is supposedly to end in 07-07-2008 "... Talk about making assumptions... Wow.

    What it comes down too, if you look carefully at how this poor excuse for a company communicates and read between the lines -- a probable well laid plan emerges: one is making sure all the legal bits are covered, communicate in a minimalistic manner making your clients completely forget Usenext, and then after a considerable amount of time (most victims 2 years without notice!) scare them into paying.

    I could go on and on about this company and spit out the filth, but I grow weary of them... All in all I'm calling out for at least a rebrand: "AbuseNext" or "UseNever".

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  40. Achelos
    Posted Nov 16th, 2009 at 20:11 p.m.

    I'm forgetting one essential bit of information that has been translated into Dutch on that is in the T.O.A. of Usenext: "In addition to the regular cancellation details and withdrawal rights, customers are treated very obligingly when disagreeing with an unwanted contract extension. If a customer adamantly states that he does not want a selected package, he is granted a refund for the billed sum and the account was closed."

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  41. Menneke
    Posted Nov 16th, 2009 at 20:11 p.m.

    First of all: I am not a man, but a woman!

    I have some information for you all and I will paste this in this comment:

    Europees Consumenten Centrum

    T. 030-2326440

    F. 030-2342727

    Postbus 487

    3500 AL Utrecht

    The Netherlands

    E. [email protected]


    You can call them on monday and friday. Note: this is a DUTCH telephonenumber, but as you see you can also write down your complaints. Lots of success!

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  42. Posted Nov 17th, 2009 at 12:11 p.m.

    Oops! Sorry Menneke, that was a bad assumption on our part.

    Thanks very much for those details, hope it helps someone out.

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  43. irk
    Posted Nov 17th, 2009 at 10:11 a.m.

    usenext broke the first rule about usenet: do not talk about usenet -- and they did it with an x10 style spamming campaign

    tsk tsk

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  44. help
    Posted Dec 12th, 2009 at 18:12 p.m.

    I kinda never researched and did the free 14 day trial. I sudenly cancelled after about a few hours of openining the account but I'm now really scared it will happen to me.

    I cancelled the account through their website and I received an email telling me "Your contract will be terminated on 25.12.2009, there will be no renewals."

    I'm a Student at college so don't have much money and now I'm just worried. I did send an email to them also asking to close the account and they sent an outomated one back I think saying it had been forwarded to the correct department.

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  45. Posted Dec 13th, 2009 at 00:12 a.m.

    Hi, thanks for you comment.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry too much as you've cancelled it fairly quickly. All I would do is follow it up (like you have infact) and make sure that they do push the cancellation through. That and keep an eye on your bank account, if they charge a single penny get in touch with us straight away and we'll do our best to get it sorted for you.

    Cheers, djm

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  46. help
    Posted Dec 15th, 2009 at 15:12 p.m.

    Hey me again, sorry thought I'd use the same name so you know it's me.

    Anyway after not receiving an email to the first email I sent them. I sent another email to them about the issue after going to tbe bank and being told there was 2 "pending" transactions for around £5 and guess what! Got a response a day after. Wow what went wrong the first time?

    Anyway I asume it will be ok now cause they said:

    "You have signed up for the 14 day Free-trial but your bank account nevertheless appears to have been charged.

    INFO: Credit cards are occasionally checked for solvency by banks or credit card issuers. These charges are usually shown as “pending”. The “pending” status, which is used as a routine check, will be removed after a short while.

    We would like to assure you that the free trial is indeed free. No debit will be charged to your credit card. We ask you to contact your bank or credit card issuer for further assistance, as these charges have not been initiated by UseNeXT.

    Your contract has been cancelled and will not renew after December 25th, 2009.

    I assume now that this will correct itself or should do at least now on my Internet Banking.

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  47. pete
    Posted Dec 13th, 2009 at 21:12 p.m.

    another victim of usenext, living in france money taken out on a paypal account subscription paypal refused to refund (of course because of all the money they are earning of them) have now taken off all my credit cards from paypal so that no other fraudsters can use the same trick,. They ignored my first ten emails sent on their [email protected] email address then threatened court action and they started replying, all their emails to me have a fench address on but they have just claimed they haven't an address in france (on an email finishing with their french address) But since they have a french address on it i can take them to court, they are breaking french laws, according to the sales tax (impot) here they should be paying TVA in france, also talked to the gendarmerie Nationale, apparently they are breaking various criminal laws here with their trading practices, so be warned usenext decisions by a court in one european country are now enforceable in another, thank god for the european community. to everyone screwed over don't give up and use their paypal address [email protected] to contact them.

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  48. Posted Dec 14th, 2009 at 19:12 p.m.

    Sorry to hear about that Pete. Thanks for the info.

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  49. Fakhri
    Posted Dec 18th, 2009 at 10:12 a.m.


    Today i too was charged directly by paypal wierd.. usenext set an automatic agreement and now they removed funds from my account.. i had cancelled on the day i had registerd but it didnt seem too

    What can i doo i have opened an dispute

    i am very scared as i am a student and shot of funds

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  50. Posted Dec 18th, 2009 at 22:12 p.m.

    Seems you're in the same boat as many before you Fakhri.

    First thing, don't panic. Secondly, as a precaution I'd probably stop using your Paypal account and disassociate your credit/debit cards with it.

    Then you need to login to your UseNeXT account and head to the support section which is the menu. If they fail to sort out the situation, please get in touch with us again and we'll endeavour to follow it up with them ourselves.

    Best of luck! djm

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  51. Fakhri
    Posted Dec 19th, 2009 at 05:12 a.m.

    Have they every refunded anyone ???

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  52. Posted Dec 19th, 2009 at 08:12 a.m.

    If you cancelled before the end of the 14 day free trial they must give you a refund. Simple as that.

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  53. Fakhri
    Posted Dec 19th, 2009 at 09:12 a.m.

    If they say i didnt cancel then ?? coz i got a mail saying i didnt

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  54. Dale Pollard
    Posted Jan 1st, 2010 at 10:01 a.m.

    Just wanted to comment to give a balanced outlook on usenext. I have been using them for over 3 years now under numerous accounts. I have never been chased for payments as I use paypal and only authorise payment when I want to recharge my download allowance. I have had a tecnical problem with one of my payments as it was a month overdue however within a couple of days the usenext team resolved it. Now I dont have anything to compare it to as I have only ever used usenext but I have stayed with them because the program is easy to use and very effiecent. Hopefully this doesnt annoy those who are having issues but I think is only fair to give positive views when there is one.

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  55. Colin
    Posted Jan 12th, 2010 at 18:01 p.m.

    I read with interest the comments about Usenext...I have used their service on and off for a few years and never had a problem card wise. Their support is crap but the content is worth it. I tried giganews but couldnt get on with the reader.

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  56. Posted Jan 12th, 2010 at 18:01 p.m.

    The content is universal to usenet so they can't be any better than anyone else over that unless they hold it for longer (which they don't). Which reader was it? There are literally dozens of decent readers available which will work Giganews and different operating systems, so trying any one reader really isn't the best way to go about it.

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  57. Me 56
    Posted Jan 14th, 2010 at 19:01 p.m.

    Ive had the service for a year now and my conract was due to expire jan 2010. My debit card recently expired so the payment info they have will give them no cash. I planned on using my GB until it emptied out, before the plan ended. I was not aware that they automatically renewed but figured I am safe because of the old debit card. Now I received a receipt email and my monthly GB was re-upped to capacity. Am I ahead of the game and can I just stop using it or are they going to chase me............worse case scenario i would send them a check but no more card #'s for them. Any Help?

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  58. Posted Jan 15th, 2010 at 14:01 p.m.

    I would make sure they have your account cancelled; just because they don't have valid card details doesn't mean they can't invoice you for services you've yet to cancel - that will most likely result in a debt recovery letter through your door if the other stories are anything to go by. Let us know how it goes.

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  59. Kev
    Posted Jan 14th, 2010 at 06:01 a.m.

    Have used Usenext for a few years and always pay thru paypal - never had a problem and love the service.... maybe im just lucky

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  60. Achelos
    Posted Jan 15th, 2010 at 23:01 p.m.

    Usenextshack, would you please - just for the fun of it, trace/whois the IP's of the "sudden" positivio's concerning Wouldn't all be suprised, if you catch my drift.

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  61. Posted Jan 16th, 2010 at 01:01 a.m.

    UsenetShack ;) I wouldn't name ourselves after them!

    And indeed, you have to take the positives with a pinch of salt, most trace back to Germany. I only delete ones which trace back to public proxies; of which there have been about 5 on this article alone - I'm not going to censor the other ones as they seem to be from genuine private IP space but that doesn't mean they're not shills, just make sure you take whatever they say with a pinch of salt. Especially as this article ranks in the search engines very highly now.

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  62. LadyLenore
    Posted Jan 26th, 2010 at 00:01 a.m.

    I have 2 charges on my credit card this morning from yesterday. Both are for the same minimal amount. HOWEVER...this is not a service I have ever looked into, let alone downloaded or used. Not for a free trial, not for a "look-see" - not for ANYTHING. I have disputed the charges at my bank and have closed the card to which the charges were made. All at great inconvenience. I cannot imagine how my card number was acquired by this company. I can only hope that they realize they're not getting a single penny from me.

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  63. LadyLenore
    Posted Jan 26th, 2010 at 00:01 a.m.

    In addition, the bank told me that the charges originated in Paris, France. The company name on the charges was USENET.NL.

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  64. Mike McGrath
    Posted Feb 6th, 2010 at 12:02 p.m.

    Just got caught by th usenext scam. I used PAYPAL to register for free trial only to discover too late that i had signed for 12months @92.20euro per month After the first months payment had been deducted from my PAYPAL accpount i complained to PAYPAL who said that it was not an illegal payment. By the way if you cancel the usenex account be sure to cancel you PAYPAL deductionsas as this does not happen until you manually make the cancellation in PAYPAL.

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  65. The Master
    Posted Mar 31st, 2010 at 23:03 p.m.

    You can download full movies at Youtube if you use the correct search text. You can download entire music albums via Google if you use the correct search text. You can found anything on the internet. The internet has all the files and information people need. The government has no feets on the ground anymore as hackers can hack through it's defences. The internet world is more powerful than the President of the USA. Some people really should go found another life on another planet, goes Earth is going digital through the internet. Get used to it, or remove the internet, but I don't think they will ever stop the internet at all. :-D

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  66. Posted Apr 1st, 2010 at 06:04 a.m.

    Would that be the Master of Doctor Who fame?

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  67. Tom
    Posted Apr 1st, 2010 at 12:04 p.m.

    I wrote a comment here few month ago about the extremely bad Usenext support and all the problems with them. Now, few months later, I tried bintube and astraweb. And it's perfect. Good support, full download speed and never any problems. Questions are anwered immediately and fully ontopic. With both I have no download limits and no speedlimits. Both accept paypal. I only had to move from bintube to astranet as i wanted to pay with epassporte. And they can handle this. And both are cheaper then Usenext. So you get more service, download speed and download volume for less money. Great!

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  68. Ben
    Posted Apr 8th, 2010 at 01:04 a.m.

    Binverse Stay away nothing but problems....

    Got the free 14 day trial Cost $1 billed on Paypal. Received login and pass right away. Worked great for 2 days using my Newsbin reader,then nothing.

    Status window said Connection refused, Login and Pass rejected?

    6 weeks later I discover $20 had been STOLEN from my paypal account by Binverse using paypal trickery to auto bill for no services. Connection still refused Login and Pasword still rejected. Contacted Binverse they sent same Login and password over and over and over again.

    Customer technical service is dreadful to nonexistant. Recomendation STAY AWAY. Not Recomended

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  69. Menneke
    Posted Apr 9th, 2010 at 01:04 a.m.

    Hi Ben, I cannot do anything for you: it is a pity!

    Lately I visited Binverse for a new subscription and to my great surprise I discovered that the programm has totally changed! I Now I only get a downloadprogramm for more than $ 20,-- a month (seems like the same amount of which you were transferred by PayPal). I think the only thing to do is inform PayPal. I do not know whether you used a credit-card from a bank: here in Holland you can call the bank and block the creditcard directly! If you paid in an other way you can start a procedure with PayPal: see for instructions your PayPal account. It is too difficult for me to translate it for you. Once I had a scamming account: I started a complaint to the firm I had paid and I got all my money back. You can always look after the site McAfee Site Advirsor if there are more complaints of Binverse!. I have Firefox now and the WOT in this browser tells an warns me: "this site has a poor reputation". The only thing you did today is conferming this warning! Greetings from Holland! Corry

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  70. Kzkalra
    Posted May 1st, 2010 at 10:05 a.m.


    I got a 15 days trial and usenext took $1 from my account. I didn't realise that the trial period is over and as a result today they took £84.99 from my account for the 1 yr subscription. I immediately on recieving the charge notification logged into usenext account and sent them email asking to refund. Like other people I also got a reply that there are so many cases pending and my response will take 30hrs. After this I went to paypal account and saw this agreement which I cancelled and a raised a dispute from paypal asking them to get the refund.

    Not sure if I did the right thing. My membership is still active on usenext, I didn't cancel as I've heard you can't contact them if you cancel your account. Pls help £85 is lot of money and I don't want this service.
    Pls help.

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  71. Aviteo Ltd.
    Posted May 4th, 2010 at 09:05 a.m.

    Dear Kzkalra,

    we experienced some technical problems in the last few days, which is why many more customer inquiries than usual reached us. We are sorry to hear that your request could not be responded to immediately. Please do not hesitate to contact us again no matter whether your account is still active or not - our staff will be glad to help.

    Aviteo Ltd.

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  72. Kzkalra
    Posted May 4th, 2010 at 20:05 p.m.

    Dear Avetio,

    I would appreciate If you can cancel my account, which I think you have and at the same refund the entire amount. If you are so genuine to come to this forum and reply to my query and I'm sure you would be genuiene enough to refund the entire amount as I don't want this service for 1 year. And I don't think I'm asking a lot as am innocent customer, you go to any retailer and you would get some sort of money back guarantee (not just the trial period) for the retailers product or services.

    However, having read so much about your company that I strongly believe that my request will be ignored.

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  73. Aviteo Ltd.
    Posted May 6th, 2010 at 10:05 a.m.

    Dear Kzkalra,

    a refund has already been initiated and you should receive it within the next few days. Otherwise, please get in touch with our support team directly and let us know. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Aviteo Ltd.

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  74. kzkalra
    Posted May 6th, 2010 at 11:05 a.m.

    Very impressed. I'll wait for confirmation email from Paypal.


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  75. Alan Bennett
    Posted May 13th, 2010 at 15:05 p.m.

    I had not realized that I had reached the end of the trial period. I expected contact and the options open to me for continued use of the service. However my pay pal account had been debited with an anual subscription for 25 gb a month. I telephoned the Usenext helpline and was told there where no options available I would have been happy to continue on a monthly basis. I was treated in a cold uncomprimising way and told nothing could be done to resolve this issue. I felt cheated and the subject of a criminal scam. I contacted Pay Pal and they refunded in full the annual payment. I hope this is an end to this problem.

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  76. Menneke
    Posted May 4th, 2010 at 20:05 p.m.

    Dear Kzhalra,

    In the first place I feel very sorry for you. Very many and many persons have been deceived by this "organisation". I think the only thing you can do is as follows. Please contact again PaylPal, because they have "a complaint procedure". You can open a dispute to the reseller by them. You tell the story and how UseNext is working all over the world. Mention in this complaint this website, the Dutch website (I am Dutch, you know). You can also inform the McAfee website about the way this fiirm in Germany acts to their clients. But there is a ONE THING you have to know. By taking this subscription you agreed to their terms and conditions. It seems every time I read posts about this firm that many people do not read "these terms and conditions" very well. I do not know in which country you are living and what the law is telling you about this kind of issues. I only know the situation in Holland here. Indeed: they have a lot of complaints and all the stories are the same as your story. is.

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  77. Kapil
    Posted May 4th, 2010 at 20:05 p.m.

    No problem menneke. Thanks for taking time to reply to my problem. I live in UK. After I raised the dispute with paypal they have refunded the amount to me however I'm not sure whether I'm 100% clear from this. Would I need to do anything more? Although, I don't care anything beyond this as I think the credit file is not impacted by these transactions.

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  78. Menneke
    Posted May 5th, 2010 at 01:05 a.m.

    Hi Kapil,

    It is a good thing for you that Paypal has refunded the total amount, paid by them to UseNeXT. If you have registered a creditcard at Paypal you can ask - for security reasons in the future - your bank for blocking your creditcard and ask them for a new one. I do not know exactly if you will be safe in this case. Perhaps you can ask Paypal wether my suggestion to you is a good idea. An other thing you can make a warming for people in the future on the McAfee Site Advisor site (just google it and you can register). You can give information about UseNeXT and your experience to this firm. You can also mention on this site about the practices they are doing with people. I was so lucky not to be a victim of theirs: although they tried to do so by sending me an email a yaer later (payment for 2008: received in 2009). They asked me to prompt the link for a payment but I knew that I had not taken the amount of GB for downloading. So I wrote a very angry letter to them in English. Apologises followed and I have never heard somthing from them anymore. By the way: Paypal is a good service for their clients. They are very easy by giving back your money if you have a good complaint. I can advise you to pay by Paypal only! First: you can get back your money very easily. Second: the firm to which you have to pay, does not see your creditcardnumber. And this is the most important thing nowadays in this skimming world!

    Greetings from a cold Holland Corry (yes I am a woman!)

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  79. Posted May 6th, 2010 at 13:05 p.m.

    Binverse are running a scam. They charged a RECURRING payment of $21.99 to my PayPal without authorisation. They use the free trial ($1) to obtain details to run their fraud operation.

    Avoid at all costs! There are much better options (e.g. giganews, easynews) who don't need to resort to underhanded tactics.

    Binverse are thieves.

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  80. Posted May 6th, 2010 at 22:05 p.m.

    Binverse is the next scam in the Usenext mold.

    Check out:

    I have personally been conned by them and their trial membership.

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  81. Menneke
    Posted May 7th, 2010 at 22:05 p.m.

    I just googled the McAfee security site and found a big RED cross on it. concerning Binverse. You can also do the same thing for UseNeXT!

    I shall give you the hyperlink:

    Greetings from a cold Holland!

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  82. Tim
    Posted May 9th, 2010 at 14:05 p.m.

    I been Usenext for quite some time now, I never had a billing issue or anything , I might have been one of the lucky people who wasn;t frauded I guess.. The seervice is great "to my standarts" I have downloaded a shit load of stuff and the speed was great..

    I do not work for usenext and was a bit nevous, I haven;t renew anything yet, as I have some 45gb left. reading your posts I will not renew with them, eventhogh I like the service. so far


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  83. Posted May 9th, 2010 at 16:05 p.m.

    I never had a problem with billing .There was some confusion initially when I took the 2 weeks free trial but this was rectified after contacting customer support.The reason I dropped the service after 3 years was that some movies {Men Who Stare AT Goats} and {An Education} were not available after general release.Now I know thats not Usenext's fault.But at that time 90% of their downloads were Russian Cams.I found I could get all I wanted from Demonoid or UK Nova.They have approached me to renew my account but I just don't need it now.

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  84. mark scud
    Posted May 23rd, 2010 at 09:05 a.m.

    I have also identified a double payment of one years subscription. The worst thing about this is the 'contact us' section. Every time i try to contact USENEXT SUPPORT I get this rubbish feedback page, that only offers a very limited drop down menu for coments. Nothing relating to overpayment. And when your eceive yr confirmation of memebership you cant REPLY to usenext. so I have not been able to query the over payment yet ?? There is a phone number but it looks foreign exchange which will cost me more !!

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  85. Nic
    Posted May 29th, 2010 at 23:05 p.m.

    It's a total scam. They are just trying to pretend that the files that you are looking for exist, but 99.999% do not event have a close match!!!

    Besides that they charged my debit card without notifying me. I ended up taking legal action through PayPal?!

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  86. Aviteo Ltd.
    Posted May 31st, 2010 at 10:05 a.m.

    Dear Nic, UseNeXT does not advertise any specific downloads or files at all, since we do not provide any content but merely the access to the Usenet. However, it may well be that someone links to material found on the Usenet. In this regard, we would like to emphasize that we do not encourage downloading of copyrighted material. As to the charge on your credit card, when you sign up for the 14 day trial, you are notified several times about the automatic extension of the contract during the signup process. Not only is this stated in our terms and conditions, users explicitly have to confirm this during the signup. Please also see our statements regarding this matter on However, if you would like to cancel your account, please get in touch. If you haven’t used any download volume, you will receive a complete refund. Otherwise your money will be refunded according to the amount of data volume used.

    Aviteo Ltd.

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  87. Hutchings
    Posted Jan 31st, 2012 at 09:01 a.m.

    This was a temporary sign of a responsible attitude from Aviteo. Temporary because they deleted the address through which Nic was to get in touch - [email protected] - when I used it to suggest that my case (Jan. 25th, 2012 below) deserved at least equal treatment.

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  88. peter boylan
    Posted Jun 1st, 2010 at 09:06 a.m.

    Aviteo Ltd, i have never used any download time from you and you refused to refund me so you are lying, the french chambre de commerce have told me you are working illegally, because you give a french address but are not registered in france, the police nationale are investigating your company for fraud, i am not the only complainant in france. the sooner companies like yours are got off the web the better


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  89. Mark
    Posted Jun 1st, 2010 at 20:06 p.m.


    If users dont download any volume, you will receive a complete refund?

    Thats a lie. I only had try the 14 day trial, and don't use 1 mb of download. 1,5 year after that i received a bad mail from an collection agency. Aviteo want to let me pay 162,50 euro. For what? For nothing, but they are really big scammers. I have told my experience to a computer magazine and they made an article in the magazine. They warn people against companies like aviteo-usenext. Also i had a lawyer. When they try to scam me one more time i make a phonecall to the lawyer. Then we should see what the judge finds its. But its almost a year ago that they send me the email.

    I will warn everybody against aviteo-usenext: Don't deal with them!!

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  90. TKP
    Posted Jun 10th, 2010 at 22:06 p.m.

    It seems that Usenext does not advertise on torrent and ed2k sites as heavily as they did a few years ago. However, another usenet provider which goes by the name Usenet.NL has emerged as an advertiser. Although it has a different name and address, Usenet.NL and Usenext share a similar (or almost identical) business model, proprietary newsreader, advertising, website, and hosting provider. And perhaps to no one's surprise, similar levels of customer complaints.

    As with Usenext, nowhere on's site is there any mention that users will be charged a hundred Euro up front. (users of Usenext/usenet.NL are apparently supposed to figure out for themselves that a listing of the monthly price with the words and "yearly membership" means that the initial charge is 12 times the price listed.)

    It's not unusual for a company in the usenet business to operate under multiple labels (Newsdemon/Thundernews come to mind) but in this case, does Usenext engage in this practice because of its bad reputation and negative name-recognition?

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  91. TKP
    Posted Jun 10th, 2010 at 22:06 p.m.

    It seems that Usenext does not advertise on torrent and ed2k sites as heavily as they did a few years ago. However, another usenet provider which goes by the name Usenet.NL has emerged as an advertiser. Although it has a different name and address, Usenet.NL and Usenext share a similar (or almost identical) business model, proprietary newsreader, advertising, website, and hosting provider. And perhaps to no one's surprise, similar levels of customer complaints.

    As with Usenext, nowhere on's site is there any mention that users will be charged a hundred Euro up front. (users of Usenext/usenet.NL are apparently supposed to figure out for themselves that a listing of the monthly price with the words and "yearly membership" means that the initial charge is 12 times the price listed.)

    It's not unusual for a company in the usenet business to operate under multiple labels (Newsdemon/Thundernews come to mind) but in this case, does Usenext engage in this practice because of its bad reputation and negative name-recognition?

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    Posted Jun 16th, 2010 at 13:06 p.m.

    HI Come on dudes where is your mind ? did you ever heard you can test every site reputation that is test them before procceed to buy the actuall product by using valid - virtual - credit card with small balance in it about 5 - 10 dollars and so they couldnt EVER charge you anything , you get the free 15 days trial and then you forget them.....

    so happy didnt loose any money from this terrible usenet service .....

    LONG LIVE TESTER AKA ...... Have think so many tricks to hack for an unlimited times free usenet 10 days trials.....

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  93. Tom
    Posted Jun 18th, 2010 at 15:06 p.m.

    Recently cancelled my Usenext account during trial period like most, only to discover today that i had been charged 95 euros for the 12 month package, which as you can imagine is a bit of a shock, i have emailed [email protected], left a message via the online support feature, i have probably used the software twice during the trial period before i decided it wasn't really for me, what are the chances i should get a refund having not actually used any of the download quota or account.

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  94. Menneke
    Posted Jun 18th, 2010 at 16:06 p.m.

    Hi Tom, Here is a Dutch woman, who will try to give you an answer to your question. In this case it does not matter if you have taken your downloadvolume or not: they always charge you for the costs you discribed in your question. I do not know wether you have a Paypal-account? Please write me back if you have an account with them and in that case I can give you further instructions!

    Greetings from a cold Holland (and I have a flue!!). Corry

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  95. Tom
    Posted Jun 18th, 2010 at 16:06 p.m.

    Yes i used a paypal account to create my account with them and pay the $1 fee when i signed up for the trial, and cancelled, but then i was charged the 95 euros a few weeks later :(

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  96. Menneke
    Posted Jun 18th, 2010 at 22:06 p.m.

    Hi Tom,

    I have a kind of good news for you. Here in Holland Paypal is very friendly to give you your sammed money back if you start a complaint to the seller. You just can find it on the PayPal-site when you log in. You can tell them what you have done and just tell them that you gave NO PERMISSION to UseNeXT to debit you Paypal-account. You can also place a hyperlink of this site of to them. Just take a look at the MacAfee Site Advisor (just google it: I do not have the URL ;)) .

    I think that PaylPal has already been hearing about this UseNext for many times. So I think when you start your complaint about UseNext to PaylPal the chance will be pretty well that you will get your money back from them!

    Sorry for the very late posting, but I hope it will be helpful to you (and others who have been scammed by this scam-site!!!).

    Greetings, Corry

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  97. Tom
    Posted Jun 19th, 2010 at 13:06 p.m.

    Thankyou all very much for you kind help, I have ven in touch with paypal during the early hours of this morning and informed them about the situtation and howbi gave usenext no authorisation tontake the fund for a 12 month subscription, I was then replied to by paypal saying it would take ten days for the case to be supported, to my suprise this morning when in checked my mail I had recieved another email from paypal saying that they had finished investigating my claim and that the full ammount of money taken would be refunded into my bank account in the next 5 days, a huge relief to myself and also shows that they are aware of the problems many people are having with, if anyone would like any further information please don't hesitate to ask, I feel fortunate enough to have dealt with some very helpul and friendly people on this site and wish to return Ny help and advice to others in the same situation.

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  98. Menneke
    Posted Jun 19th, 2010 at 16:06 p.m.

    Hi Tom,

    I saw you were so glad that you got the money back; in my eyes (but who am I) you were very hurried to deal us with your glad message!

    Tom Your wellcome and have a good weekend. You can now spend your money that you get back in a "normal" way!

    Greetings from Corry

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  99. Tim
    Posted Jun 19th, 2010 at 16:06 p.m.

    I think you guys are being unfair, just give them a chance, I'm sure its not in their interest to lose the clients..

    So far my experience with them has been a good one, if that changes I will let you know..

    And one more ting to the morons that click "agree" to everything do you other to read what do you agree to ?

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  100. Menneke
    Posted Jun 19th, 2010 at 17:06 p.m.

    @Tim: I am not a male but a female.

    In my opinion UseNeXT IS and WILL remain a scamming site: please can you tell me why PayPal has given the money back to Tom so quickly???????

    By the way: they have had chances enough: can you tell me why they have a new website in Italy now? Please stop your "hatemail" to the people here (if you can) and just be glad with your own experience to them. "And if that changes you will let us know". This seems to me a good idea!

    I use a Firefox-browser and the sites of UseNext AND Binverse are remarked as very unsafe sites (WOT). Just keep away from both sites!!!!

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  101. Tim
    Posted Jun 19th, 2010 at 17:06 p.m.

    @Menneke ,

    First of all I wasn't responding to your comment. Second, what your gender got to do with Usenext, does that mean the females have some type of priority, your luck of knowledge has proved that you are a "female".

    As far as Usenext being registered in Italy or Africa I could care less as long as I can get my files.. For your own info Firefox reports bunch of legit sites as unsafe, however you have to use your own reseach like I did.

    Last, but not least I was writing my own opinion, and if you think that's "hate mail" you either have reading issues, or can;t translate it properly, regardless to say not everyone has to agree to you. Again this is only my experience, if your was bad you already wrote about it, but don;t see a reason why do I have to agree with you.

    Good luck in your file search.


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  102. peter boylan
    Posted Jun 20th, 2010 at 11:06 a.m.

    dear tim

    i am one of the many people robbed by usenext, i have never been on their site i don't even understand what they do, i have never downloaded anything from them, somehow they managed to take out 90€ from my paypal account, when i complained of a fraudulent action to paypal, they replied in under 1 hour (fastest service ever) and said they had contacted usenext and i had agreed to the charge and refused to reimburse me. usenext refuse to reimburse me, closed my paypal account i have since changed bank cards and i have reported them to the police Nationale in France who have many similar complaints of this criminal organisation, and are passing the information on to the german police. they also claim to have a french business address but are not registered to operate here, i'm glad your having a good experience with these con artists if of course you don't work for them!!!!

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  103. Menneke
    Posted Jun 20th, 2010 at 17:06 p.m.

    Peter wrote:

    i'm glad your having a good experience with these con artists if of course you don't work for them!!!!

    Peter: read my lips!!!

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  104. Ford
    Posted Jun 22nd, 2010 at 13:06 p.m.

    I'm a bit surprised about all the bad stuff you're spreading here about usenext. I use it myself and have never been dissatisfied. Surely not everyone seems to have good experience with them and I'm really sorry for everyone who has been scammed by them. But what really gets me is that this is meant to be a platform for open discussion, though it turns out to be nothing but a board for "hate-mails". Furthermore, if just one person speaks positively about usenext they are immediatly accused of working for them. Come on guys, there are also people in this world who like and use this service and who also gladly pay for it.

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  105. Tim
    Posted Jun 22nd, 2010 at 19:06 p.m.


    I agree with you, I mean I'm glad boards like this are very useful sometimes, however what I'm seen so far anyone who says somthing good about usenext is being labeled as I work for Usenext, i can;t believe I waste the time to keep posting about them..

    One thing I wnated to ask the the people complained why you searched for usenext prior to sign up ?

    Someone mentioned he was changed without using the service that's another story, but paypal give the money right away.. One thing you guys need to keep in mind Paypal will close your account if you have many complains in addition they will hold your money for a long time, if usenext was a fraud Paypal would have shut they down.. Anyway, this is my 2Cent...

    Good luck to everyone, and again NO i do NOT work for Usenext, it would be nice if they give me some extra data as its almost time for me to renew..

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  106. PETE
    Posted Jun 22nd, 2010 at 20:06 p.m.

    Love you ford, love you tim,

    nothing i have said is hate mail i wouldn't waste my time hating criminals, They robbed me paypal didn't refund me, though i see on paypal forums they are starting too so hopefully paypal will cut them off, but tim what happened to you, your english was great before but in your last posting it was terrible, almost like it was written by another person, or has the usenext translation software gone on the blink

    other links about usenext could find thousands more

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  107. Tim
    Posted Jun 22nd, 2010 at 22:06 p.m.


    Not sure my english hasn;t changed. Its me posting the same email used as the last few posts..

    Its sad to hear that you're robed, however from my experience paypal has paid me..

    Oh, I alomst forgot, I had an issue with paypal i sold something on ebay and they were not giving me my money, so what I did I complained with bbb, and they gave my money few days later. So do that if you think you got a valid case..

    Good luck, I hope you can recover your money soon.

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  108. Brighten
    Posted Jun 24th, 2010 at 23:06 p.m.

    Yep... I'm an idiot. I was also caught in their web. BTW... They also go by and as their affiliate program....
    Fortunately, I have a legal staff that will go after them but everyone else... Be Careful... these Very NASTY People are exactly what all the warnings are about.

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  109. felix
    Posted Jun 29th, 2010 at 08:06 a.m.

    I signed up for the free trial on usenext and downloaded the 5 gigs with in the first couple of days so i clicked on the link to purchase a package that was $10.05 and clicked the submit button and it then let be continue downloading so i think everything is ok nope i just got hit for a $101.65 charge to my account wich caused over $210.00 in overdraft fees on my bank account i called there tech suport and explained to them that i purchased the 10.05 package and was waiting for it to hit my account now i was charged 101.65 they said they had no record of it. i told them that i downloaded 35 gigs and they said they only showed 5 gigs that i downloaded so since i didnt cancle my trial i am being charged for a year . I asked them if i didnt clikcked on ther pakage and submit the payment to upgrade to the 10.05 for one month why did it let me continue downloading they said i didnt and must be downloading in free download . i was like hmm if you can download for free then whats the point of charging people they had no answer , and i didnt use the free download mode so they say send me a screen shot of the downloaded files maybee it was a glitch in the system so i loged in and took a screen shot but the free download was lit on the screen and i dint notice it so i cliked on the highspeed download button an looky here there is the 35 gigs i downloaded took a screen shot and sent it to them again and i got no responce . so this makes no sence they dont no what the hell there doing over there i have filed a claim with paypal and my bank i asked to talk to there manager Christian Robert Schuetze and they said they cannot transfer to him and the reason why was he dont speak english bunch of bs stay away from usenext because if you dont they wil use u next .

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  110. Menneke
    Posted Jun 29th, 2010 at 16:06 p.m.

    Felix: I feel deeply sorry for you but you did the steps in the right way!

    Please will you be so kind to tell us when you will get your money back from PayPal? I thank you in advance.

    Greetings from Holland!

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  111. Dan
    Posted Jul 13th, 2010 at 19:07 p.m.

    I was also billed from this company for 80.13 euros. I didn't even receive and email or anything!

    Totally a Scam.

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  112. Mark
    Posted Jul 14th, 2010 at 16:07 p.m.

    Hey there, I also had some experiences with the usenext-free-trial. I thougt "hey, why shouldn't I test it, if it's for free" - but I have not read that I have to cancel before the 14 days are over. So they charged my account and I was very angry. ;) But after a short call to their support center, they refunded me, because I had not used usenext after the 14 days trial. So I wasn't very happy as they took the money - but I would not say that it is a Scam, because they gave it back to me...

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  113. Helen
    Posted Jul 15th, 2010 at 09:07 a.m.

    I just had a similar experience with usenext. When signing up for that service I didn't realize it would turn into a contract. No need to say I really felt sick when my PayPal account got hit by a 100$ bill. Next thing I did was I immediatly called their service, telling them I just used it once within the free trial and that I had absolutely no interest in using it anymore. It was rather out of desperation, I didn't really think it would do any good, but to my complete and utter surprise the lady told me that this is no problem, they could simply cancel the contract and refund the money due to the fact that I didn't use it during my "contract period" so far. Two days later I had my money back. They won't be able to make up for the shock they caused when I checked my PayPal account, but at least in the end they didn't cause any financial damage.

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  114. Grimnir
    Posted Jul 15th, 2010 at 16:07 p.m.

    I think it is unfair for you to post claiming usenext is a scam. They do provide a service for profit. They may charge a bit more than other companies with similar services, but it is their right to charge what they want.

    I have used usenext several times. Each time I was relieved to find the files i wanted with a simple search with their client. The download speeds were excellent, downloading full movies in as few as 5 minutes.

    The community within usenext is also of great value. Most files which are virus ridden are commented on, warning users. They also have forums in german and english where users help users get what they are looking for.

    So calling them a "scam" is pretty missleading, I'd say boarderline slander. The only thing I've read here, or anywhere else, about usenext is when ppl attempt to cancel in the 14 day trial, they find themselves still billed.

    Usenext has never posted anywhere about them being a free service. Anyone beginning the trial with no intention of paying are not being scammed... they are being stupid.

    I do believe it is unfair for usenext to attempt a full year in advance service as the default for renewal when the trial term expires...

    But I am a usenext user. I did the 14 day trial 3 times now considering their product over the years (torrents were my choice) and have had no problems at all canceling ONLINE with no human interaction before the trial ended... and this most recent time (I am now a paying member, screw torrents ;p) I received 4 emails during the trial period with details both of what I would be billed if I did not cancel (80 some euro) and a link to cancel directly, online, if I wanted.

    I opted for the monthly billed service instead of the year in advance, and that is all I paid.

    I paid my bill, service is rendered == NOT a scam.

    At risk of tainting this respectful post... I would comment that ppl signing up for trials of software which is designed to be for profit, only to steal the service in the trial with no intention of becoming a subscriber or paying for the program, are perhaps the real scam artists in this story...

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  115. Menneke
    Posted Jul 15th, 2010 at 23:07 p.m.

    It seems you are a lucky person by using UseNeXT.

    Until 2008 I was the same lucky one: I could cancel my montly account very easily. But I am convinced that in the second part of 2008 their policy has been changed. You are writing about you had a free trial for three times: I cannot understand this. A trial periode is given once: I never succeedded in getting an other trail period.

    You ended your contribution with the next sentence:

    I would comment that ppl signing up for trials of software which is designed to be for profit, only to steal the service in the trial with no intention of becoming a subscriber or paying for the program, are perhaps the real scam artists in this story..

    I cannot appreciate your arrogance to write it down. The reason is as follows. The last time it seems that UseNeXT is very quick in giving back the money to those people who claim their money back! Therefore it seems to me that - due to the many complaints in England AND Holland en God knows how many countries - they have changed their policy in the right way.

    I will save my energy by not spending any attention to you! Just be lucky at UseNeXT: I am lucky with Rapidshare, Hotfile , Depositflies etc.. And as longs as it is possible I also use - YES - p2p!

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  116. Jack
    Posted Jun 6th, 2011 at 23:06 p.m.

    I'm surprised at all the bad experiences people have with their trialtime at usenext. But like Grimnir I'm a happy user of usenext since 2005! I downloaded tons of movies and series and due to the speed AND the availabilty I think I keep using usenext. I tried some other clients, but my experience with usenext is the best. So far... until one day I'll find a cheaper and better and faster client...

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  117. David Sawatzky
    Posted Jul 25th, 2010 at 05:07 a.m.

    Hi there. Another person scammed by the scammers. My Paypal account just got charged 100.96 usd for something I never used. I signed up for Binverse 14 day trial and for some reason it didn't work. The 1.00 verification charge to my Paypal account worked. I got an email from Paypal today stating that I had bee charged 100.96 from Binverse and an email from Binverse thanking me for my 1 year subscription. My first thought is, Who is Binverse? I then looked back through my emails to find 2 things. I had signed up for Binverse 2 weeks ago. 2. I had/have never used Binverse. In fact I found an email they sent me over a week ago asking why I hadn't used the service. It never occurred to me that they had automatically set up an auto debit of my Paypal account when I paid the 1.00 initial fee, if I didn't cancel within the 14 days. What now? Not sure. I have never used Binverse. Never downloaded anything from Binverse and never intend to. I called customer service and was told no refund. "It's your choice as to whether you use Binverse or not. We will not refund your money. You are in for a year. Cancel if you want you are still in for a year." This happened just about an hour ago. David

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  118. Menneke
    Posted Jul 25th, 2010 at 16:07 p.m.

    Dear David,

    I used to use Binverse in the past and they worked very correctly. But nowadays I do not use Binverse NEVER because they have changed their policy of paying for an account. I can inmaginze that you are pissed off of Binverse. I use a Firefoxbrowser and they are marked by WOT with RED!!!. If you want further instructions for how to get your manoney back, you can open a dispute trough PayPal. You have to do this within 45 days from the day you have been charged by Binverse.

    In an other topic on this site I explained how to do this. So please: try to find this on this site and the author is MENNEKE ( from Holland).

    But: probably you could have made a mistake by accepting Binverse rules of payment without reading their rules. In this way I discovered a time ago that their police had changed and left them for FOREVER. I wish you good luck by getting your money back by Paypayl and don` t forget to attend Paypal to this site! Binverse is an other company than UseNeXT, but they maintain the same scamming policy by deceiving people to try an trial

    By the way: I have a suggestion to you. Just call Binverse back and tell them that they are in " the black picture of scamming" and mention this site to them. I am curious of what will happen then: do they chose for money in stead of eggs? ( Dutch proverb ;))..

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  119. caped_crusader
    Posted Jul 26th, 2010 at 08:07 a.m.

    I have used usenext for years now never had any problems. But then again I am on month by month plan paid by paypal that i control payment from (no auto agreements).

    This post has me concerned and I see a few people cancelled your account, how did you do this?

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  120. Menneke
    Posted Jul 26th, 2010 at 15:07 p.m.

    Dear Caped Crusader (what is in a name ;))

    I hope you saved your login and passworddata UseNext sent to you when you took an account for downloading their stuff. If you have these data not anymore you can request a new login and pw.. You go to the members screen and then you logg in to your account Somewhere you see in your data you can cancel your account there. You are asked if you want really to do so and you click YES!!

    That is all as far as I remember (it is just a long time ago you know). Please give me a reply if you succeedded in getting ridd of this scam!! And David: how are you????

    I would like to hear someting from you both. Kind regards from Holland!

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  121. Menneke
    Posted Jul 26th, 2010 at 15:07 p.m.


    I would like to see that you do not recommend BINVERSE for a GOOD ALTERNATIVE FOR UseNeXT ANY LONGER!! I would very appreciate that this recommendation will not longer be mentioned as several people are also scammed by " THIS SERVICE OF BINVERSE!!"

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  122. David Sawatzky
    Posted Jul 27th, 2010 at 05:07 a.m.

    Hi there. Thanks for the encouragement. For the record, I just got off the phone with Binverse. Their position is that I signed up for a contract and after the 14 day trial if I didn't cancel the contract, they can roll it over into a long term contract with no specific time frame. They have chosen in my case to make it 1 year. My position was in the conversation that in order for the contract to be validated, or executed, I have to receive something. Failure to receive something never validates the contract. I have not download 1 kb from Binverse, which their records verify and I do not wish to download from Binverse. It didn't work for some reason when I first signed up and so I never downloaded anything. That being said if someone wants to use Binverse go right ahead. My objection is that they automatically turned my trial into a unspecified long term contract. The lady, who was very understandingly pleasant, had a hard line that she had to follow. No refunds. I filed a dispute with Paypal yesterday evening but this is a virtual item and I don't think Paypal covers it. So if I escalate it in the resolution center it will probably generate an auto response to close the claim as one that is not disputable. Also for anyone doing research I did get some info. Whether, or how accurate it is I don't know. The service center I spoke to is suppose to be in NJ zip code 07024.

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  123. Menneke
    Posted Jul 27th, 2010 at 15:07 p.m.

    Hi David, Thanks for your reply! Off topic: Yesterday I wrote to the moderators of this site that they recommend Binverse as an alternative for UseNeXT!!!

    Of course it is clear that Binverse will never pay your money back: they go just for the money paid by the victims of ingnorance as you problably are. I am sorry to mention this fact but it is - it is a pity - the truth!

    You tell us you opened a dispute wit PayPal. I just do not know what you have written down to them. Did you give them a hyperlink to this site? For more info you can also search on the McAfee Site Advisor for Binverse. If McAfee has received many complaints of victims from Binverse you can also mention this in your dispute to PayPal, I do not know the name of the site exactly but just search by Google and type in their site " Binverse com.". If their might be a lot of complaints mentioned on this site you have stronger arguments to PayPal to give the money back. They just ask you first to take ection to the reseller. If you do not succeed in this case with the reseller of your Binverse-account PayPal will write them. But YOU are the one who has to give them strong arguments why Binverse failed in doing their policy as they do. Just good luck: will you be so kind to answer to me on this site? I thank you in advance. I know my English is pretty good, but not my mothers tongue...;). My mothers tongue is Dutch!!

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  124. David Sawatzky
    Posted Jul 27th, 2010 at 17:07 p.m.

    Hi Menneke. I am not out of options yet. I just want to exhaust all avenues before stopping payment. In the country we cannot have a balance with Paypal and so transactions all have to be done through a link. This being said I didn't want to do this unless I had to. I was so hoping that....Ah Ha. Just got an idea Menneke!!!!!!! There are several people who wrote earlier and stated that they are very satisfied with both companies afore mentioned. I might be able to resell my annual subscription. I would consider selling mine for only 90.00 us. for a whole year(well just a few days short right now). WITH NO GUARANTEES. What you think?

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  125. pete
    Posted Jul 27th, 2010 at 17:07 p.m.

    Hi david

    i was robbed by usenext, unfortunately i think you'll find most of the positive comments you find are probably employees of the company trying to offset the negatives, there are thousands of links to comments about them, binverse unsenext wouldn't surprise me if they are linked,exactly the same scams, i've never used either yet i was robbed and paypal refused my appeal in less than Two hours, of course they are earning off this, i had to change credit cards, passwords for my computer, and internet and when i wrote by recorded delivery snail mail to paypal they sent a reply saying they were too busy to reply lol good luck maybe you can find someone who'll buy it off you but do you really want some other poor sod to risk having these virus ridden con artists infecting another computer,

    good luck best wishes pete

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  126. Menneke
    Posted Jul 27th, 2010 at 18:07 p.m.

    Hi David and Pete,

    I think Pete is right! I live in a calvanistic country (reformed churches you know but I do not like them), but I have a proverb for myself: honesty takes the longest time! As you can see I think it is not a good idea to sell you account to someone who does not know from the practices of Binverse!

    So think about what Pete said as a question: he has right! In Dutch we have a proverb: " do not something to an other person, what you do not want for yourself!!". Just go the way I told you and admit to yourself that you might be have learnt of what you have done! By shame and scandal someone becomes wise!! And selling this rotten stuff I should never do so, but who am I......

    David: good luck with everyting but do not deceive innocent people!

    In the meantime I sent a message again to the board of this site: I requested them to remove Binverse from their recommendations as they have changed their policies! See you later.....?

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  127. David Sawatzky
    Posted Jul 27th, 2010 at 20:07 p.m.

    Hi there Menneke and Pete. Thanks for the feedback. In saying what I did about selling my year subscription I meant total facetiousness.(joke) If it was taken as anything else I apologize. I just instructed my bank to reverse the charge to paypal/binverse. We will see what happens. Wishing both of you a fabulous day!!! David

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  128. Menneke
    Posted Jul 27th, 2010 at 20:07 p.m.

    Hi David,

    You keep me going writing on this site! Just go your way and do not forget to menton of you action(s) to reverse your money by your bank and/or PayPal. Please keep be in touch with us and I also wish you a lucky day! Here in Holland it is already 21.45 PM: so the day has almost gone......

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  129. pete
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 08:07 a.m.

    hi menneke

    don't say i'm right you'll ruin my reputation lol,

    hi david, sorry i took your comments so seriously it's just the wankers like usenext and binverse really piss me off, for the moment the advantages of an unregulated internet far outweigh the disadvantages but if these tossers continue more regulations will be brought in, still they are breaking laws in europe so i guess they'll get theirs.

    cheers pete

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  130. Dougal
    Posted Jul 29th, 2010 at 21:07 p.m.

    Hi guys

    Well basically I used a glitch to get a free trial entering your paypal account passeord 3 times wrong and they still send you password. However now they are asking for that 1 euro and I don't have a paypal account! I am only 14. However I did another stupid thing I clikced on the most expensive package and now they send me an email for 50 euros.

    Help what should I do. If I don't reply wil lthey just leave me alone because I have never even logged on to both of the accounts.

    I'm quite scared and I don't want to telly my dad :(

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  131. Menneke
    Posted Jul 29th, 2010 at 22:07 p.m.

    Oh poor Dougal,

    In the first place (and you problably will know this!!) is is forbidden to do things as you described above. The reason is that you are in the minority age of 14 years and your parents ( in this case - o poor Dougal your Dad ;() have to give you permission of doing this sort kind of things. I have only one advice for you:put your shoes on and tell your Dad about what you` ve done!!As a result of telling him he might be mad and angry to you, but ONLY HE can you get out of troubles, that you perhaps created at UseNeXT!

    Are you able to place a copy of the email they sent to you on this site? Then it will be possible for me to consider this email and wehther you must be afraid of them or not........ I am not able to validate the written data they sent to you. Dougal: keep going strong and tell us the rest of the story.......

    Good Luck from Corry (a woman of 57 years old ; hope you don` t mind).

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  132. pete
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 08:07 a.m.

    Hi Dougal

    first don't worry we all did dumb things at your age and after in my case, but first thing is you have no contract with them you cannot make a contract at 14, you can block their emails in your options on your email package, they can't do anything, just be careful in the future, free trials are never free, you always pay sometimes, when it is free they never want any details of paypal or credit cards.

    BUt when you read these blogs you can see they are all intelligent articulate people (with the exception of the usenext employees leaving fake comments all over the internet) and they have all been screwed by this company.

    SO don't stress, and have good holidays


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  133. dougal
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 13:07 p.m.

    Yes that is what I have done. So the contract has not started as I haven't paid anything or used it yet so they will probably just cancel it.


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  134. Colin
    Posted Jul 29th, 2010 at 23:07 p.m.

    I had caught them trying to charge me ahead of time, and got paypal to return it to me. I canceled my account hoping it would close and they wouldn't bill me, but nope. They just opened my account again and billed me. Took the money out of my weekly pay and I was unable to use the money for what I needed. Now the payment that was made was returned and is on its way back to my bank. :)

    Usenext has a fake address, as does my paypal. They have no way to credit me and no way to contact me besides email. I don't want to log into their site to cancel my account, because they'll have a current IP to work with and I'll end up having to go through the whole PROVE IT shit, but should I do it anyway? They have no real piece of credit from me, no address, etc. Am I safe? Should I prepare a few bits of mail?

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  135. Menneke
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 00:07 a.m.

    Hi Collin,

    Please do not do or try anything!!! according to UseNeXT!!!

    A fake address does not say anything: if they will do you harm they can (I do not know in what country you live) try to get your REAL address by asking your IP-provider. As long as they leave you alone you might do also the same thing!

    P.S.: PayPal also a fake address? In your account you have to give in your creditcard or bankpaymentdata. If Papayl will detect this, I do not know what they do with such clients as you..........By the way: how old are you .......

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  136. Colin
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 00:07 a.m.

    I gave them my bank data in paypal, so that is true. My address though, I'm pretty sure its not real. I think. I'd have to check.

    Yeah, my address is correct I guess. I guess it was just my name on the paypal account that was false. I'm usually very picky with giving out info on the internet. I've called paypal a few times, and they didn't seem to care that I was using an alias. :P

    I'm 21.

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  137. Grimnir
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 05:07 a.m.

    And thus is my point previously made, proven..

    Usenext isn't a scam. They are a business doing this for profit. The scamers are the ppl attempting to set up these trials only to leech the product and then quit!

    Fake address to paypal and usenext... You lie on your drivers license too? How about your taxes?

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  138. pete
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 08:07 a.m.

    usenext is a scam, i've never used their service and they robbed me, i don't use any service like they offer, i don't download movies or music, considering how paypal treated me i think colin has reason not to give all his proper details.

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  139. Colin
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 11:07 a.m.

    No, fool. I signed up in a rush, thinking "ah, its a free trial. they'll warn me" to try to find a file for my father one day when I was looking over torrents. All my info is real, except when I deal online, because I'm overcautious because of things EXACTLY like this.

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  140. Menneke
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 16:07 p.m.

    TO GRIMNIR This person is in my opinion one of " the undercovers". Why does he not react on what Collin just wrote:

    "ah, its a free trial. they'll warn me" And this is exactly what they DO NOT, waiting for the next victins "caught in their trap". Here you prove by writing these words UseNeXT is indeed a scam!!!!

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  141. Colin
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 16:07 p.m.

    Did you just say I'm one of the "undercovers"? o_O

    I've been ripped off by this comany.

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  142. Menneke
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 20:07 p.m.

    Hi Collin,

    I apologize for understanding my words wrong!

    I just quote you in my answer to Grimnir.

    And: just read what Grimnir is saying.............and make your conclusions!!

    Kind regards, Corry

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  143. Grimnir
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 18:07 p.m.

    Undercover... wouldn't that be sweet! To get paid to go around trolling forums on Usenext behalf <_<

    No, I'm just a satisfied customer. I'm currently using usenext to get my movies, games, apps and such without worrying about seeders and dead torrents.

    I'll respond do what collin wrote.

    Free trials are never free. They are a hook. Many companies use them. It is a legit business practice. A company offers a "free trial" as a way of getting you to sign up and agree to pay in full for their package unless YOU cancel!!

    Buyer beware, what YOU do has consequences.

    However, usenext did send me several email warnings about the trial period, with html links inside giving me a direct online option to cancel with no delay or human interaction... <_<

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  144. Colin
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 21:07 p.m.

    Usenext gave me nothing, and billed me before the trial was over. On top of that, I DID cancel after I got the notice. I thought "hey, maybe they'll take the hint. its still my trial period after all". Naw, they just re-opened it and billed me. I'm sorry, but that my friend is the worst business practice I've seen in ages, and I'm counting it as a scam.

    Thank you for your help by the way, Menneke. I'm honestly losing sleep over this. Still waiting on an email back from them. If not, I just won't ever sign on and won't make any further moves towards this. I got my money back, maybe they'll just drop it, close the account.. and leave me alone. But thats wishful thinking I guess.

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  145. Menneke
    Posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 23:07 p.m.

    Dear Collin,

    I feel pity for you and all persons who read this site, will agree to the scamming practices of UseNeXT and Binverse (ecxept the one I quote and a few more...;)). I only can inform you as follows. This week I got a message back from the Board regarding UseNeXt as Binverse as well. As I am not a part of the Board I cannot mention what they wrote me, but they took my email very seriously regarding the practices of both companies. End off topic!!

    I understand you are at the age of 21: it is an age you are (very) vulnerable of what in the world is going on by bad people. I am 57 years old and I am also naive. But I might give you one advice: I am pretty sure that you won` t receive ANY email from UseNext for another payment. And if they do so you just will go to your bank again and point them to this site! And I am ending now by wishing you a better sleep.........

    By the way: i` ve just got an idea if you have the courage to do so. You can change your email-account or did you already have an alias?? I am too lazy to make one.......

    When the emailaddress you described to UseNeXT will not be existing enamore, you ARE really save, bacause the will get this mail back as an " undelivered post". Sometimes this happens to me when I type a wrong mailaddress or the mailaddress I wrote to had disappeared because of fraude by the company........ I do not use these download services anymore: torrents are still alive and just download by eMule the former EDonkey) if you want to download stuff or use a problems af scamming companies anymore!

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  146. Posted Aug 8th, 2010 at 08:08 a.m.

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  147. David Sawatzky
    Posted Aug 26th, 2010 at 15:08 p.m.

    Hi there everyone. Here is the scoop. Just got word from Paypal that my dispute was resolved. I opened the email and they have ruled in my favor. They are refunding my money. I gave them the link to this website and used did not recieve goods and reason to believe the seller is a fraud as my case together with a letter from Binverse asking me why I hadn't used the service in my submission. Thanks for this site. David

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  148. Menneke
    Posted Aug 26th, 2010 at 16:08 p.m.

    You`re welcome David!! Congratulations!

    Greetings from a rainy Holland!

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  149. Colin
    Posted Aug 26th, 2010 at 22:08 p.m.

    Yeah, paypal ruled in my favor to when I asked for it back. I didn't need to do nearly as much as you, though. I actually just said I did not approve of this, and they gave it back to me right away.

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  150. Menneke
    Posted Aug 26th, 2010 at 23:08 p.m.

    Hi Colin,

    You are welcome too! And also congratulations by getting back your money (I think I will open a foreign account to ask duties from you all now it seems that yoy get your money back! ;). Have en goodnight and a nice day!

    Greetings from a still rainy Holland!

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  151. Laurie Lee
    Posted Aug 27th, 2010 at 16:08 p.m.

    I never had any problem with payment for Usenexts service in 3 years.I stopped using them because of the number of poor quality Russian cams of current films.Plus when the film(movie for our colonial friends) "Men Who Stare at Goats" came out, it was 6 months before a genuine upload appeared.And the movie "An Education".In fact, it would appear if the movie in question does not appeal to the "young-bloods" who "do-the do" you don't get to see it for a lonnnng time! Also, isn't this site run by a major rival to "Usenext"?

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  152. pete
    Posted Aug 29th, 2010 at 20:08 p.m.

    just came across these comments


    Internet United States of America Phone:
    Web Address:

    Category: Bad Check Writers

    Submitted: Thursday, July 08, 2010 Posted: Thursday, July 08, 2010 I listed these bastards as bad check writers,..not quite the truth but close enough. I don't check my bank account very often, but I noticed a couple of charges last month that I didn't make. When I contacted my bank they found 4 more. As it happens, these fucks have been charging (~$50.00) me the same day (or following day if a weekend) every other month for at least 6 months. My bank tells me they must have gotten my account number and routing code from a check I sent out.

    My bank is gonna follow up on this, and reimburse me for the money I lost as well as the overdraft charges. I hope they run these guys down and hit 'em with wire fraud. That'll keep 'em out of trouble for 5-10 years.

    I had until the 29th to cancel the trial period. I sent you an email on the 29th at 3PM to tell you I was canceling your contract and you had already charge my paypal account. I believe I have been scammed, you have gone back on your contract agreement and you clearly have not been negotiable or reasonable about this entire situation. I will be going to a higher authority and by-passing paypal to register a complaint against your business. I will never do business with you people again and I will make sure I spread the word about how you do business. This is what you sent me on the 29th of January 2010 :

    ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 2:31 PM Subject: UseNeXT - Receipt 16063414

    Hi John Hardy,

    The transaction of the amount stated in the receipt will automatically be processed in the next few days. If you have any questions regarding this receipt please contact us calling 01149 1805 009 602.

    When in fact you had already taken the money from my Paypal account even though I still until 12AM on the 29th to make my decision. Jan. 29, 2010 14:23:46 EST Transaction ID: 8SH48659E8837473L As you can see you took my money before the end of the 29th!!!!!

    I had already sent you an email asking you not to charge my account. I sent it on the 29th at 3PM but you had already taken the money from my account.

    What kind of company are you?? I find your dealings to be very mis-leading and dishonest and I will Someone willing to follow up on this complaint.

    When I asked you for a refund because I had canceled my account this is the reply I got!!

    Hello John Hardy,

    In reference to your recent inquiry on 31.01.2010:

    You have informed us that you do not wish to extend your contract.

    Unfortunately, you have not cancelled your contract in due time. Therefore, your contract was automatically extended and you have been charged with the amount due.

    You can cancel your contract in due time as follows: - anytime during the free trial period - up to 14 days before the contract of any of our regular packages is automatically extended

    In this regard, we would like to advise you to see the Terms and Conditions agreed upon - registration for your contract - as well as in line with § 5 Terms and Conditions regarding cancellation

    Thank you for your understanding.



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  153. Paulinkabul
    Posted Aug 30th, 2010 at 05:08 a.m. are not much better, I lost 10GB of the download allowance in the first two months through "searching for files"........ vanished from server

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  154. caped_crusader
    Posted Sep 8th, 2010 at 07:09 a.m.

    Been using the service for years on a month by month contract, Today I received an email for Omega Credit Services requesting payment of an outstanding month.

    As I am on month to month how can i be outstanding? Do I take this emails eriously or ignore it and they will go away.

    Should I cancel my account immediately?


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  155. Menneke
    Posted Sep 8th, 2010 at 16:09 p.m.

    I do not know in which country you live: I can only speak about how these matters are being handeled in Holland. First: block all your payment accounts!!! and control daily if they have taken the amount from your account. If they did just call your bank and ask to you bank to give you the money back. Second: write back to the instance you received the email and just tell them that you do not wish to pay this amount, because you paid each month accurately. AND: DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE THEM A HYPERLINK TO THIS WEBSITE!

    Indeed: you have to cancel all your accounts at UseNext. Write to UseNeXT that you do not agree with what has happened to you and mention the " Omega Credit Services" (which is not AT YOU SERVICE!).

    Last: I like to hear something from you and all other members on this site what you have done and what kind of answers you received from both subjects you wrote about to us. (Sorry I am trying to do my utmost to write English correctly as possible ;)).

    Greetings and I wish you a lot of success from a rainy Holland! Menneke

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  156. caped_crusader
    Posted Sep 10th, 2010 at 23:09 p.m.

    So I wrote to support and queried the fact I was on a month by month contract and that their emails clearly state if I do not pay then they will stop my access to their service. Mentioned the long standing customer and omega etc, their reply below.

    You have informed us that you do not wish to extend your contract.

    Unfortunately, you have not cancelled your contract in due time. Therefore, your contract was automatically extended and you have been charged with the amount due.

    You can cancel your contract in due time as follows: - anytime during the free trial period - up to 14 days before the contract of any of our regular packages is automatically extended

    In this regard, we would like to advise you to see the Terms and Conditions agreed upon - registration for your contract - as well as in line with § 5 Terms and Conditions regarding cancellation

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Which is pretty much not answering any of my questions and a standard non reply. So what do you all think now. Contact the credit service agency with email examples and say I will not be paying or just pay and cancel.

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  157. Ford
    Posted Sep 8th, 2010 at 19:09 p.m.

    Dude, I don't know what this "Omega Credit Service" of yours is, but have you already tried to contact their support? I mean, before you start messing around with your account by canceling and writing a lot of emails and so on, maybe a simple phone call would be sufficient...

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  158. Grimnir
    Posted Sep 8th, 2010 at 22:09 p.m.

    First call Usenext and see if they will fix the problem. If they won't solve the problem, then you can look at canceling your account. If you've been a member for a while and enjoyed it enough to keep using it... obviously you've found something in it you like.

    Give them a chance to fix it first.

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  159. Menneke
    Posted Sep 8th, 2010 at 23:09 p.m.

    Are you kidding the business? Why UseNeXT giving a change? The never solved any problem, so why should they do it in this case???

    I agree to Ford. I hope that t.s. can find a telephonnumber.......of this company. You can also " google" to gather information about this company.

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  160. caped_crusader
    Posted Sep 9th, 2010 at 11:09 a.m.

    Thanks everyone, I have decided to email support in the first instance pointing out to them that their emails clearly state if I do not pay the monthly fee then my service can be suspended. Hence if i do not want to use their service just don't pay. I will let you all know their reply.

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  161. Scam Hater
    Posted Sep 11th, 2010 at 00:09 a.m.


    Sorry, but you are wrong about not paying the monthly bill. Having your service "suspended" has nothing to do with not being billed for future service. UseneXT will still hold you to the terms of their contract, and therefore you will still owe money for service you never received.

    The first thing you need to do is read the contract. I understand that this TOS is long and tedious, but it is important to read every word. Get the latest contract from the Usenext site, because the one you might have saved when you originally joined may already be obsolete. (They give themselves the right to change the contract at any time, and YOU are bound by this new contract that you probably never even knew about)

    If I remember, the TOS specifies a narrow window of time within which the user must cancel. You must follow the contract's stipulations for cancelling exactly, or it will be rejected.

    It's a HUGE mistake to think that by simply withholding payment, your service will immediately end and that therefore that's the last time you will ever have to deal with them. That is the way it works with virtually all other usenet providers (usenet is, after all, a pre-paid service) but not UseneXT (and apparently not Binverse either). Usenext will cancel your service if they don't get your money, but they will still hunt you down for additional payment, by unleashing their debt collection agencies, and your bill will grow and grow (as added penalties and legal fees get tacked on), for service you never received (or even could have received if you wanted).

    I understand that if you don't cancel "properly" (as defined by them) you will continue to be billed for service month after month -- or year after year -- even though your access to the service would be cut off immediately upon non-payment. I remember that several years ago there were a lot of complaints from people who cancelled through the Usenext website (some even saved screen shots to prove it) but were still billed for a hundred Euro (and got the same hard-line response) as if they had never cancelled.

    Usenext is anyway one of the highest priced usenet companies. There are much better usenet providers available for much less money!

    One last thing - every posted comment you see that says good things about Usenext or criticizes ripped-off customers was probably written by a Usenext employee. They've been caught doing this many times, on several discussion boards.

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  162. caped_crusader
    Posted Sep 11th, 2010 at 01:09 a.m.

    Well thanks for that, an update, I have emailed the credit agency querying the amount, I have paid the last bill and cancelled my account with Usenext. Strangely even though it is cancelled I still have access to their website, so is it really cancelled? We shall see.

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  163. caped_crusader
    Posted Sep 11th, 2010 at 01:09 a.m.

    So any suggestions on another usenet provider that is well priced and not dodgy as heck?

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  164. Scam Hater
    Posted Sep 11th, 2010 at 09:09 a.m.


    As far as recommendations, a lot depends on how you use usenet as well whether you would prefer to keep things "as simple as possible" or have the widest range of options. Also if you are a light or heavy downloader, so you don't have to pay for what you don't use. Keep in mind that UseneXt is a rather unique "all in one" service, combining a usenet provider, a newsreader, an NZB site, and a discussion forum. If UseneXT is the only usenet service you've ever used before, then you should learn how most of the rest of the usenet community does things, which means generally having to get these things separately:

    1. usenet service provider (some ISPs supply free usenet)
    2. newsreader software (either text reader or binary downloader)
    3. NZB sites
    4. discussion forums

    There are many good ones to choose from. My main questions are, what do you use Usenet for, how much do you download, and how easy does it need to be for you? If you would prefer an easy 'all-in-one' UseneXT replacement for searching, viewing, and downloading files, I would suggest which is even simpler to use, and has a good repution over the 15 years they've been in business. I don't use Easynews myself, nor do most experienced usenet users, but it's an easy starting point for beginners who want to keep things simple.

    But if you want to learn more about the usenet universe, there are discussion forums such as and where people will be glad to help you get started.

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  165. Scam Hater
    Posted Sep 11th, 2010 at 09:09 a.m.

    part 2 (continued)

    Probably the best deal I know of going on right now in 'traditional' usenet service is this one:

    a choice of: $10/month for unlimited usenet, or for light users, a 100 gigabyte block that you pay for once and it never expires until you use the last byte. It has free SSL and currently 750+ days retention. I use this service myself and have no complaints. The owner of Blocknews & Usenetnow is a regular participant on the forum, and seems to be liked by most everyone.

    Other current pay-by-month specials are being offered by Supernews, Usenetserver, and Astraweb: ($10/mo, 500 days retention) ($10/mo, 650 day retention) ($11/mo, 750 day retention)

    All these are good companies. Many people consider Giganews to be the most reliable usenet service, but it is expensive. Unlike Usenext and Binverse, the vast majority of usenet companies are respectable businesses and care about their reputation, so they'll never try to rape their customerse. Just make sure that when you quit UseNext, you get an email confirmation from them that verifies your cancellation ........ unless you want hired debt collectors knocking on your door. :(

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  166. Menneke
    Posted Sep 11th, 2010 at 09:09 a.m.

    I do not use paid downloadservers anymore. I tried Giganews and became mad of the rabbish I got in unto my window!

    I am doawloding now from pay-servers such as Rapidshare, Hotfie, Depositfiles. They all are decent downloaders. And further on I download (yes I know it is a shame ;)) by p2p as far as possible. In Russia and in Ukraine you can find huge torrentssites which in the meantime I get used to it. The only thing you need is a good protection for your computer for virusses and spyware!

    By the way: I have one remark to Scam Hater. As you alle know, I live in the Netherlands. We have a Dutch site and a person on this site has the knowledge to get rid of the HUGE amounts. It mostly appeared that the services which UsNeXT uses to collect " our" en not " their" money it melts like snow by the sun..........and a lot of people wer given their money back! But you are right: they change their Terms and Conditions in the way they like and thus is my conclusion never get a trial as well as UseNext as Binverse!!!

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  167. Chervern
    Posted Sep 14th, 2010 at 09:09 a.m.

    Well after reading all this I am getting a little worried, but then again I feel thast perhaps I should go into bat for them a little bit too......I have been using the service now for nearly three years and I have not had a single problem other than the odd otage, which to me seems no more than any other web-site would have as well. I have nver been over-charged or charged for anything I didn't ask for. I have only one of the smaller packages (only 10gb) and on a few occosions I have been asked if I would like to upgrade etc; I have politely declined and they havn't forced it onto me. I still pay the same now as I a paid when I first joined. I haven't tested any of these other services you mention but unless they offered a service which would search and find specifically what I am looking for and manage to put all the bits together to make the files then I wouldn't be interested anyway. I dont mind paying whatever I need to get the service I want. I can even make my download quota last longer by running in free mode all the time, usally lets me double my usage, downloads are just as fast most of the time. I live in Australki and am a mad Doctor Who fan, getting any kind of Doctor Who stuff out here in Australia is very very hard, Usenext allows me to keep up to date especially with the stuff I cant get here. It seems to me that most of these complaints come from people that haven't really wanted the service in the first place, and were only trying to pinch a freebie and had no intention of signing up for it in the first place. Why don't you guys turn your attention to thse so-called mp3 sites that offer you free downloads for music by paying a once off fee...and when you sign up and pay all they send you us software that you can freely download from the net at a myriad of places and isn't ewven remotely connected to the site you thought you were joining up to. here is there web address -

    this was not the web address i thought i was joining up to.....and you know I have been that dumb I have been done twice on....those people are the real scammers...and anywebsite that hosts them as in closing if people actually give them a real try instead of whingeing so much at least they do deliver what they advertise...not like these other people...

    cheers Vern

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  168. pete
    Posted Sep 14th, 2010 at 10:09 a.m.

    australiki can't say i've ever heard of that place,, lol funny though can't find doctor who stuff in Australia, funny dr who, dr who confidentiential, torchwood all on ABC (australian broadcasting company not the australikian broadcasting company) and youtube has everything ever on dr who, but of course in australiki (is that a corner of the usenext office, next to the coffee machine and just behind the oversized complaints bin marked ignore).

    Please usenext i know you've scammed us once but we're not that stupid, at least give the spotty 15 year olds you've got writing this great stuff about you an atlas and a dictionary so they don't make you look more like the scammers you are.

    hi menneke can't wait for your comment on chervern from austaliki

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  169. nicole
    Posted Jul 25th, 2011 at 06:07 a.m.

    I have to agree with Chervern. I live in Australia and I have used Usenext for the last mths and love it. Must say I freaked a bit reading some of the dodgy stuff that goes on but wonder if maybe Usenext have registered some of these posts and decided to fix the problems. I have had nothing but great service from them. I have never been over charged though I chose the month to month option. It seems to be a general rule these days on any site that if you disagree or have your own opinion then you must be wrong. It is very closed minded. So thumbs up for Usenext. hey that's my OPINION. We are all entiltled to them Pete!!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie...

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  170. Chervern
    Posted Sep 14th, 2010 at 11:09 a.m.

    Pete, I would like to take the time to answer your queries....and this time I'll actually write a little slower so I don't make as many typo errors...firstly let me say I wrote my comments in a little bit of a hurry hence all the typo errors. I do live in Australia, in fact if you doubt me so much then please send me your email address and I will email back to you my actual real address and phone number ( which you can verify on any white pages directory on the net and or if you like give me a ring and then take the piss out of me. I don’t work for Usenext or anybody else for that matter, I don’t even have a web page to be able to accept back handers as you seem to think everyone that even remotely says anything positive about Usenext must seemingly do. I am not for one moment saying that these things don't happen, but what I was saying is that they haven't happened to me. So at least somebody should be able to post that and sing their praises a little bit without being accused of working for them, I didn't accuse everyone else here that posted negative thoughts of working for Gigabit or anyone else did I. And even though I never went into depth, the Doctor Who stuff I specifically refer to is like Big Finish audios and stuff...if you know of a place that sells them in Australia then when you email me for my bona-fides you might like to put that in as well...cause if I can buy them I will...I only download what I can't buy. I was singing the praises of Usenext more for the interface that comes with membership. I’ve read through all this Gigabit stuff and it looks great, but I would not know the first thing about how after I got all the so called bits do I put them together...why would I need to install 2 or more programs that Usenext provide me with one that does it all for me. At least I think I managed to make my post without being rude or accusing people of something they were not. I have membership of several warez forums and online share sites. Those of which I use regular I have made financial contributions. Wicked Friends, Berg, and Whoshare to name a few. Now if you would like to send me a list of all the sites you are a financial member of I will compare it to my list and you can let me know your user name in any of those that are the same and you could check those sites to see I am a real person and not some stooge for Usenext or anyone else.

    Did ya even bother to check out the address that I posted as being the end result of countless number of so-called free music hosting mp3's where they send you after you think you are joining them.

    Just cut and paste this address into your browser and it will take you to a site that I was searching for a Glen Campbell song....on the right you will see a red arrow saying download song on that, follow through all the prompts and US$40 later you will see what I mean..... Then you might be understanding as to why I can find time to defend a site that has down the right thing by me....and don’t get me started on all those sites that promise you unrivalled TV on the net....signed up for one of them and every channel I was looking for was not available...plenty of news and stuff though.....all of which were just old videos playing over and over.......go out of the channel and log back in....the same so called live television comes back on right at the start of the same piece ya just watched....lot more blatant scammers out there than just Usenext.... can think what you bloody well like...I don't really care but for as long as Usenext don't shit on me I'll keep using it and I do reccomend it to other people if like me, you are a tad ignorant on how Newsgroups work but are looking for just about anything to download the the Usenext software is perfect for that.

    Cheers for now Pete and I look forward to your email.....

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  171. Chervern
    Posted Sep 14th, 2010 at 11:09 a.m.

    Opps forgot to put the mp3 link for ya Pete....

    and just in case it doesn't show you my email address here it is for ya......I eagerly await yours.... [email protected]

    cheers Vern

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  172. pete
    Posted Sep 14th, 2010 at 12:09 p.m.

    dear chervern

    i don't use any file sharing programmes, i don't download music, videos or anything from shared sites p2P or any other similar sites, but yet soemhow those thieving bastards managed to rob money from my paypal account, i had to change my cards, close my paypal account and report the thieving gits to the police nationale in france, until the money was stolen from my account i had never heard of usenext, but when i searched under usenext and scam, or usenext and fraud, i was shocked by how long they have got away with it by transferring limited companies, countries, declaring non existent office addresses, changing the directors regularly, this is a fraudulent company, and the biggest problem with companies like usenext that they will give the excuse for the internet to be regulated.

    the only email address i'd ever give you is a totally new unused one sent from a cybercafe so there is no way those thieving money grabbing scumbags could get at my bank account again,

    cheers pete

    and "glenn campbell" oh my god and you think i insulted you

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  173. Menneke
    Posted Sep 14th, 2010 at 14:09 p.m.

    @ Pete:

    I think it is not necessairy to respond on the topic of Chervern.

    I do not waste my time to persons ( I do not mean you) who felt obliged to write from Australia about UseNeXT. Perhaps he has been lucky until now and additionally let him priase this " binaries-server" to all his friends. By the way: most of the posts which are to be found on UseNext, have been downloaded from Russian p2p and other warez-sties. They even have a rubric called " warez" so UseNext violences the law, although the say they are not responsable for the uploads which have been placed on their site.............Pete: I wish you a lucky (a rainy one here in Holland) day and t.s. I wish you the same. BUT: PLEASE read my lips........(yes Bush sr.....;): IF you might happen to be scammed by UseNeXT one day we won`t see you on this site. The reason is that I do not understand why to write such a lot of stuff of a fraudalous company......and at the end of your second answer to Pete you were insulting him..........I DO NOT WISH TO UNDERSTAND YOU T.S. what you were looking for at this site........the blame is on YOU!

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  174. Marcus
    Posted Sep 21st, 2010 at 15:09 p.m.

    USENET.NL is doing the same thing: taking $130 of your cash! Read the blog below and don't fall for the USENET.NL scam.

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  175. Menneke
    Posted Sep 21st, 2010 at 23:09 p.m.

    I just wrote a comment on the site which was mentioned by our friend Marcus. Just see and read..........these scammers are - to my hugh surprise - everywhere around the world!

    I gave a hyperlink to this site, ment for people who do not know what to do in case of scamming by three companies which are in fact the same: (I feel really ashamed, but it is true); and I also warned the people in Canada for Binverse.

    Greetings from Holland! Menneke

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  176. Marcus
    Posted Sep 22nd, 2010 at 17:09 p.m.

    Here's a summary I just posted on the blog I linked above. I got refunded by PayPal!! :)

    I started an Unauthorised Transaction claim at PayPal at 15.40 yesterday, and got a reply at 23.29 last night: they’ve cancelled the payment and are issuing a refund. Looking at my account today the money is already restored to my balance, and part that came off my Mastercard I can expect in the next 4/5 days.

    Here’s what I did, hopefully this will help others in the same situation..

    How To Get Your Money Back From USENET.NL (assuming you paid by PayPal)

    In your Paypal account, go to “Resolution Centre” click Dispute a Transaction select Unauthorised transaction get the transaction ID from the record Select “Other” for the infringement type and fill in something like “1 year subscription payment taken”

    In the main text:

    Point out that you know many people are complaining to PayPal over this issue with this company. Paste the URL of this blog. <IMPORTANT (

    Tell them what happened to you including dates and describing your attempts to correspond with USENET.NL. Describe your shock at being charged 99 Euros or whatever it was, when the site only mentions monthly payments of €8.33. Put in any other info you feel is relevant, including how this has affected you.

    That should do it. According what I see on blogs, PayPal are now refunding a majority of compliants about this company.


    To PayPal I have to say: well done and thanks for refunding my money so quickly to me as I know you have done for several others.

    BUT! It seems some are still being turned down, and of course PayPal has not cut off and continues to make money from the business of USENET.NL.

    Avoid anything associated with the below like the plague:

    Aviteo Ltd Binverse

    What can we do about this?

    We can continue posting on blogs so awareness is raised and people can understand that their money is not lost forever just because USENET.NL/USENEXT etc say it is.

    We can write reviews of these sites on McAfee SiteAdvisor, flagging them as unsafe.

    We can put URL's on these blogs joining them up so people can understand that this is all the same rapacious and unethical business strategy at work. They've been allowed to continue this for years by changing their name: we can make sure their stink follows them wherever they go.

    We can draw attantion to the complicity of PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and others in this. They continue to take the business of these companies who have shown themselves to be a magnet for customer complaints and disputes. They've been pocketing their fees from this without much negative PR, so far!

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  177. Menneke
    Posted Sep 22nd, 2010 at 22:09 p.m.

    Hi Marcus,

    In the first place: congratulations for getting you money back by opening a dispute with PayPal. You did what I already suggested on this site a long time ago. Tonight this was the reason I write on the Canadian site in order to make people aware of these frauduleus three companies.

    I think it is always the best to pay by PayPal: it is an easy and a save way to pay. And when you have been scammed by one or an other company you can always open a dispute (you have to take action by yourself in the first place). If you do not succeed in getting your money back PayPal will open a dispute to the one who stole the money from you in a inappropiate way. In this dispute you can give PayPal two links: a link to the Canadian site and a link to this site. Lately I looked on the McAfee Site Advisor, but McAfee seems to sleep: all about the companies were coloured GREEN!! So there is still a lot of work to do on the site of McAfee!! ;).

    About two years ago I was scammed by giving my Creditcard-data. If your are wise I can give you ONE advice: do never give your creditcarddata to any company! First I had to block my Mastercard. The second thing is to ask your money back. Asking your money back for this kind of transactions done by your creditcard is very difficult and you can ask the question by yourself if it is really worh while all the energy this might take. I can only speak about the situation here in Holland: about the rest of the world (whatever that may be) I have not the slightest idea.............

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  178. Marcus
    Posted Sep 22nd, 2010 at 22:09 p.m.

    You've done great work on this blog Menneke, raising awareness of the facts and what people can do about this issue. Seeing what you and others here have done, as well as the obvious suffering, made me want to contribute and not just disappear as soon as i got my money back. Ok i admit i was just pissed off and want to hurt the f***ers! :)

    The fact that googling scam brings up this site right below their ad is bloody marvellous! That's testament to the blog itself as well as the efforts of everyone who has shared their experiences here.

    A few posts on the sites that come up when googling review could really help raise awareness too.

    I wanted to put down exactly what i did with paypal as some people still seem to be having problems getting their money back. It is a somewhat confusing and intimidating process to go through and ive seem some comments implying that some people have been choosing the item-based dispute option. Not a good idea i think.

    What Im wondering is whether some people are failing because paypal have different departments for different companies, or are these people opening the wrong kind of dispute?

    Btw i dont think your comment on the Canadian site worked: i havent been able to see it.

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  179. Menneke
    Posted Sep 22nd, 2010 at 23:09 p.m.

    Hi Marcus,

    First: I wish to thank you for the compliments you just made to me.! Your first quote:

    "What Im wondering is whether some people are failing because paypal have different departments for different companies, or are these people opening the wrong kind of dispute? "

    My answer is as follows: I really do not know what the policies of PayPal are in different countries.

    Your second quote:

    "Btw i dont think your comment on the Canadian site worked: i havent been able to see it."

    As I am busy (as you can see) I did not check this site yet. I wrote a hugh comment last nightin the same way as I do on this site. I also gave the people in Canada a link to this site! My attribution had to be approved, but I am afraid they have not put it on their site . Therefore I have a question to you, Marcus. Can you try to put a hyperlink on the Canadian site to this site? Then it will be possible to check if they put hyperlinks to other sites or not ( and thus in their own interests!)

    Hoping to hear from you again if you succeedded in putting a hyperlink.................Greetings from Corry (yes I am a woman!).

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  180. Marcus
    Posted Sep 23rd, 2010 at 15:09 p.m.

    Hi Corry,

    Yes when speaking about PayPal I meant "countries" and not "companies" but you understood anyway.

    Are we speaking about the same site? This one

    run by the kid Caleb.

    It has no moderation, comments go straight up there. Maybe you had a browser glitch when you tried to comment. I posted the URL of this blog on there yesterday anyway.

    Wikipedia on San Marino:

    San Marino, officially the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is a country situated on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is a landlocked enclave, completely surrounded by Italy. Its size is just over 61 km2 (24 sq mi) with an estimated population of almost 30,000. Its capital is the City of San Marino. One of the European microstates along with Liechtenstein, the Vatican, Monaco, Andorra, and Malta, San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe.

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  181. Menneke
    Posted Sep 23rd, 2010 at 00:09 a.m.

    P.S.: I just tried to get " a free trial period" on on the English site!

    When I had registered I was told not to get a free trail period, because I used one already. CONCLUSION: UsNeXT and are really the same companies. You can only speak to them in German, English (of course!!), French or Spanish!!

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  182. Menneke
    Posted Sep 23rd, 2010 at 00:09 a.m.

    I just discovered the following under their Terms and Conditions and it makes me laugh. Quote:

    "13. General provisions. 13.1. These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the law of the Republic of San Marino.

    The courts of San Marino are responsible for any legal disputes arising from the validity, interpretation and/or application of these General Terms and Conditions and the contract." End of quote.

    Has anyone heard about " The Republic of San Marino????. I don`t: it seems to me this is the maffia of Italy. Am I right or am I wrong???? How stupid can you be to write these stuff down?????

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  183. Gregory
    Posted Sep 23rd, 2010 at 16:09 p.m.

    I've been with UseNext for 6+ years and never had a problem with billing. Free is never FREE people! I can download 2 new release movies(some are still in theaters) in a matter of a few minutes and have them on DVD. UseNext is not for the simple minded and technology challenge users at all if you don't know what a bit, binary, zip, rar, and many other terms are then I suggest not even signing up to begin with. It would take most computer geeks at least 2 weeks just to figure UseNext out. It also requires the best spyware, malware, and antivirus software available if your going to use UseNext, BitTorrent, or any shareware site. Peace

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  184. Gregory
    Posted Sep 23rd, 2010 at 16:09 p.m.

    I use a debt card and 7 days before my bill is coming up UseNext sends an email to me saying that they will be billing me soon. On the email they have a link that says if you want to cancel or stop using UseNext click here. When I'm running short of money or don't want to use it anymore I cancel. If I have any Gigs of download left on my account UseNext will let me keep using what I had already paid for. If I let the auto bill go through and have say 20 gigs before the renewal I lose that and get my monthly amount of download gigs. I'm in USA and really have had no problems! I'm sorry to see that some have had billing problems and even happier to say their is many out here that HAVE NOT had any problems. By the looks of the complaints I noticed one person listed the smartest thing to do. Use a credit/debit card that has little to NO money available then when it comes time for auto renew or pay then you won't be here complaining. Or as soon as you download the software and enter the username and password and have it all set up go back to your e-mail and CANCEL your subscription. You should then have your what you was looking for FREE GB's.

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  185. tim
    Posted Sep 23rd, 2010 at 16:09 p.m.

    People like Menneke got to much free time on their hand, she keeps posting the same crap over and over, how she got scammed y Usenext, instead of blaming herself for being dumb and not reading the agreement.. If Usenext was a scam paypal would have closed their account long time ago, as paypal don;t tolerate, anyway i have posted few month ago, and probably wont post again since i got a life, unlike some others than keep posting the same nonsense.

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  186. Menneke
    Posted Sep 23rd, 2010 at 18:09 p.m.


    "People like Menneke got to much free time on their hand"

    It seems to me you have the same thing. Just let this site beside you if you do not use it!

    @ Marcus:

    Thank you very much for your reply to me! The former office of UseNeXt was in Munchen and I just wonder why the moved to San Marino. Perhaps Tim can give me an answer if he has time...........

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  187. Scam Hater
    Posted Sep 25th, 2010 at 13:09 p.m.

    On any discussion board where people talk about the Usenext scam, you can be sure that the Usenext shills will always show up. This is the company policy, and they've been pulling off this deception for years. So I thought I'd put together a little guide.

    How to spot a lying Usenext company shill:

    • They will ignore the credit-card billing scam.
    • They will ignore the debt-collector agency scam.
    • They will ignore all other points made in the discussion.
    • They will blame the victims and attack the critics.
    • They will make a sales pitch for Usenext's software, features, and services WHICH NO ONE IS COMPLAINING ABOUT.
    • They will change the subject and talk about anything other than the topic of discussion: Usenext's deceptive & fraudulent billing practices.

    Whenever you see posts that fit this pattern, then it is likely THAT PERSON IS A USENEXT COMPANY EMPLOYEE!

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  188. Menneke
    Posted Sep 25th, 2010 at 15:09 p.m.

    @Scam Hater: You are welcome for the thruth you have written on this site!

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  189. Marcus
    Posted Sep 25th, 2010 at 16:09 p.m.

    Yeah it really is lame how some people keep posting about the free trial scam, warning off the poor, sick, young and old so they can avoid the attentions of these ruthless predators!

    Still, any site traffic or postings whether truthful or deceitful contribute to keeping this site where it belongs: next to the predators' own ads at the top of the google rankings!!

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  190. Menneke
    Posted Sep 25th, 2010 at 23:09 p.m.

    I just wanted other stuff for downloading by Rapidshare, but I clicked on the wrong button and YES: there was the site of UseNeXT! I tried to get a trial, but the said: not. Then I switched to the English version of te site and I have made a screenshot for the people you mentioned in your comment above:


    * Home
    * Anmelden
    * So funktionierts
    * Software
    * Support
    * EN
    * DE
    * FR
    * ES
    * NL
    * IT

    I forgot my password

    UseNeXT HYBRID RATE Package You have already registered for a free trial package. Please choose a full package.

    Highspeed Volumen 30GB/Mon. approximately 42 CDs tariff 30 tariff 30+ • 1 month membership • 12 months membership $11.13/Mon. $8.89/Mon.

    2000 kbit/s Free Download Mode included

    This means up to 600GB per month

    Highspeed Volumen 80GB/Mon. approximately 120 CDs tariff 80 tariff 80+ • 1 month membership • 9 months membership $16.72/Mon. $11.13/Mon.

    2000 kbit/s Free Download Mode included

    This means up to 600GB per month

    Highspeed Volumen 250GB/Mon. approximately 350 CDs tariff 250 tariff 250+ • 1 month membership • 3 months membership $27.92/Mon. $22.32/Mon.

    2000 kbit/s Free Download Mode included

    This means up to 600GB per month

    • You will be charged once for the entire term of the contract. Prices do not include or replace fees for internet/DSL or similar.

    ** If you exceed your download GB’s quota for any given month, you may still continue by using your quota for the next month. Price in USD depends on the current exchange rate (1 USD = 0.751 € as of 09/24/2010) and doesn't include VAT. Non-EU customers are not charged VAT. Prices in Euro include 19% tax. EU customers are charged VAT.

    * Terms and Conditions
    * Conditions Of Use
    * About Us
    * ShortNews
    * Usenet
    * affiliate program

    UseNeXT is a service of:

    Aviteo Ltd. Theresienstrasse 6-8 80333 Munich

    Tax ID: DE 235 935 122 HRB 153436 München Managing director: Christian Robert Schuetze

    So far the UseNeXt-page.

    You might have " bright eyes" (art Garfunkel) to see that this company sorts the payment for you. By 30 GB a month the costs are $ 11,13. But now it comes why so many people aree being scammed by this company. UseNeXT has choosen for you the 30GB+, which costs $ 8,89. a month. Many people might be thinking: hey this is cheaper, I will choose for this option. When you DO NOT CHANGE THIS ALREADY GIVEN POINT, you wil bee charged for the total of the amount and this is mentioned by them:

    "You will be charged once for the entire term of the contract. Prices do not include or replace fees for internet/DSL or similar. " The figures are very tiny and they remark * is also too tiny if you do not pay attention to all this specific things. Marcus: you are wright with your comment and I shall quote once again:

    "Yeah it really is lame how some people keep posting about the free trial scam, warning off the poor, sick, young and old so they can avoid the attentions of these ruthless predators! ".

    I am curious about tim what he has to say: the facts he told about me were not true. They tried me te let me pay for an amount in 2008, which I have never used. I wrote them a very angry letter and they left me alone. It is just for the by Marcuds citated group of persons I do this work on this site: it costs me a plenty of time and energy but I only like to help people...........without any interest of money (which I do not have...;)).

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  191. Santosh
    Posted Sep 30th, 2010 at 12:09 p.m.

    USENEXT are a scam. Avoid them. They automatically renew the account. If the payment fails, they claim they sent you emails, which are never received. They pass on your personal data to UK debt collection agency (which is not a part of the T&C's). The debt agency adds their own charges and threatens you with legal action. All-in-all a nightmare of an experience. I wish I had checked their reputation before signing up.

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  192. Posted Oct 4th, 2010 at 23:10 p.m.


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  193. zion
    Posted Oct 4th, 2010 at 23:10 p.m.

    i was charged 99 euros by when i didnt sign up for service or use the service i never heard of it before, now they say i didnt cancel within 14 days, how can i do that if i never knew about it? do not sign up for this or you will be ripped off aswell

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  194. Ford
    Posted Oct 6th, 2010 at 10:10 a.m.

    Did you actually try to call their customer service? If you can convince them that you didn't use it at all or even if someone abused your data there might be a chance to get a refund. If I were you I'd make sure that my data has not been abused somewhere else as well, in the end it could used for anything...

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  195. Richard
    Posted Oct 26th, 2010 at 15:10 p.m.

    USENEXT has STOLEN 100+ USD for 1 day of use. USENEXT is giving Germans a bad name.

    They are definitely scammers, with a heightened sense of self-righteousness. When you call them, they demand you to give them respect, but do they deserve respect? What do they deserve? Jail? Death? Or worse..GIving all our money back!

    I signed up for a 14 day trial of a software which was advertised as free.

    At the final stage, USENEXT requested 1EURO 'transaction fee'. The website did this on purpose to obtain credit card and paypal information, however at the time I thought it was simple an innocent 'transaction fee'.


    Don't give up people, fight them, and also submit a report to '' Thanks

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  196. Posted Oct 27th, 2010 at 13:10 p.m.

    let's fight usenext together

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  197. Posted Nov 4th, 2010 at 12:11 p.m.

    They signed me up for an account and I have no knowlege who the hell they are until I did some research. They then proceeded to take £100 out of my bank account without my permission. The home address they have for me is incorrect and where they got my paypal details from is a mystery, I contacted them and they refuse to give my money back. The company is a scam and a thieving bunch. I'm gonna make it my task to degrade their name as much as I can, where ever I can, they stole my kids christmas money. Jason Ems

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  198. Posted Nov 4th, 2010 at 20:11 p.m.

    I signed up for the 14 day trial and canceled it before the 14 days had elapsed but the website just refreshes and give no confirmation now i have received an email from omega credit services (see there uk offices here ( saying that i owe them £116

    There is no way i am paying see my youtube clip ( as you can see the page just refreshes

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  199. Posted Nov 5th, 2010 at 16:11 p.m.

    whoops that should have been ( )

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  200. Robbie Miller
    Posted Nov 6th, 2010 at 20:11 p.m.

    Hello all, I stopped using usenext when i discovered they had removed money fron my paypal account with out my knowlage. Up until january this year i had been using usenext on a pay as you go basis then stopped. Restarted Usenext in June this year i went through what i thought was just the normal process of payment? Wrong they had written in some form of aggreement in German and wasnt picked up by me so they started to take funds from paypal. Luckily i noticed this on my Bank Statement and i cancelled that aggreement, canclled Usenext and got rid of the software. So on Tuesday i recevied an email from Usenext demanding 15 euros and a further fine of 5 euros? Then on the 4th November i recieved an email from Omega Credit Servives based in England (am in Scotland) demanding £39. What an outrage pay for something i dont use? I think not! this is the reply i sent to [email protected] below.

    I do not use usenext and have not used it for a considerable amount of time it will not be used by me again i have no aggrement with usenext and i have not autherised any debiting of any financial amounts from any bank or credit cards which i hold if you contact me again trying to extort money from me again i will make a formal complaint to Trading Standards and any regulator for which covers you business i hope you understand the content of this email and i strongly suggest you seek legal advice I HAVE NO FINANCIAL CONTRACT WITH USENEXT I DO NOT USE THE SERVICE

    Its a short and sweet reply to which i have had no reply. I wouldnt mind a reply as i will formally complain to Trading standards. I suspect they have no legal right to be doing what they are doing. Usenxt is currently being watched by the BPI piracy unit and i suspect MPAA and others are circling around them aswell and i wouldnt be surprised sometime in the future see Usenext in court over distributing Copyright Material and being shut down.

    I actually liked Usenext till i was stung by an aggreemnet that had slid in and in German, but having been contacted twice by these fools i now have a different view of them. They are basically just scamming customers now, perhaps they know that the writing is on the wall for them with the BPI and others watching them. Try and get as much as possible before going to the wall? I feel sorry for the onesthat have been conned by them and have had money taken off them without consent. People that are recieving emails demanding money, well email back telling what i did and if they repond contact Trading Standards in writing. Also find out who regulates the industry they are operatingin as well ans copy them in to any emails aswell. Omega Credit Services will be banking that fear will get perhaps 1 out of 10 to pay them.

    Well good luck to any one having problems with these cowboys. Dont pay any money to usenext or any company they use to try and get money from you. Threaten them politely with legal action and be firm. They cant do a thing to you if you dont use their services. Dont use dont pay simple as.

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  201. Richard
    Posted Dec 2nd, 2010 at 13:12 p.m.

    Hi Robbie,

    Omega credit service along with a few other shameful Britain based credit agencies, are taking over UseNeXT's "PENDING INCOME" and going after former UseNeXT's clients (going back as far as 4 years!), using any means necessary to squeeze as much money as possible to fund their immoral activities, so they may scam more people.

    Intimidation, threats, legal jargon, increasing legal fees... These are a few of the disgraceful tactics they employ.. They won't stop. I haven't received any email threats..yet.. But I have blocked them and their associated emails, and as such, my email filter will get them hopefully..

    If they continue, fight them!

    This is what happens when International laws are powerless.. I just hope the British/German Government would do something about it! It's in their frikin' jurisdiction!

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  202. Alan
    Posted Nov 7th, 2010 at 13:11 p.m.

    Omega credit services Mr George Frederick Morley Felton Cottage, Felton Butler, Shewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 1AS one man working out of small cottage.

    lives with Carol A Pryce, Jane K Morley, Glynne L Pryce

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  203. ccccri69
    Posted Nov 7th, 2010 at 23:11 p.m.

    I ve used usenext for 3 yrs and haven had any problems with payments or finding English titles to download, including good screeners. Just thought it was only fair to show my good experience with them.

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  204. Richard
    Posted Dec 2nd, 2010 at 13:12 p.m.

    SHILL, SHILL, SHILL, SHILL, This website invited UseneXT to comment freely, but they never said you can shill.

    Take your shill comments and go Fck yourself.

    I'd NEVER expect UseNeXT to sink THAT Low, shill commenting and spreading bullshyt? NOO WAY? They would NEVER do that! I once believed someone's comment on a forum that "USENEXT IS SOO AWESOME AND SOOOO FREEE"


    | Link to comment
  205. CCCCRIS69
    Posted Dec 27th, 2010 at 16:12 p.m.

    I do not work for usenext and you are a paranoid schizophrenic. You are probably just too stupid to follow directions to cancel.

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  206. Posted Dec 3rd, 2010 at 20:12 p.m.

    What have you downloaded? Do you have the copy rights?

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  207. Posted Dec 3rd, 2010 at 20:12 p.m.


    What have you downloaded? Do you have the copy rights?

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  208. robbie miller
    Posted Dec 3rd, 2010 at 16:12 p.m.

    A little something to read from the comsumer forums in UK.

    On here you can get free Legal Advice and information regarding dealing with the scams that are running involving Usenext. Information regarding your Legal rights and lots of information on the Trade Description Acts of UK Laws.

    If your getting harrassed by mickey mouse credit agencies i suggest you ave a very good read of what they have in the way of advice from letter templates and indepth descriptions of Consumer law.

    You will find that with dealing with the likes of Omega very easy as they have to work within the Law. Quote the Law and demand to see the signed Credit Aggreement you have with Usenext that you have signed, they have 14 days to produce that Aggreement. Thats Law!! I have no signed Credit Aggreement with Usenext. I have had 3 emails, the 3rd was a threat to pay them. So i sent 35 emails asking for proof of an Aggreement. They have 4 days left to give that Aggreement. What they will do is try and pass log in details to you which are a waste of time. Usenext are going down, Microsoft sre investigating them along with MPAA,BPA,SONY and many others. Email Usenext taunt them via ther online support page, tell them they have been reported to piracy units of the big guns in tha software and music industry.

    Have fun.

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  209. Harry
    Posted Dec 4th, 2010 at 23:12 p.m.

    Hi usenetshack,

    i recently signed up for the 'free' 14 day trial with usenext thinking it was legit. Only to find the 'is usenext a scam' link about a week later! arghhh!

    I immediatly tried to cancel only to find i've misplaced the password and username they sent out. I've e-mailed them several times and used their 'forgot password' link a number of times but to no success.

    I'm now stuck in the situation where i can't access my account to 'cancel' my membership (if that's possible anyway).

    I took the action to cancel my card, so no money can be taken out. However, i now worried (as many are) that i'll recieve the 'debt collectors' letters through the post one day. Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks.

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  210. Robbie Miller
    Posted Dec 5th, 2010 at 13:12 p.m.

    Hello Harry, As long as you have cancelled your card and Usenext cant get access to your cash you are fine. Please read the link below, it takes you to a comsumer website that has a section on Usenext Fraud. Dont be alarmed by some mickey mouse outfit trying to extract money from you by false pretencies. 1 thing to remember you have not entered in to any credit aggreement with Usenext. You have not signed any form of aggreement with anyone. The reason they will not supply you with log in details is to bill your card for £100 plus. They are a real site with real file sharing on it but the methods they use to obtain monies are criminal.

    Follow the information given on the forum if you are approached by anyone demanding money from you.

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  211. Harry
    Posted Dec 5th, 2010 at 22:12 p.m.

    Thanks robbie for your comment.I've looked at the threads from your link given.Feel much more assured now.

    These jokers can get lost!

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  212. hoosiertoo
    Posted Dec 6th, 2010 at 05:12 a.m.

    Dunno why all the fuss. I've been a customer through a refill cycle (coming up on number two quickly) and have never had the first problem. Have had to contact customer service to get my username and password after a reformat (forgot to save that one!) and received a prompt reply. No unauthorized charges. UseNeXt has been a good service provider so far. I'll like as not renew.

    | Link to comment
  213. Robbie Miller
    Posted Dec 6th, 2010 at 11:12 a.m.

    Usenext are thiefs, scammers and defrauders. Usenext will be shut down and their assets i.e cash will be stripped from them.

    | Link to comment
  214. hoosiertoo
    Posted Dec 7th, 2010 at 06:12 a.m.

    Just for giggles - and to see what would happen - I canceled my usenext service. I received a prompt reply acknowledging the cancelation. So far, no problem. We shall see.

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  215. Robbie Miller
    Posted Dec 8th, 2010 at 10:12 a.m.

    Just for giggles? are you simple? are you mentally retarded? Do you suffer erectile problems? Did bubba visit you one night and split youe arsehole? (",)

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  216. hoosiertoo
    Posted Dec 17th, 2010 at 07:12 a.m.

    None of the above, but I see who has the real problem now. It ain't usenext. Hope you get over yourself soon.

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  217. Robbie Miller
    Posted Dec 11th, 2010 at 21:12 p.m.


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  218. Posted Dec 20th, 2010 at 04:12 a.m.

    USENEXT is a Malicious FILE

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  219. Posted Dec 20th, 2010 at 04:12 a.m.


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  220. dave
    Posted Dec 29th, 2010 at 22:12 p.m.

    they screwed me for 70 pounds i must have been stupid to pay it i payed with one of my emails...for another email and the bastards billled me for 2 dont pay it its nothing but a scam.............USENEXT IS SHIT COWARDS HIDING IN CRACKS

    | Link to comment
  221. Ron
    Posted Dec 30th, 2010 at 01:12 a.m.

    i think we should all unite to try and get usenext shut down write to you local politician i have....try your best to get rid of thes to any politician there the one that can get them shutdown,,,,,regards to all ron

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  222. trevor moore
    Posted Dec 30th, 2010 at 13:12 p.m.

    I downloaded Usenext and went on a trial, but cncelled as i was informed that they host child pornography files on site. Disgusting!!! They should be brought to Justice!!!

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  223. david
    Posted Jan 1st, 2011 at 22:01 p.m.


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  224. Andy
    Posted Jan 5th, 2011 at 17:01 p.m.

    I've been a happy UseNext customer for about 5 years, maybe longer. The only billing issue I had was when I tried to terminate and re-sign up for a better 'tariff'. I waited until my tariff expired and then opened a new account. I got a bill for both, but e-mailed their support, received the 'there are xyz tickets in front of you', waited the designated 48hrs or so, and received a reply apologising for the inconvenience and was told the matter was settled (they couldn't have gotten money from the old account as the card I had used had expired by then). I have to take part responsibility as I didn't terminate my account as per the agreed t's-&-c's, and just thought non-renewal was okay. The lesson is - read the t's-&-c's,.

    However, even with that minor blip - I've found their service to be exceptional and their support has been fine for me.

    I think some balance needs to be applied here and some of the comments are just libellous and plain ridiculous. If the UseNext service isn't for you, then fine, but why go around disparaging a service that according to some of the posts, the poster's haven't even used.

    The software provided is intuitive and certainly isn't malware of any kind.

    I hope others that use the service without issue and that are reading this contribute their experiences too as the sensationalised scaremongering from many posters above is just a farcical! Looking at the way in which some of the opinions are so badly expressed, and communicated, I'm pretty sure UseNext, and society in general, would be better off without you.

    Grow up.

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  225. n-kb3
    Posted Aug 12th, 2011 at 05:08 a.m.

    Andy You are following a nice script.

    You are a happy customer who is defending a:

    1 A misunderstood company, 2.people should read a little before signing up. 3 If people don't read than they are stupid. 4. If people still don't agree than they are Libelous. I really like the part of "sensationalised scaremongering". That was good.

    the truth is that no company has this many people defending them for free.

    Most happy customers have no reason to look for this website. Let alone take the time to read the board and then type out a defense.

    Most people that find their way to this type of site have had a bad experience and are looking for help. Those people are not looking for reasons why they should remain a customer.

    For the people that are here to get help Send the Debt collector a prove it letter.

    Sign up for a class action suit against" Uselast" @[email protected]

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  226. john
    Posted Jan 6th, 2011 at 10:01 a.m.

    I am mad with my self i am very ill and on morphine and i got an email for 35 pounds on two emails but i only had one because i paid for one throgh the other persons name they charged me 35 pounds on two so called accounts but because of the way i am on morphine i paid the debt collector sevent pounds i was so mad then usennext sent me a mail on the two of the accounts and said i had 25 gig i rang the debt colllector and spoke to a girl and she said they cant do that....and i paid it idf they promised not to come at me again....but they will because usenext have tried to open the accounts i rang and said i am ill and on morphine so really i dont know what to do i have deleted the email and put them all on bounce but i wont pay them anymore if i was well i would be in a better state to fight it but i just thought i would share my stor ...regards john

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  227. john
    Posted Jan 6th, 2011 at 15:01 p.m.

    i have just sent my M.P a link to this letter i wrote to her a week ago and i sent her this link today i advise you all do the same just google mps email address

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  228. John
    Posted Jan 6th, 2011 at 15:01 p.m. this is were you will find your mps email do it write to them let get usenext cronies shutdown

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  229. Jason
    Posted Jan 12th, 2011 at 01:01 a.m.

    I signed up for the two week trial. At no time did I ever see anything that stated that I would be charged for the next 12 months of service to be paid all at once if I did not cancel. Not only did they hit me with a 12 month service charge but they charged my account double. So I ended up paying. 80,13 Euro X 2. What a scam this is. I emailed them and it said I was email # 500 something. Also, I called them and they were not helpful at all. The customer service person tried hard to keep herself from laughing. This company should not be allowed to do business. There is no protection at all through Paypal. I tried to dispute the charge and I got this automated response "Message from Your Seller Dear customer, You are about to hand in a PayPal issue. PayPal issues do not cover virtual goods. Our service falls into this category. What does this mean for you? Every issue filed at PayPal will be rejected after a certain while - meaning that you do not receive the help you need. Therefore, please contact our friendly customer care staff in order to receive competent support. Requests made using our support form usually are answered in less than 24 hours. You will find the support form here: If you prefer contacting us via phone, you will find our phone number there, too. Thank you for contacting us - we are sure that we will find a solution that suits you! Kind Regards, Your UseNeXT-Team"

    So basically, they are saying they got your money and there is nothing you can do about it. You are going to pay us for the next 12 months all charged at once and all you can do is cry about it.

    This double charge put my bank account into the negative. Stay away from these people. They are theives.

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  230. Sheldon
    Posted Jan 12th, 2011 at 08:01 a.m.

    Just fyi, this is what it says on usenext right below the field where you have to type in your personal details:

    "All accounts come with a 14 days free trial period. If you do not cancel your account within these 14 days you will automatically charged the price of the plan 30+ (7.95 Euro/month, thus 95.35 Euro/year incl. VAT). "

    Next time try to read first what you're signing up for!

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  231. Dave
    Posted Jan 20th, 2011 at 10:01 a.m.

    Jason i think the reason there doing this is there going to get kicked off...............jason go and see you member of parliament and get him or her to take it up its gone to far there getting away with murder

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  232. EMILY
    Posted Jan 25th, 2011 at 16:01 p.m.


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  233. John
    Posted Jan 25th, 2011 at 16:01 p.m.

    this is for andy he says usenext arent as bad as they make out....all i can say to Andy wait till you come to cancel with them then you will eat your words you wont get away from them because they will hit you with a bill from a debt collector.

    | Link to comment
  234. john
    Posted Jan 25th, 2011 at 16:01 p.m.


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  235. Menneke
    Posted Jan 26th, 2011 at 20:01 p.m.

    Hi Folks,

    As you propably know I am a Dutch woman and I have been publishing on this site many times. about UseNeXt. It was on December 26th 2010 I decided to take a ONE month prescription on this site. I read their policies and accorded to this. Today I know the way they are scamming everyone who takes an acoount at theirs. The story is as follows. This afternoon I opened my Inbox and to my big surprise I saw an email from their supportcentre, informing me a new 30GB downloadvolume has been reserved for me. I also got the information by UseNeXT about an automatic payment by PayPal for this downloadvolume. I NEVER gave PayPal the instruction to make an automatic payment to UseNeXT! I know ONE server where you have te log in to PayPal for cancelling your monthly account and this is Hotfile com.

    I knew what to do and I did as follows. I called my bank demanding to block my creditcard because of a unauthorised transaction. The man said that he did not block my creditcard: I had to open a dispute about the transaction. But I know: opening a dispute by Visa is an endless way with many papers to write. I tried to call the bank twice and I told the madam that I was missing my creditcard. I got a few control-questions and my creditcard was immediately blocked.

    All payservers I use give a notice when your (monthly) account will expire. When taking a new account they give information on how t revoke your account at theirs. I did so to, because they did not supply the flies I wanted. I got no answer but they warned me in time when my account had to be espired and this is the way companies has to deal with their clients!! But not UseNeXT. I wrote them that I was not intended to pay the money by an unauthorized transaction and at the same time I sent them a email to write me down. The would like the reason why I was not intending to use their services anymore. I only ansered that they are A SCAM!!

    Now I am older and wiser ;). I thougt that a month is a month and after that period the account expired. No info about how to unsubscribe etc. is given when you decide to take an account at UseNeXT. Thus: this is the way they scam many and many people just by not giving the right information about the cancelling of a subscription when you decide to take an account at theirs.

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  236. Menneke
    Posted Jan 26th, 2011 at 22:01 p.m.


    On an other site I just wrote the suggestion that PayPal is related to UseNeXT but does not let know their clients of this fact!! When I logged in to my PayPal-account I saw that the payment already has been made! I looked further and indeed: if you do not cancel UseNeXT at PayPal they just give your money to PayPal!!! Now I understand why people here on this site have been charged twice............UseNeXT is a controlled PayPal-client!! Email: [email protected] or de. Bastards!!

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  237. Mark Burrows
    Posted Jun 6th, 2011 at 00:06 a.m.

    Such an imagination you have! That's like saying Abercrombie & Fitch is related to PayPal. PayPal's only relation is to eBay. Many online companies have come to use the financial services of PayPal because they are less expensive the banks, even though they are slow as molasses while the play around with our money, but that is the nature of the beast of financial wizardry. Technology is too fast for the banking business, money moves to fast and doesn't sit long enough to garner interest anywhere. So, banks use financial institutes like credit card companies and the likes of PayPal to slow down the cash flow. Understand?

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  238. amber
    Posted Mar 2nd, 2011 at 18:03 p.m.

    I never signed up for anything called usenext but have several charges to my bank account made all on the same day. I live in the U.S. and the charges are to Paris. I do not know anyone in France nor have I ordered anything from France. This is a serious fraud that my bank will be looking into and I hope they can take this scamming company down because it looks as though they have gotten to a lot of people.

    | Link to comment
  239. Megan
    Posted Mar 18th, 2011 at 18:03 p.m.

    This happened to me today as well. I'm in Canada and called my credit card company as soon as I saw the charge. I did have a paypal account that I had made a few weeks ago, just to purchase some things from a clothing store in the U.S. The bank is going to dispute the charge for me, I'm just concerned it will happen again. They must have gotten my credit card via paypal because I can't think of anything else.

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  240. Jon
    Posted Mar 26th, 2011 at 05:03 a.m.

    Very interesting reading through all this... I used Usenext for years with no problem whatsoever but admittedly never cancelled the 1 month trial because I found the service so easy and fast that I decided to keep using it.

    From some of the comments about emails coming in from Usenext it made me wonder if there is another Scam going on in the name of Usenext? You see it all the time, an email will come in from Amazon, Paypal or some such site you use saying you need to top up your account or login to confirm payment details etc. You do so without thinking and often never realise that the email was a fake sending you to a lookalike site where they capture your credit card details or username/password.

    I don't doubt from all accounts that Usenext has not handled genuine customer complaints well but I wonder if many of these 'Scam' problems are not actually Usenext themselves?


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  241. Gonorenzou
    Posted Apr 3rd, 2011 at 23:04 p.m.

    Have used UseNext for 5 years and have never had any problems...'best thing since invention of sliced bread' it.

    | Link to comment
  242. Shonnie
    Posted Apr 7th, 2011 at 16:04 p.m.

    I just went to Usenet the other day, signed up for the free trial as they were showing the book I needed as being on their site (which it wasnt once I signed up), cancelled right afterwards. This whole process took less than 30 minutes and I never downloaded ANYTHING! Now they are trying to charge me $4.26 US dollars for just looking at their site? I am definitely disputing this with through Paypal. The crazy thing is that Paypal CALLED me about it because they have so many complaints against this company!

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  243. Daimyo
    Posted Apr 18th, 2011 at 10:04 a.m.

    Aren't those couple of bucks as a sort of age verification? And I'm really wondering why PayPal would call you for $4.26, they should probably attend to more important matters...Did you get your money back?

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  244. Choppn
    Posted Apr 28th, 2011 at 10:04 a.m.

    I don't quite understand most of the complaints here. It's stated clearly on the website what you're signing up for. If I would sign up for a service where I had to give out my PayPal or credit card information I would read everything very carefully at least twice! It really seems like a lot of people are just too negligent and don't want to admit it.

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  245. n-kb3
    Posted May 1st, 2011 at 12:05 p.m.

    I had been a member of usenext for years until last week. My account was up for renewal and I was happy with the service. My troubles started when my banks fraud dept declined their request for payment. The bank called me and said that the service that they used for overseas payments had received so many complaints about UseNext that they were no longer going to process any payment to Avito/UseNext.

    When I contacted Usenext support to offer another payment method I was met with the worst customer service. So bad that after three email to them without their support staff reading the body of my message I cancelled my membership.

    I now consider myself lucky that my banks policy had changed.

    There are so many quality sites out there that will treat you well and charge you less. The site I picked as a replacement gives me unlimited access for 50% less than I was paying UseNext for a metered 80gb per month account.

    Oh and yes, UseNext continues to try and bill my credit card. The bank has been thanked by me and knows not to allow a payment to Usenext though.

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  246. Posted May 9th, 2011 at 20:05 p.m.

    Rats desert a sinking ship.

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  247. Big_T
    Posted May 13th, 2011 at 13:05 p.m.

    If you didn't read the small print guys then you are idiots, plain and simple. Call your bank and tell them to remove all services that have so far allowed you to get yourself in to trouble, then call your parents and tell them to stop reproducing, even consider getting yourself sterilised.

    I use Usenext and have done so using their monthly option for about the last 6 or so years. Signing up was painless because I possess common sense and the ability to read.

    If I was a feckless teenager with an urgent desire to get online and grab a porn fix then skipping over the terms and conditions could be more likely...I am probably correct in assuming that 99% of the "I signed up for a free trial and they billed me" bullshit is due to just that, not paying attention and being an idiot. Oh if you are reading this and fit in to that category you are an idiot.

    Now it is indeed true that there are far cheaper alternatives out there but Usenext really is painless to use compared to other methods of getting on Usenet and the availablity of media is in my opinion worth ever penny. The simple answers to lifes problems also draw in their fair share of idiots, more so when porn is to be had.

    I have a 50MB line at home and always get my downloads at 50MB, they have consistently given myself a good service, they have never taken erroneous amounts from my accounts and they have never billed me when I have put the account on hold whilst I have been on long holidays.

    For people thinking this is a scam I can assure you that it is in no way a scam of any kind, if you are reading this and are not an idiot you will likely have no problem.

    Take the negative reviews with a pinch of salt, there is a good chance that competitors are also out there bad mouthing Usenext on forums such as this one for their own ends.

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  248. Choppn
    Posted May 16th, 2011 at 10:05 a.m.

    Thank you! At least someone who thinks people should be more careful around the internet. It really seems to me that a lot of people prefer to simply blame usenext for their own mistakes, because it is so much easier to point the finger at someone else than to admit that you didn't read or know what you were signing up for. Oh and Big_T, don't be surprised if you will now be accused of being a Usenext employee ;)

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  249. n-kb3
    Posted Jul 19th, 2011 at 06:07 a.m.

    What a troll, you must be a useNext employee. I believe you have managed to insult everyone on the board pointing out how everyone is wrong except you. How wonderful for you to have such positive views about useNext when 99% of the peeps here have had the opposite.

    The old saying is you can fool some of the people all of the time. You must be in that group.


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  250. nicole
    Posted Jul 25th, 2011 at 07:07 a.m.

    OMG a TROLL bcause he had good service. Really...It is bad luck that people have had bad service etc it is wrong. But why abuse someone because thay offer an alternative opinion. The world should all be sheep and we should just follow is what you should preach..EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO AN OPINION... HEY GUESS WHAT ? I HAD GOOD SERVICE TOO..BUT WAIT FOR IT..I DON'T WORK FOR THEM... Put up terms and conditions for comment on this page 1.YOU MUST AGREE WITH EVERY OTHER PERSONS COMMENT (NO FREE THINKING ACCEPTABLE) 2.WE DON'T BELIEVE WHERE YOU COME FROM IF YOU SAY ANYTHING GOOD 3.OH AND YOU MUST WORK FOR USENEXT 4.YOUR A TROLL 5. IN CASE YOU FORGOT DON'T HAVE AN OPINION UNLESS IT IS THE SAME You really are close minded...

    | Link to comment
  251. N-kb3
    Posted Aug 2nd, 2011 at 22:08 p.m.

    Love your Caps n-kb3

    | Link to comment
  252. n-kb3
    Posted Aug 3rd, 2011 at 07:08 a.m.

    OMG are you kidding me? You walked into a web site set up as a hostile environment to Usenext. Which was meant for people to come into to vent about the problems they have had,

    Yet you walk in and defend usenext with such righteous indignation is incredible.

    I can't believe that anyone that is a real customer of UseneXt would defend them so valiantly as you have done. Well done indeed.

    I am sure you have convinced everyone that Usenext is a wonderful company. I am positive that you are correct. In fact I feel so bad now that you have proven me wrong. PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND BE MY FRIEND NICOLE.

    | Link to comment
  253. Posted May 16th, 2011 at 05:05 a.m.

    A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.

    | Link to comment
  254. Madotto
    Posted Jun 3rd, 2011 at 01:06 a.m.

    I got a 14 days trial and usenext took $1 from my account (How Stupid was I). I didn't realise that the trial period is over and as a result today they took £86.45 from my account for the 1 yr subscription. I immediately rang the customer service number and was greeted by a lovely woman who would not help in any way and infact was going to hang up on me because she said there was nothing she could do. Even asked to speak to a manager and responce was can not happen and will not happen.

    I then proceeded to use the website support section to which i got the reply that nothing can be done and i can use the service upto june 2012 LOL not what i want.

    After this I went to paypal account and saw this agreement which I cancelled and a raised a dispute from paypal asking them to get the refund.

    Not sure if I did the right thing. My membership is still active on usenext, I didn't cancel as I've heard you can't contact them if you cancel your account. Pls help £86.45 is lot of money and I don't want this service.

    Go to any retailer and you would get some sort of money back guarantee (not just the trial period) for the retailers product or services.

    Any responce welcome especially from Aviteo Ltd

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  255. Posted Jun 3rd, 2011 at 11:06 a.m.

    Dear Madotto,

    First of all we are very sorry that you were not satisfied with our support. Of course, it is possible to contact our hotline or to write an e-mail even after you have cancelled your account.

    In order to gain access to the usenet via UseNeXT you need to sign up on our website. After that you enter the free trial period which lasts for 14 days. As mentioned several times during the sign up process as well as in the TOS (which you accepted) you have to cancel our service during the trial period if you do not want your membership to be converted into a paid contract. You can cancel anytime via mail, support inquiry or simply by using the cancel button in the member area.

    As you already mentioned you did not cancel your Account during the first 14 days. Since we highly value customer satisfaction, we would like to ask you to send an e-mail with your account details to [email protected] If you did not use your Account after the trial period, we will make a full refund.

    Best regards,

    Aviteo Ltd.

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  256. Mark Burrows
    Posted Jun 6th, 2011 at 00:06 a.m.

    I'm aghast at the experiences others had with UseNeXT, as I have used their services for a few years now with little trouble, and that was just getting use their odd password and user ID system which is a bit over kill. Otherwise, when I first started I had my free trial, I was informed when I exhausted my trial and that I would be billed to refill my capacity. I have communicated with them on occasion and found the staff responsive to my needs. I don't know, maybe I am just more tolerant and patient allowing myself to read the fine print in the agreements before proceeding.

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  257. Posted Jul 19th, 2011 at 02:07 a.m.

    I expended days and days attempting to discover a rapidly and efficient way to download from rapidsare for totally free which is when i observed out about this great [url=]premium link generator[/url] examine it out!

    P.S! I also invested days making an attempt to find another one. I found [url=]premium link generator[/url]

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  258. N-kb3
    Posted Jul 19th, 2011 at 22:07 p.m.

    Aviteo Ltd... "Since we highly value customer satisfaction"

    Are you kidding me? Your just trying to do a little damage control in a public forum that is airing your real personality for the internet community to see.

    What about all the other people that have been scammed by you and their accounts given over to debt collectors? I would bet that most of those people never used their account again after their free trial was over. Why don't you address that in an open forum?

    Better yet why not inform free trial users with an automatic e-mail that they will be charge the full price in 3...2...1... days if they are getting close to the cutoff point.

    Why not respond to your customers who have paid their membership when they contact you for support?

    You are the dregs of the Usenet providers.

    To the people that are looking for a UseNet provider... do a search for Usenet provider reviews and visit some of the links that legitimate companies are offering. You will find that UseNext is not on any of those review sites. Get a calculator out and see how much money you will save by going with another provider.

    Find my own review above in this forum. I was a paying member of UseNext until my banks fraud Deptment declined payment to Aviteo Ltd.


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  259. joe
    Posted Aug 2nd, 2011 at 19:08 p.m.

    Usenext is not a scam !!! been using it for years (5or6) never had a problem , i get charge for what i order. very happy w/ Usenext and will keep doing buisness w/them !

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  260. N-kb3
    Posted Aug 2nd, 2011 at 22:08 p.m.

    Yea Joe I was too until my bank decline their payment request. Seems that the banks Fraud Dept received so many complaints that as whole the payment center that dealt with Avieto LTD will not process any payment to Avieto with a Debt Card (period end of story).

    That's why now when a new customer now tries to sign up for UseneXt they no longer except Debt Cards.

    After getting pissed at my bank for not processing my payment I tried to contact UseneXt customer support. Which was terrible. I did not ask for anything extra all I asked them for was a different way to pay for my account. I was told by UseneXt support I could not change my payment method. That I could set up a new account and let them know the new account number and then they would deactivate my old account.

    Now in the mean time they had cut off my account so I could no longer use it. But they kept trying to bill me. Last week I received a letter from a Debt Collection agency.

    Thankfully I am a attorney. I will be setting up a web site in the next few weeks to collect names to start a class Action law suit.

    Usenext is BAD news people avoid them at all cost and also there Shill comments. N-kb3

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  261. N-kb3
    Posted Aug 2nd, 2011 at 23:08 p.m.

    To the Moderator / Owner of this bulletin board

    Dear Sir or Madam

    Would you consider posting at the top of this thread a banner and link to a Class Action Law Suit against UseNeXt/ Aviteo.

    I believe as do several of my colleagues that if we can get enough former customers of Avieto that are all stating the same or Similar grievance we could proceed with a suit in Germany, The UK and America.

    I would be willing to donate my time and skill to this project.

    Would you consider responding on this board and to my e-mail address that I have supplied. I will also be writing to every bulletin board that I can find that has set up similar customer complaints requesting a similar arrangement.

    Thank you

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  262. Yoyo25
    Posted Aug 10th, 2011 at 04:08 a.m.

    Like many, I received a debt collection notice in the mail the other day. I never heard of this company and I am sure that I never opened an account with them. After calling the collection agency, they listed a period where I supposedly used UseNeXT, and of course, without my knowledge, that 14-day free trial was never canceled supposedly.

    I was not willing to make a long-distance call to them so I used their online support E-mail system. They were prompt in responding and after an extensive search found an account with my name and address. Again - I am sure I never opened one - possibly someone did this using my identity (name, address, and a bogus credit card or paypal information). I was not even able to retrieve an E-mail that the account was registered under. I know I did not create this account as I was away for an American holiday (with no computer or internet access) the day my supposed account began!

    Anyway - after E-mailing UseNeXT back and forth, I requested that they provide me with information on this account in my name - E-mail address used to register, IP addresses, what was downloaded, etc... so that I can prove that it was not me that opened this account. Of course they did not really provide me with any account information (just an account number) and just shunt me off to their billing department (i.e. debt collection agency). They seemed to have "shut the door" on me for any future E-mails and just refer me to this debt collection agency from now on. I also requested that they cancel this bogus account, of which they did not give me a definitive answer, so now I am unclear if they actually canceled it or not.

    Here is my concern, and I could use some advice: I haven't received any threatening calls or letters yet from this collection agency, as I just received this bill 2-3 days ago. I refuse to pay it until they can prove to me that it was actually me that signed and used this service. What legal or concerning action can this collection agency do if I do not pay this fraudulent bill? I will notify my credit bureaus and place a dispute with the collection agency via their website showing the E-mailing between UseNeXT and myself. Do you suggest any other steps I can do?



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  263. Posted Aug 10th, 2011 at 14:08 p.m.

    Hello Yoyo25,

    First of all we are very sorry to hear that you are having problems with UseNeXT.

    If you have not signed up on our website this is probably a case of data abuse as you already mentioned. Of course we can understand your point of view. Please write an email with further details to [email protected] and we will try to find a satisfactory solution.

    Best regards,

    Your UseNeXT Team

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  264. Brian K
    Posted Aug 12th, 2011 at 00:08 a.m.

    I too received a debt collection notice from a trial account that was set up more than two years ago. If I remember I used the account for one session and decided that it was not for me. I canceled the account the same day and forgot about it until yesterday. The debt collection people were rude when I told them what happened. I have googled usenext and everywhere I am reading the same thing. What can I do?

    Every web site I have visited all the comments say the same thing. I don't want to have to pay for a account that I used once two years ago!!!!!

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  265. n-kb3
    Posted Aug 12th, 2011 at 05:08 a.m.

    Yoyo and Brian K

    Welcome to the club. Send the Debt collection agency a prove it letter. Its a big bluff you never agreed to anything and they will need to prove that you did. In the mean time I am starting a class action lawsuit against uselast. If you are interested in signing up here is an email address for now anyone can contact me at

    [email protected]

    I will copy and paste the really bad letters I receive on the bulletin boards. :-D

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  266. Posted Aug 12th, 2011 at 12:08 p.m.

    Dear n-kb3,

    we are sorry to hear that your are still experiencing problems with our service and we apologize for any poor customer service you may have encountered. We invite you to get in touch with us at [email protected] so that we can take care about this issue. Please note that our service is based on fair, legal and transparent processes.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Your UseNeXT-Team

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  267. Harry
    Posted Aug 24th, 2011 at 17:08 p.m.

    So, what did we learn from all this? NEVER use Binverse nor Usenext! Terrible customer services and very high prices. Scammy feeling all around. There are so much more better providers out there. Just make your pick...Bintube, Newshosting, Newsdemon, Astraweb, Fastusenet, Usenetnow

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  268. Nizzy
    Posted Sep 7th, 2011 at 16:09 p.m.

    I been using Usenext for many years without any problems. Time to time I also tried other services like Giganews but I find Usenext reader to be very simple to use by anyone in my family and it works well for what we need. The download speed is quiet fast as I have 20meg connection and no issue there. After reading many negative posts I am a bit worried and I might be one of the lucky ones. This morning I contacted them through online support form to close one of my accounts and I immediately got an email saying that it has been done and the money has been refunded to my Paypal account. However, I couldn't get through to their phone number and a message says there is a fault. So I hope usenext would deal with this issues honorably before losing anymore customers.

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  269. Alexander
    Posted Sep 28th, 2011 at 11:09 a.m.

    Hi Faisal, The same thing has just happened to me.I am going down to my local branch of my bank tomorrow to see if I can get the bank to do something to get my money back.

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  270. BLakeman
    Posted Oct 9th, 2011 at 05:10 a.m.

    Been using Usenext for over two years No problems..

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  271. Louis Todor
    Posted Dec 31st, 2011 at 00:12 a.m.

    I'm one of the "lucky" ones, I'm using Usenext for the last 2 years. After reading many of the comments here I consider myself very lucky. I used to be on a monhly bases with Usenext, pay for 30 gig volume and renew every month. It was ok until last November, when I had problems with my Internet connection, therefore I couldn't use up my "volume", nevertheless Usenext "renewed" my volume by taking whatever was left and giving me a "new" 30 Gig. I contacted "customer support", but all I got was an automated reply quoting some paragraphs. My Internet access was so troublesome at the time that I just cancelled my account with Usenext (it went without any trouble). I recently wanted to use it again signed up for a year (accidentaly first but then thought, might as well...) and it is happening again. They take any unused volume away at the and of every month and put a new 30 Gig "charge" on the account. I took it up with customer support, same result, they are even trying to say that it is not possible to keep unused volumes, which is of course a big BS. Just another proof that they don't care about their customers at all. All they are there for is to grab money. My example is just another proof, obviously they make more money at the end if they don't allow download volumes to be accumulated by carry them over to the next period.

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  272. Lloyd
    Posted Jan 8th, 2012 at 03:01 a.m.

    I've been using UseNext for about 3 years now. I'm quite shocked to hear of the issues that people have had or are having with it. I personally have not had an issue with anything regarding UseNext. I pay via paypal so perhaps different. And i suppose if i had a complaint its that i purchased an entire year up front. No month to month billing. (this practice only changed last year). I've setup multiple trial accounts (trying to weezle my way out of free downloads i guess) and never an issue with that. But I suppose i would caution people not familiar with it to make sure you realize you are buying an entire year subscription to it upfront (it costs me 120 canadian at the time) So if you are still unsure after the trial you should probably cancel it. Speeds are fantastic topping out at 50Mbps, and content is usually everything that i want. The application is great, and gets easier with every update to navigate and download. With the world of torrenting becoming more and more dangerous (via virus's and of course tracking) i find an application like UseNext quite a nice treat. Worth the money i spent anyway. But take it for what you will. This is just one user who is happy with it.

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  273. don
    Posted Jan 10th, 2012 at 03:01 a.m.

    I am using use next like 5-6 years. I haven't any problems. And those who want to download for free there is torrent with viruses

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  274. Pete
    Posted Jan 19th, 2012 at 18:01 p.m.

    USENEXT took 95 euro from my PayPal account after the free trial, They did not at any time warn me or detail the payment they took the money via paypal but PayPal will not refund my money at all , basically their customer services refused refund my money after I told them I didn't authorise a years subscription, basically stole the money from DO NOT USE this service it's basically theft!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  275. Hutchings
    Posted Jan 25th, 2012 at 16:01 p.m.

    I joined to download one film. Having done so, I wished to cancel but found I had mislaid my user name and password. As the only way to cancel seemed to be through logging on, I telephoned them and was told they could not find my name or email address. From my further experience, I suspect this failure was deliberate. Cancellation having been prevented, I cancelled my Paypal authorisation. When they wrote demanding money - a great amount, their charging for a year is surely fast practice -, I replied expaining what had happened. I then received a demand for payment from Omega Credit Services. When I complained to Usenext, they said I must email their relevant department [email protected] This I did but did not receive any reply from them, despite being told by Usenext that my non-reply complaint had been forwarded to them. I found that their terms and conditions included a clause saying that payment would be sought only after it had been ascertained that a continuation was desired. Foolishly - the clause has now disappeared - I pointed this out to them. I also pointed out to Omega Credit Services that their claim that their client was concerned about not hearing from me was the opposite of the truth: that I had communicated with them but they hadn't with me. But the demnds have now escalated to a threat of court action They surely wouldn't have a chance of success, but . . . .

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  276. Hutchings
    Posted Jan 31st, 2012 at 13:01 p.m.

    I wrote to Aviteo suggesting that my case deserved, at the very least, the treatment offered to Nic (May 31st, 2010, above). In reply they just regurgitated the usual stuff about the results of not cancelling within the trial period, totally ignoring the substantive points I had made. Their reply was not sent from [email protected] to which I had sent my message but from [email protected] It concluded by saying I should not reply to it as 'We do not control the mailbox, so you will not get an answer'. Some support! What a perfect illustration of their abysmal customer service!

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  277. travis
    Posted Feb 14th, 2012 at 21:02 p.m.

    I signed up for a free account and canceled it 10 minutes later. I was charged $3.98. so a free 10 minute trial cost me 4 dollars. I don't get that.

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  278. Mahony
    Posted May 2nd, 2012 at 14:05 p.m.

    Did you check if you already got it refunded? Sometimes the credit company uses such random numbers for verification. Doesnt have anything to do with the specified company.

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  279. drxx
    Posted Mar 2nd, 2012 at 09:03 a.m.

    guys i am a victims of usenext now and they charged my account 82 euro the next day. help! i want my money back for something i didnt authorized for

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  280. Mike
    Posted Mar 3rd, 2012 at 11:03 a.m.

    Your are not a victim! Sorry, but you are one of these guys who doesn't read what he's signing up for... You get this information when you're signing up for Usenext: "* All accounts come with a 14 days free trial period. If you do not cancel your account within the trial period, you will automatically be charged the price of the tariff 30+ (7.95 euros/month, thus 95.35 euros/year incl. VAT). " I don't know why it's olny 82 euro in your case (are you sure that your Usenet provider is Usenext?)... but if you have a Usenext Account, they obviously have the authorization to charge the money... I've had a trial account twice and never had a problem with canceling during the first 14 days.

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  281. StevieBee
    Posted May 17th, 2012 at 17:05 p.m.

    Makes me wonder why you would take a free trial twice and cancel twice.

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  282. Alan Clark
    Posted Apr 2nd, 2012 at 08:04 a.m.

    I found that the service and software was great but the problem came when the one year elapsed and I decided not to renew. They didn't charge the card but they got their debt recovery people onto it. My argument was that I had paid for a year and used a year with no intention to renew but they wouldn't have it. After a set number of letters they gave up. Avoid!

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  283. StevieBee
    Posted May 17th, 2012 at 17:05 p.m.

    I am having the exact same problem. the latest Email I have received is from a company called Omega Credit Services, acting on behalf of etc. I have had ana account for two years and cancelled my PayPal account. Phoning makes no difference as they cannot answer why they are charging and have to pass it on to thier Supervisers who for some reason have no telephones only computers so you cannot talk to them. Now the situation is I was willing to pay for the next year, but now they have increased the price that I "owe" to £112.22p from 98.85 euros. I refuse to pay anymore than the euro price and am still waiting for a reply. Once again it has been referred to a superviser. I wonder why they have support if they cannot talk to their own supervisers at the time of a call or allow the customer to speak and get a proper answer. I have all my calls recorded as they should have as well so we shall see.

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  284. dennis watts
    Posted Apr 4th, 2012 at 13:04 p.m.

    I always get a laugh from these scam comments and the ill-informed and downright false claims made about UseNext. I've been with UseNext for almost 10 years now and without a shadow of doubt it is the best download service on the net, paid or otherwise. I tried all these free sites and they are absolute rubbish, full of viruses and fake files. Why bother with that garbage when you can get heaps of Gigs of true downloads for about $100 a year. One of the best things about UseNext is the community formed by users. Fake or malicious files are found and sorted out quickley and warnings are attached to the files. And, unlike many of the comments posted on sites such as Giganews, Usenet etc., those on UseNext are genuine and not intended to mislead. The community posts on UseNext are well policed and I rely on them. As for the rubbish from CNet, who I once regarded favourably, and other mental pygmies, the terms and conditions of UseNext's free trials and download limits and costs etc are clearly spelled out. Don't these people take the time to read stuff any more? The claims by the joker who reckons he was charged a day or so after he started his free trial, doesn't ring true and certainly flies in the face of my experience. I'm no apologist for UseNext , now do I have any association with them apart from paid subscription, but people should get their facts straight. (now there's a revolutionary idea). I can only say to those considering a UseNext subscription: take the free trial (and take note that you must cancel - if you want to - BEFORE the trial runs out ). This cancel-before-trial ends is not something I favour, but it seems to be used by many, many internet services now (including Cheers, DGW

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  285. Big T
    Posted May 22nd, 2012 at 21:05 p.m.


    I am afraid to say you sound like you possess a healthy modicum of common sense.

    You should be careful, lest it be contagious!


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  286. DuelAgent
    Posted Apr 11th, 2012 at 09:04 a.m.

    The client is not worth the money. You can get unlimited in with great speed unlimited download and not pay for the hype of a chat room that is run by morons and do not allow users to comment honestly on file quality. Moderators remove loads of comments on files that users leave warnings on as to poor quality. It is a cult like environment where if you don't agree with the Brits they ban you and remove your comments. So you pay a hefty fee for two features that are revoked for simply being honest. A group of users ranging 9 to 1 year of use are abusively targeting users that don't reside in chat. If you are not a full time attendee of the rooms you are not held to the same privileges of what you say. IE one user can swear or link in chat but he's a cult member so he's not scolded or banned while someone else will suffer a ban. If you're paying this price then no one should be allowed to revoke what you pay more for, unless the user is displaying horrible behaviour. There are different rules for different users and these are set by moderators that are very involved with the long time users. Once they don't want you there they find any reason to make sure you aren't so it's a waste of money when you can not utilize all you pay for.

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  287. asko
    Posted Apr 11th, 2012 at 20:04 p.m.

    Well I got totally scammed by them to : ( Subscribed to the 14 day trial with paypal and had to pay a one year subscription fee. Wrote to the support to revoke my subscription and got this bullshit e-mail from them.

    The answer to your inquiry:

    You have informed us that you do not wish to renew your contract.

    Unfortunately, you have not cancelled your contract in due time. Therefore, your contract was renewed automatically and you have been charged with the amount due.

    You can cancel your contract in due time as follows: - Anytime during the free trial period. - One day before the renewal of your contract if you have a regular account outside the trial.

    In this context, we would like to draw attention to the terms and conditions you agreed upon - When registration for your contract - In the connection with our terms and conditions regarding cancellation

    Thank you for your understanding.

    HINT: You can cancel your account anytime in the member area. Simply log in and click on “My Account”. On the left hand side, you will find "Cancel Subscription" which will forward you to the “Cancel” button.

    INFORMATION: Unfortunately, it is not possible to revoke your account retroactively. If you have cancelled your account in due time, please send us a copy of the cancellation confirmation you received right after cancelling. In this case, we will close your account and initiate a refund immediately.

    Would like to do something about it. But don't know how :(

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  288. Mahony
    Posted May 2nd, 2012 at 14:05 p.m.

    I'm all for early warning from scam and such. But people, really?! On the first freakin' step of the registration for the free trial, it says "If you do not cancel your account within the trial period, you will automatically be charged the price of the tariff 30+". Check it out right now if you don't believe it. Warning is one thing, crying out because I was too lazy to read another.

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  289. Neil
    Posted May 4th, 2012 at 18:05 p.m.

    I have been with Usenext for several years and never had a problem with them. They have rectified the odd problem in no time at all. I would certainly recommend them.

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  290. Kevbob
    Posted Jun 13th, 2012 at 14:06 p.m.

    I have cancelled my account after 17hrs of signing up to USENEXT I used paypal (cost me 1 euro) I Dis-aloud paypal to authorize any future payments to them then cancelled usenext so far so good I even got conformation email ! but one question : Should I terminate my paypal account just to make sure! ?? p.s. this site is brill thanks everyone

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  291. j33per
    Posted Oct 10th, 2012 at 18:10 p.m.

    They're still at it! Fraudsters!

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